A Day in the Life of an Animation Technical Director

The responsibilities of a technical director (TD) are so vast because you must take charge of the large animating department and its resources. As challenging as it sounds, but this job actually brings a lot of fun and work satisfaction.

In this post, I will give you an example of a day in the life of an animation technical director. It’s based on my experience working in an animation firm.

An Overview of Animation Technical Directing

The animation technical directors work with many animation tools and software. They ensure that these tools can serve the best job for artists and animators.

Also, the directors are responsible for managing all the technical parts of an animation. They ensure that the project can progress in the right direction.

The directors will be the first ones to help when an artist encounters a technical issue. They will assist all animators in technical domains and give useful advice. Therefore, their roles are vital for the success of an animation project.

Most technical directors work for an animation studio, so they have to communicate a lot with the other coworkers in the firm.

A Day In The Life Of An Animation Technical Director

This job always brings new duties every day. Each day I will have to do different things that suit the current project. This changing nature is the best part of being an animation technical director.

There are no two days that are the same in my work. Yet, I will give you a typical instance of my daily tasks and schedule. Keep reading to find out!

Work Overview

I work for an animating department and follow a 9-to-5 working schedule. The firm will design these projects based on customers’ requests.

I will attend the firm at 9:00 AM and leave the workplace at 5:00 PM. Yet, working overtime is a familiar practice if the project deadline is approaching.

As an animation technical director, I usually join many projects in a particular department. I work on the technical aspects of the project and assist all production crews. I also specialize in rendering the final frames of the ads.

Therefore, I need to work with many other departments in the firm. The sections below will cover some common tasks that I perform on a daily basis.


As an animation technical director, I must understand all animation pipelines as well as the tasks and processes of all the other departments.

Due to this high technical demand, I must constantly learn and update new knowledge. I also research the latest tools and technologies for production.

This task helps the firm discover new methods for producing animation. Thus, the business can boost productivity and improve the technical aspects.

However, researching is not the central part of my work. Suppose the current programs cannot deliver the desired outcomes. Then, I will research and make necessary adjustments.

Research new methods and tools of animation production

Assist Members

There are many times when the members come to me with a technical problem. For instance, they may encounter an error when rendering a certain image.

In such cases, I will review their project and use my ability to identify the errors. Then, I will suggest to them some possible solutions to fix the issue. It can be changing the tools or adjusting the animation frames.

Issues can appear in all phases of a project. Therefore, I usually communicate with artists and animation producers a lot. Sometimes I also provide feedback on the technical sites of their projects.

Suppose a member finds it difficult to apply the rendering tool for a certain task. Then, I will guide him to use the software and deliver better quality.

For these reasons, I have to understand all phases of animation production. Thus I have to also do my own research and develop possible solutions.

Assist the other member

Manage The Infrastructure

My role also involves managing all the tools and devices used for production. They can be systems, programs, or computer devices. I check on these assets once in a while to ensure that they can run correctly.

I will report on their conditions to the company’s director at the end of the week. I also suggest some updates to the tools if they are necessary.

Maintain the infrastructure

Is Animation Technical Directing The Right Profession For You?

A technical director gets involved in a specific animation project. It also brings you a chance to work with many other talented artists. These features will fulfill your passion for art and bring a strong sense of satisfaction.

Also, you will have to change projects frequently. It will lead to constantly changing tasks that you must do every day. You will need constant updates and learning is essential for an animation technical director.

Lastly, this job combines a lot of domains, from technology to management. You must be good at all these aspects to thrive as an animation technical director.

Meanwhile, this job also brings high wages and plenty of free time. Besides, you should consider your interests and abilities carefully. Are you good at using technical tools? Are you a good manager and leader? If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate to pursue this career!

Final Thoughts

I have had a strong passion for tech and art, so becoming a technical director in animation is perhaps the best route. This career can combine both factors and brings me a sense of accomplishment.

Aside from technical ability, I love working with many other members. Excellent leadership and management skills are also essential to thrive in this role.

I hope that my experience and story can give you more insights into this fascinating career. Thank you for reading!