A Day in the Life of an AR Developer

Augmented reality (AR) development is a relatively new domain in the IT industry. Unlike virtual reality, AR helps connect the world with digital information. This technology helps users connect digital assets with their real-world perceptions.

It will require very high technical skills and IT knowledge to become an AR developer. So, what would a day in the life of augmented reality developers be like?

I will discuss all the daily tasks and goals of AR developers based on my personal experience. Keep reading to find out right now!

A Day In The Life Of An AR Developer

The daily life of an AR developer can vary based on the projects they are developing. It also depends on the company and industry they are working for.

Yet, there are many tasks and roles that AR developers have in common. I will highlight them in the following sections based on my personal experience.

Job Overview

There are many positions that AR developers can follow. They can get employed by an AR development firm, then will take charge of creating AR products.

Meanwhile, AR developers can also be self-employed. They will develop a product based on their own ideas and combine a team of professionals to build it. The product can be AR software, a game, or a technology.

Yet, the chance of success in developing your own project can be pretty low. The safest option is to join a large company that has strong human resources to build large-scale AR projects.

Similarly, I work for an AR game production firm in the gaming industry. Our business focuses on building games that incorporate AR technologies.

You may have heard of popular games like Pokémon GO as a product of augmented reality.

Pokémon GO – An example of AR games

9:00 AM

My company starts the working hour at 9:00 AM. I usually have a short meeting with the design team first. The AR developers and designers will work closely to build plans for designing AR projects.

This meeting usually lasts around 30 minutes, but it may take much longer at the beginning of a new project. The two teams will discuss the structure, design, and features of the upcoming AR game.

If it’s the middle of the project, all members will check on the ongoing progress and work. It helps ensure that all production and development phases are going according to the plan.

10:00 AM

An AR developer rarely handles the whole project since its scale is too large. Each member of the developing department is responsible for a specific part. For example, I usually take charge of building the character figures in the games.

My job involves building the characters based on the sketches and ideas developed by designers. I will resort to programming languages and scripting tools to develop the figures.

Then, I will move on to test the newly created applications to ensure that they can function well. This process involves debugging codes and testing AR images.

I also troubleshoot all hardware issues if they occur in the debugging process. The same production process applies to all games that my company develops.

Coding is an essential skill for AR developers

12:30 AM

The morning work ends at 12:30 AM. My company’s employees will have 30 minutes for lunch and relaxation. This break time helps me regain energy and prepare for the afternoon schedule.

1:00 PM

I come back to developing tasks like coding and debugging in the afternoon. I also collaborate with the members of the AR developing team a lot. The members will help exchange ideas and troubleshoot technical issues.

There is a project manager who supervises the progress of all team members. The manager will review my AR characters and provide feedback or adjustments.

When I have finished all the developing tasks, I spend the rest of the day on research. As an AR developer, I also research the latest tools for AR development.

It ensures that the company’s games can deliver better quality and attract more users. I usually browse software libraries and AR techs. Then, I will suggest new ideas or more efficient tools for the current project.

4:00 PM

I will spend the last hour finalizing my work by testing all the created AR figures. I must ensure that there are no technical issues left unresolved in my projects. Then, I will develop a report and hand it over to the project manager.

Finalize the daily tasks and report

Tips On Breaking Into AR Development

You must build a solid foundation in AR to approach this career. It involves relating to using AR building tools and techniques. Also, you must master the core principles of MR, VR, and AR development.

Besides, you should also pay attention to the latest trends in the VR industry, which are game design and software development. Mastering game designing or UX skills can broaden your career prospect in this field.

Lastly, the AR building tools and methods you master today can become obsolete in just a few years. Always keep learning and researching new AR technologies to update your knowledge.

Is AR The Right Profession For You?

Our report indicates that the estimated annual income of AR developers is $142,750. It can range from $74,939 to $215,649 or more.

The salary will vary based on your skill level and current position. The average way this career brings still ranges among the top of the IT field.

Meanwhile, the incomes of self-employed AR developers are less steady. Yet, just a successful and viral project can earn them hundreds or not millions of dollars.

Besides the competitive wage, AR development brings you constant challenges and fun. It gives the developers opportunities and the thrill of accomplishment.

Given these benefits, AR development is a dream career path for many IT experts. Suppose you are good at building AR assets and possess excellent IT skills. AR development is a promising path to consider.

The AR development industry is expanding

Final Thoughts

AR technology is still in its phase of development, and it will keep growing and bring more AR apps or games to real-world users. It’s also the mission of AR developers who make this technology available to users.

You need high technical skills to become an AR developer. It ranges from coding to app development and creativity.

I hope that my actual story can give you more insights into this fascinating career path. Thank you for reading!