Is The CompTIA Network+ Worth It?

Are you planning to acquire the CompTIA Network+ certificate? What values does it offer to your career path? If you are wondering about these questions, you have come to the right place!

I will discuss all features of the CompTIA Network+ in this post. Thus, you can decide if it’s a worthy addition to your portfolio. So, is the CompTIA Network+ worth it? Keep reading to discover the detailed answer!

What Is CompTIA Network+?

The CompTIA Network+ is an IT certificate relating to the network. It proves that the holders have deep knowledge and skills in networking.

After passing the exam, you will have the ability to develop IT properties through the network. It helps you build the foundation to advance in the career path.

The skills covered in this exam are very extensive. In general, you will have the skills to troubleshoot and operate the network.

The certificate proves that you have IT knowledge and experience on a professional level to broaden your job opportunities in many big tech companies.

A sample of CompTIA certification

Is The CompTIA Network+ Worth It?

The answer is yes. CompTIA Network+ is a valuable certificate for pursuing an IT profession in networking. Other fields like computer science or security can also benefit from this certificate.

The sections below give you more insights into the value of CompTIA Network+.

Industry Recognition

CompTIA certificates feature very high recognition in the IT industry. There have been more than 2 million certificates offered by this organization.

Most big companies are looking for professionals with these types of degrees. CompTIA Network+ will have you grab the attention of many recruiters. Thus, it will expand your job opportunities.

Career Advancement

All IT professionals have to start from an entry-level position in a firm. Then, you will accumulate more experience and develop your skills during this time.

Over a few years, you can gradually move to higher positions. These positions allow you to handle large projects and earn higher incomes. So, the CompTIA Network+ can help prove your progress and advance your career faster.

CompTIA Network+ provides you with a bunch of valuable skills in networking. You can handle more tasks at work and earn higher credit from your business.

This certificate is also beneficial if you choose to work as a freelancer. You can gain customers’ trust in your services and seek more work contracts.

CompTIA Network+ features high recognition in many IT fields

Broad Coverage

CompTIA features four IT certificate series that cover different skill areas. They vary from entry to advanced level.

CompTIA Network+ is the only option covering wireless and wired networks. It offers extensive knowledge and all the essential skills required for this industry.

For example, the certificate holders can easily design and operate networks. They can also troubleshoot problems and enhance network security.


The biggest advantage of CompTIA Network+ lies in its vendor-neutral nature. It means that no company or any person can control its distribution.

It’s a contrast to vendor certificates like Microsoft. So, you don’t have to qualify for any specific conditions of companies to obtain CompTIA Network+.

For this reason, all IT professionals are free to pursue this certificate. IT students also gain much higher access to the CompTIA Network+.

Who Is The CompTIA Network+ For?

CompTIA Network+ is a valuable asset for IT professionals. Suppose you want to pursue a job related to helpdesk support or networking. Then, this certificate is definitely a worthy investment.

How Much Is The CompTIA Network+?

You will need to buy a voucher from CompTIA to join the final exam. It serves as a code that allows you to join the test. The exam will cost $338 if you only need this voucher.

The risk is that this voucher doesn’t feature an exam retake. If you fail the test, you have to repurchase another one. Thus, you should prepare the best for the test to avoid wasting time and money.

You can join the learning and training courses offered by CompTIA. They provide you with books and lab materials for the test. These learning resources also help increase your skills and knowledge.

Is CompTIA Network+ Hard To Learn?

CompTIA Network+ is designed for the intermediate to advanced levels. It covers a wide range of topics about different IT domains. Most of the knowledge revolves around networking and protocols.

You need to pass a final exam to earn the certificate. You need to complete a total of 90 minutes. The minimal passing score is 720 (from 100 to 900).

This exam is pretty challenging for students. It’s impossible to pass if you don’t have any experience in networking. Even professionals have to prepare before joining the exam.

Also, the exam requires a minimum of 9 to 12 months of experience. Thus, it’s more suitable for professionals who have already worked in the field.

Tips For The CompTIA Network+ Exam

I always recommend you do the trial test first before joining the real one. It will help you get familiar with the exam’s structure and types of questions. So, it also helps you manage your time better in the real exam.

The minimal passing score is 720. It means that you can fail a certain number of questions and still pass. Thus, you can skip the hard or strange questions first and focus on the easy ones.

Don’t spend too much time on questions you find difficult. Remember that you only have a total of 90 minutes to complete all the multiple-choice questions.

Final Thoughts

CompTIA Network+ is very valuable for IT professionals in networking. It will help deepen the holders’ experience and improve their networking skills.

Ensure that you prepare the best for the test and know its structure well. Consider joining a training course to access the best learning sources.

Thank you for reading!