A Day in the Life of a UX Designer

Think about the last time you used a cool app or website. That’s UX (User Experience) at work! It’s like a magical journey where the UX designers make products easy for users.

I’m a UX designer. Many people are curious about what exactly I do to develop such an appealing app. So today, I will show you a day in the life of a UX designer. Just follow my journey now!

Skills Needed for a UX Designer

UX design refers to the process of creating a terrific experience for users. To perform this task successfully, UX designers need many skills.

For example, as a UX designer, I must create appealing visuals for users. Hence, I need UI (User Interface) and visual communication skills.

User testing is essential, too. It’s about trying out designs with real people. I observe how they use it and receive feedback to improve my designs.

Besides, I work with others. So teamwork is essential, as I need to share my ideas and listen to them.

Finally, I need critical thinking. This skill helps me quickly analyze problems and find the best solutions.

A Day in the Life of a UX Designer

My day usually starts at 9 am when I arrive at the office. Here is what I do during the day:


I will spend the morning checking my work progress and preparing for research.

Morning routine

The first thing I do is check my emails. I need to see if there are any urgent messages from clients and team members.

I like to make a to-do list for every day. This way, I know what tasks are waiting for me and allocate my time accordingly.

Next, I catch up with my team and clients. Since my clients are from different parts of the world, we work on Skype. While meeting them, I take notes to remember everything they want in their designs.

Research preparation

Research is a big part of my job. It helps me understand what users need and what problems they may face.

So, I start by checking similar products. Then, I can get some background information about the problem I need to work on.

After that, I talk directly to the users. I often send them surveys to find out what they like and don’t like. Sometimes, I visit them to see how they do things.

I spend the morning on some basic tasks


After a busy morning, I eat lunch and take a short nap. Then, I move on to the next steps in the UX process.


I use the information I get from research to imagine solutions that can help users solve their problems. To do this, I create user personas, which remind me of who I’m designing for.

During this phase, teamwork is essential. My team brainstorms using sticky notes and whiteboards. We share our ideas to make the design better.

As we keep thinking, the design concept starts to take shape. Then, we sketch basic layouts to see how things might look.


The design phase is super important for a UX designer like me. Thus, my team spends a lot of time on it.

Once we have cool ideas, I use special tools like Sketch or Figma to create the actual product. It sounds simple, but the whole process involves many things.

First, I make a rough version called low-fidelity prototyping. This sketch focuses on the structure and layout of the design.

As I keep working, the design becomes more polished and closer to the final version. In this stage, I call it “high-fidelity prototyping.”

Design work is sometimes done alone. However, teamwork plays an important role. I share my progress with my teammates and get their feedback. Finally, my team will have a perfect product for users.

The time spent on this stage is different. In big projects, my team has professional researchers, so I can focus more on the product.

On the other hand, if the product is small, my team can do everything from start to finish. To me, this process is much more fun!

Wrap up

My work usually wraps around 6 pm. I send everything to my team and clients. It’s also time to write emails and work on daily reports.

I make technical reports about my UX designs, too. Then, everyone on my team can understand every detail of the product.

The afternoon is for more important tasks

After work

Even after my work hours are over, I still love UX design. I have an Instagram page where I share tips and tricks about UX. My little page helps me connect with other people who love UX as much as I do.

I also watch fun videos on YouTube about new technologies in my field. When I find something interesting, I can’t wait to apply them at work.

If I have time, I take online classes to improve my skills. Learning new knowledge is always exciting to me!

Working Environment

I often work on my own, looking at digital stuff and finding ways to improve them. I get to talk with other people on my team. Sometimes, I work with clients.

I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk, mostly in front of a computer. But it’s okay for me because I can immerse myself in my own space. Then, my creativity can work to create awesome designs.


When I do my job well, people love using the stuff I design. That’s what I aim for. So even when I feel stressed with my numerous tasks, your satisfaction keeps me motivated.

Sometimes, I also have difficulty handling my job, but I find it rewarding. In the end, I can enjoy what I invest time and effort in. And it’s the best feeling ever!