A Day in the Life of an IT Project Manager

If you love technology and working with people, becoming an information technology (IT) project manager can be an ideal choice! But be ready for the obstacles on your journey.

What’s it like to work in this role? I will share a day in the life of an information technology project manager right here. Let’s scroll down to see what is waiting for you!

A Day In The Life Of An IT Project Manager

My workload varies depending on the size of the projects. Here is what I do:


My days are super busy, so I review my work carefully. It helps me stay organized and focus on important tasks. Then, I can fix problems quickly.

Checking emails is my first task of the day. Then, I can quickly respond to any queries and address problems that arise during the project.

Next, I plan a to-do list that shows what needs to get done first. But throughout the day, I may adjust it a little bit because some new tasks can come up.

Join team meetings

I usually meet with clients, company leaders, and my team. Thus, I have to prepare for each meeting with all the necessary information.

During the meeting, we discuss urgent issues that need attention. Something may be blocking our project’s progress, and we must address them soon.

The decision-makers are important for every meeting. So, I make sure that they join it. And if the meeting is among my IT team, I’m the decision-maker.

I try to listen to my teammate’s opinions. We have debates sometimes, but we aim for one objective: to bring out the best in the project.

I have meetings almost every day

Manage projects and people

Managing projects and people is the key to my role. I will talk about each aspect.

First, I face many challenges when handling complicated projects. With technology always changing, I must anticipate the challenges.

Flexibility is essential. It helps me respond quickly to any unexpected twists in the project. Updating the latest technological trends also assists me in handling some changes.

I deal with conflicts, too. Sometimes, clients and company leaders don’t understand IT concepts. They may ask me to do something impossible, like giving my team a limited budget for a big project.

The best solution in this case is to keep calm first. Then, I try to explain all the factors that affect the effectiveness of the project.

My teammates have conflicts, too. Of course, we have people with different personalities. And as a leader, I just want them to respect each other. That’s how teamwork can make the dream work.

Keep the momentum of projects

I have talked about some difficulties when running a project. So this section is about how I keep its momentum. It’s also my top concern when working as an IT project manager.

I get everyone on board with the project vision right from the start. I like to talk about what my team can achieve after the project so that they can feel more motivated for the challenges ahead.

Besides, everyone must know every single detail of the project. Thus, I tell them what they need to know. They should stay informed during the process.

Reviewing the progress is important, too. That’s also what I do every morning. But not only me! Everyone in the project has the same mission of tracking progress.

Moreover, whenever my team achieves something good, I want to celebrate to recognize our wins. It can be a small party when we reach a milestone. This occasion keeps them excited. It’s also a chance for everyone to gather and share their thoughts about what we have been through.

Prepare reports

Preparing reports is a crucial part of my routine. For meetings, I gather all the essential information and put it together in a clear and organized way. This report helps me follow up on what my team’s done and what’s left to complete.

The IT projects need reporting as well. So, I create reports to illustrate how the project is going. Based on those reports, my team can understand if we are on track and if any areas need extra attention.

Writing reports is important

Essential Skills

Becoming an IT project manager is not easy. If you want to follow this career path, try to develop these skills:

  • Project management methodologies: They are tools to manage projects effectively. Methods like Kanban, Scrum, and Agile are your companions in every project.
  • Project management processes: A project has several stages. So you must know how to take it through its lifecycle, from planning to execution. Budgeting and risk assessment are also important.
  • IT skills: You are in charge of information technology projects. Thus, you need a deep understanding of security, cloud computing, programming, and other relevant majors.
  • Soft skills: You lead a team, so communication is a must. Time management and problem-solving skills can help you manage the project efficiently, too.
Communicating effectively with team members

Tips to Maximize Working Time

I have a tight schedule. But how can I deal with it? Let me share with you tips:

  • I prioritize important tasks that need more time and attention.
  • Project management tools can also help me streamline workflows. Then, I can stay organized and track progress effectively.
  • I set goals for each project and give a deadline for each task. Then, my team knows what they should do to stay on track.
  • Communication is vital. Thus, I try to keep everyone informed about changes.
  • No matter how busy I am, I don’t miss a chance to relax. Work-life balance reduces stress and pushes me forward.
  • I improve my skills and knowledge every day. Staying updated with industry trends helps me become a more reliable and effective IT project manager.


As an IT project manager, there are many burdens on my shoulders, but I have my teammates by my side. I love what I do, and I’m always excited to face new challenges.

Not a single role in a company is easy. Even when you have difficulties, just believe in yourself. You can overcome all obstacles once you have expertise, passion, and dedication.

Thank you for reading!