9 Pros and Cons of Being an AR Developer

AR development is one of the demanding professions. Most companies require candidates to have good problem-solving, teamwork, programming, coding, etc.

When you meet all of the above requirements and become an AR developer, what will you get

Let’s take a closer look at the article below to learn more!

What is an AR Developer?

Augmented reality developers will create tools to create AR products. Developers are also creators who orient virtual objects and connect them to the real world.

Working with AR, developers also work with machine learning and AI. They often work with hardware and software devices that can create a composite view, such as sensors, digital projectors, and VR/AR headsets.

AR experts can work in many different fields. By now, the areas of AR devices are expanding more than ever. Companies, hospitals, web/mobile publishers, educational centers, or online platforms all need AR developers.

AR developers can enhance the user experience

AR developer is a new job that has emerged in the last few years but has gained wide love from both candidates and employers.

Here are the advantages of being an AR developer you can consider.

1. Enhanced User Experience

With AR, you can enhance the personal experiences of yourself and those around you. An AR developer will develop apps that transform websites, images, and products into apps with experiences.

As an AR developer, you can increase your social media campaign effectiveness and discover their buying needs. You will get many positive results if you know how to apply your AR-related skills in business and media.

2. Social Interaction

AR technology is becoming more and more useful in brands’ interactive impression campaigns. And it will always take talented AR developers to create the ideal AR-enabled ads and product demos.

AR developers can use this AR to bring people together. If you have the desire to connect people and help those who suffer from anxiety and depression, AR is a pretty helpful tool.

Pokemon Go is a testament to the social cohesion power of AR. Specifically, the developers created a game that required players to get out of the house and connect with other people.

AR technology has made games more vivid and engaging. It supports you to interact with virtual characters directly.

3. Improve Technology Device

An AR developer might work in the tech sector. With the latest AR apps, developers can increase the reach of intelligent devices and improve filters on camera apps or map models.

An in-depth knowledge will help developers develop human-interactive computing devices. This skill is helpful if you want to keep up with modern trends.

4. Useful In Modern Surgeries

An AR developer can also work in the medical field. They can develop smart patient record management with medical apps.

AR is making many contributions to online healthcare. It can do medical training, surgical planning, and rehabilitation assistance.

While more data revolutions are still needed, AR developers will be able to intervene more deeply in more precise pathology treatments. Tumor location analysis or fetal monitoring devices are all fantastic results from AR apps.

Augmented Reality Development Team

AR developers are flexible with their work in many different fields. This job helps you hone soft skills such as design, virtual reality, and socializing.

However, besides the advantages, a developer may need help with some things below when pursuing this job.

5. Assaults Confidentiality

Augmented reality experts must often create, analyze, and collect primary data. This task exposes them to quite a few safety issues.

Plus, developers may face legal issues when working with an AR system that records its surroundings in real time.

6. Addiction

Tech addiction

When working long hours with AR, developers can get trapped in the virtual world, even with an addiction.

This condition also leads to many other health problems, such as eye strain, obesity, pain, or loss of concentration. Working with the blue light of AR can cause severe damage to vision and the nervous system.

Some studies show that developers working with AR in the long run often experience digital eye strain, visual damage, and many other eye problems.

They also often stay up at night and lack sleep for many days. In comparison, VR developers have higher than average rates of mental health problems.

7. Disassociation of Reality

Since its inception, AR has made many experts worried about making users unable to distinguish between the real and virtual worlds.

This negative impact affects not only just users, but also AR developers. AR developers spend most of their day in a virtual world.

8. Psychological Effects

People who work in developing applications and AR games often face psychological problems. When developing games with violent tendencies, designing scary features can make developers tired, changing attitudes.

Some experts even worry that developers’ minds could change when they work in violent virtual environments. They may even believe that violent activities are justified and create software that promotes them.

9. Limited Practical Applications

Although AR can bring many breakthroughs in industries, there are few useful, practical applications that you can see.

So, your job opportunities still need to be diversified and specialized enough. Its cause is the need for big data and hardware backup systems.


AR development is receiving a lot of attention from society. In particular, young people love this job because it allows them to freely create a vivid virtual world.

Yet, like every other profession, AR development also has some problems. Through the pros and cons of being an augmented reality (AR) Developer shared above, you have a better understanding of this field and have a proper career direction.