A Day in the Life of a Network Administrator

The network administrator profession is in demand more and more. The reason is because of the increasing reliance on technology in business.

This position handles the management and coordination of computer systems within the company. Do you love this career? Let’s find out what a day in the life of a network admin is like with my post.

This post will share with you what my day is like as a network administrator. My post also can help you consider if this is the right career for you.

Let’s explore together!

An Overview Of Network Administration

Managing security, preventing intrusions, and maintaining internal computers

Today, the era of rapidly developing technology. Therefore, the role of a network administrator becomes more important.

The main responsibility of this job is to operate and protect the computer system. This activity keeps everything running smoothly.

Our job includes main activities, such as managing security tools, preventing malicious intrusions and maintaining the company’s internal computer.

Besides, we must be responsible for monitoring performance and optimising working speed. Accordingly, we have to identify, fix, and resolve performance and connectivity issues.

These tasks require a position with specialized knowledge and skills. This factor also helps me get high marks from employers.

A Day In The Life Of A Network Administrator

The failed system demonstration

Every one of my days is different. My working time in a day usually depends on the system condition that day. I will explain more right below!

Let’s take a look at the diary of a typical working day of a network administrator. You may feel interested and look forward to this job later.

At work

I have many assignments at the company. My workday starts with testing the system’s performance to make sure the page loads quickly.

In addition, I need to check for the latest updates, including hardware and software. This task ensures everything works in top condition.

Data has always been an important keyword in my work. One of my tasks is to make a copy of the data. This task helps me to avoid the risk of data loss.

Administration of access rights is also part of my job. I am responsible for managing access to the servers and systems of the departments in the company.

In addition, I also need to manage the presence of third-party software. They are usually anti-virus software. I need to make sure they’re productive every day.

I often need to work with related departments. We will discuss the tasks with each other. That’s how we can come up with ideas to solve our problems.

Our team also regularly attends meetings and reports on performance every month. At the same time, it is always necessary to suggest improving performance.

Our team always tries to improve the quality of the system. This task helps to improve the productivity of other departments as well.

Our team is also responsible for some more tasks. They are usually user account management and solve user problems.

We often face some common problems, such as slow page load speed and inability to log in to the system. Other problems can be loss of connection to the software, software errors, etc.

We need to find the problem and solve it as quickly as possible. As a result, we can avoid affecting the performance of the departments in the company.

After Work

Doing exercise for good physical health

My daily time off work is often not the same. However, I do develop some good habits after work.

Good working days are usually days when the network is stable. On days like that, I usually get off work at 5 pm. On days when the network or software has problems, I often have to work overtime, maybe until 7 pm.

Of course, this is time for yourself and your family. I usually do the cooking and washing the dishes. Other household chores will be shared.

In addition, if you are oriented to pursue this job, I advise you to prepare for good health. I think both physical health and mental health are very important.

Additional tasks and schedule

In the course of work, doing additional tasks or schedules is inevitable. Here are some examples.

From time to time, as our department adds staff, I will also be responsible for training and guiding newcomers to the job.

During my work, I also have the opportunity to carry out special projects. For example, I had chances to build a new network and upgrade an existing network.

In some cases, I will be assigned to a business trip for a while. This trip is an opportunity for me to be trained and improve my working ability.

Keep learning throughout your career

Joining online community for work

I want to mention this part in my post, and I think it is a useful piece of advice for you. I have always believed that learning never ends. And this is a good thing.

Information technology is a rapidly growing field. The ways to manage the network system are also increasingly upgraded, becoming more advanced.

Therefore, I realise that my job always needs to learn something new every day. This habit will help me get the job done better. Moreover, I also have more opportunities for career advancement.

To do this, I often take courses to update my knowledge and skills. Besides, I also join online network administrator communities.

This way is how I communicate about work with people with the same expertise, thereby improving my knowledge effectively.

Is Network Administration The Right Profession For You?

I think we can’t give a single correct answer to this question. However, the information below may help you.

First, just ask yourself, do you have a passion for computer networking? Love and passion are always important factors to maintain a long-term job.

Next, you need to prepare skills and expertise in network administration. That is the in-depth knowledge of network technology and computer systems.

In addition, you also need some necessary skills for this job. They can be problem-solving, teamwork, information management and organisation. Assess your passion and ability to find the answer for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Every day is not the same. The above is just sharing a typical working day of a computer network admin.

My post is not only a diary about a day in the life of a network administrator but also a useful guide if you pursue this career. Evaluate if this is the right job for you. Thank you for reading!