A Day in the Life of an Animation Supervisor

The idea of leading a busy team full of competent animators is intriguing. It brings you high recognition and a sense of accomplishment in the industry. So, have you ever imagined a day in the life of an animation supervisor?

I will discuss all aspects and duties of this profession. The details will give you a lively overview of what an animation supervisor does daily.

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Animation supervisors are responsible for managing and supervising an animation team. They ensure that all members can deliver high work results.

The supervisors also manage time and assign duties to the team members. They keep everything progressing according to the plan, and also review member’s performance and provide helpful feedback.

My experience of working as a supervisor is full of fun and challenges. It’s due to the high number of duties and tasks I have to carry out every day. Also, this job involves a lot of communication and partnership with the other members.

I will describe a typical working day of mine as an experienced supervisor. I hope that it can give you more insights into this fascinating career.

Morning Work

I work for an animation department in the city center. Our business focuses on producing animation of characters and objects. Similar to the other business, my company follows an 8-to-5 working routine.

8:00 AM

My daily job starts at 8:00 AM, so I typically attend the workplace at 7:45 AM. I start by reviewing all the tasks and schedules of today’s work. For example, I will review all the assignments and deadlines of each member.

Then, I will host a small meeting with the team when all members have arrived. In this session, I will review each member’s progress and inform them of tasks.

The meeting normally lasts 10 minutes. The goal is to ensure everyone can keep up with the ongoing project. I also provide feedback and adjust the schedule.

Yet, it may last significantly longer at the start of a project because I have to inform everyone about the plan and set a specific assignment for each member.

Distribute work throughout the animation team

8:30 AM

I normally have a discussion with the director and the VFX supervisor in my firm. I will report the project’s progress and the upcoming plans to the director. It helps ensure that the team can complete the work in time.

Also, I will resolve the problems that occur within the department. Suppose an employee cannot keep up with the project. Then, I will report it back to the director and ask for an adjustment.

9:00 AM

I will return to the office at 9:00 AM and work on my supervising tasks. I usually devote this time to reviewing the animations produced by the members. It involves using animating tools to check the quality of these projects.

It allows me to highlight the setbacks and areas that need adjustment. Then, I will report it to each member and ask them to edit the work. It’s the main task that takes up most of my working time every day.

During the working hour, one member may come to me and ask for feedback. I will help them review the project and provide advice if necessary. One part of my job is to assist the members in completing the projects.

Review each member’s work and progress

12:00 AM

Our company has a lunch break at 12:00. All staff can choose to eat at the cafeteria or go out for lunch. It’s a rare moment in the day for me to relax and regain energy for the afternoon’s work.

Afternoon Work

13:00 PM

The afternoon work starts at 13:00 PM. I will continue my supervising task by checking on the members’ work. I ensure that all deadlines are met for the whole department.

Also, I’m responsible for controlling the quality of the animation. Suppose a visual character cannot pass my test, for instance. Then, I will provide feedback and ask the animators to adjust their work.

15:00 PM

I have a weekly mentoring session every Friday. This training session aims at improving the animators’ skills and adjusting their working style. It also helps familiarize the members with new programs adopted by the firm.

This training session normally lasts one hour. On the other day, I will continue my supervising tasks for the whole afternoon.

Finalize and report today’s progress

16:00 PM

The last hour of my working day is used for reviewing today’s finished projects. I will review all animations completed and provide feedback for the members.

I also check on the deadlines to know if everything is progressing in the right direction. Lastly, I will submit a report to the firm’s director.

After Work

Similar to the other jobs in America, my average weekly working time is about 40 hours or more. It means that I have plenty of time for my personal life and family.

I often devote my free time to taking online courses and entertainment. The course focuses on management skills and leadership. They will help improve my skills and experience as a supervisor.

I also spend the weekends attending animating conferences. They are an excellent location to unwind and expand my working network. I can also meet many experts there and learn from their experience.

Conferences are my favorite events to accumulate more experience

Is This Profession Right For You?

A supervisor must possess many years of experience working in the animation industry. This job requires deep knowledge of animation tools and techniques.

You need to possess both technical ability and knowledge to handle this role. Soft skills like leadership and communication are indispensable to a supervisor.

Suppose you possess all those qualities and love leading an animation team. Then animation supervision is a very worthy option to consider.

Final Thoughts

Animation supervision is a highly rewarding position in the field. The supervisors can earn competitive wages and recognition from coworkers. However, the work volume and responsibility of this role are very high.

Managing a busy animation team is always a challenging task. It requires excellent leadership and management skills. Will you become an animation supervisor? What are the features of this role that interest you the most?

Feel free to comment and let me know. Thank you for reading!