10 Pros and Cons of Being a Technical Project Manager

I’m a technical project manager. Many people have asked me: What do I do? Is it hard to work in this position? If you have the same questions, check this guide!

Here, I will share the advantages and disadvantages of being a technical project manager. So join me now! Then, you will have the complete picture of this job and determine if it’s your dream career!

Who Is a Technical Project Manager?

Technical project management is about managing IT-related projects. As technical project managers, experts are in charge of every stage of the process and lead all projects from start to complete.

These managers have in-depth technical knowledge, and organizational and time management skills that any manager has. In fact, a technical project includes multiple phases, and these professionals often perform many tasks as I am doing every day below:

  • Planning: First, I hold team meetings and brainstorm ideas for the project. We often work on the features needed for your product.
  • Scheduling: After that, we set a timeline for each task. As the leader, I assign tasks to my team members based on their positions and abilities.
  • Execution: Everything is set! It’s time to start the development process. During this stage, I monitor my team’s performance to ensure they work on track.
  • Budget management: Budget is an important aspect of a technical project. I’m responsible for it. My goal is to build high-quality products within the budget restriction.
  • Maintenance: After creating the product, I test it to ensure it satisfies the requirements. But even if everything is okay, my job doesn’t stop there. I have to maintain it regularly and improve it when needed.
Project Management: Plan – Do – Check – Act

What can I get as a technical project manager? Well, a lot! It includes positive and negative things that you should know before deciding on your choice.

This job is always exciting to me because I can work for my passion: technology. I can also enjoy the high salary and work with many people. All these things keep me engaged every day.

1. High Salary

My company pays me well for working in this position. But other technical project managers have a high salary, too. On average, these experts can make around $115,573 per year in 2023.

If you take this role, you will surely get this benefit. The exact salary, of course, depends on many factors, such as your location and experience. But it will be high for sure.

You deserve it! Check the tasks I mentioned above for a technical project manager. There are a lot of things to do, right?

2. Interacting With Many People

As a technical project manager, you will work with many people. First, you have to interact with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs. Then, you have meetings with your team members to run the project.

I love working with people. Even when I’m the manager, I can learn a lot from them. We have differing perspectives, but we respect each other. That’s how we can grow together!

You can work with many professionals

3. Chances For A Higher Position

The manager position is already high, but you can still grow. I’m now aiming for the director role. You can even dream bigger.

Once you’ve reached those positions, you can receive a much higher salary. There are also tons of benefits for you then.

4. Exciting Job

I work on projects, and not any one of them is similar to the other. Each project has its own set of requirements and challenges. Hence, I find them exciting.

Working with different people is fun, too. They show me different mindsets. Sometimes, they teach me interesting lessons that schools don’t.

5. Influence On Others

As the leader, I can inspire my team members. Of course, I don’t allow myself to leave any negative impression on my team.

Instead, I want to be their role model. I try to work hard and hone my skills every day. To me, a good leader is the one who can motivate their team and help them improve.

6. Skill Development

To become a technical project manager, you must work on many skills. Aside from technical stuff, you must be good at solving problems and teamwork.

Even when you’ve got the job, never stop working! In technology, things change constantly. If you don’t keep up with the latest techniques and master them, you can’t execute your project successfully.

You can grow continuously! There is no finish line in this industry. As long as you find yourself better day by day, you’re on your way to success!

Develop your skill set for career success

Now, it’s time to talk about the negative side of this job. There are four of them, but you can tackle them with my tips.

7. Intense Responsibility

The first thing to cope with when working as a technical project manager is your intense responsibility. You will be in charge of everything.

Yet, it’s what makes you an important person! Your company needs you for this reason. So, the only solution here is to monitor the progress of your project carefully. Then, you can solve problems promptly.

8. Disputes

You lead a team of people with different personalities and mindsets. They may have disagreements sometimes. As a manager, you have to deal with them often.

Thus, train your problem-solving skills from now on. Also, learn to listen to your teammates’ opinions. Then, you can stop the conflicts.

9. Ownership

You may run different projects at the same time, and you have ownership over all of them. If you face too many challenges, remember that your teammates are behind you. So don’t be shy to ask them for help.

Time management skills can also help. You should prioritize the most important tasks. Plus, always check your duty list to ensure you don’t skip anything.

10. Uncertainty

Almost every project has uncertainties. That’s why you need a good plan and strategy. Risk management is essential, too, for dealing with those issues.

Deal with challenges in your project

Should You Become a Technical Project Manager?

This job is exciting and dynamic. But it’s not for everyone. It may suit you if:

  • You are confident with your technical skills.
  • You can work well with people.
  • Leadership is your favorite.
  • You desire a well-paid job and aim for high positions.
  • Pressure doesn’t matter to you.

Final Thoughts

Technical project management is a fulfilling yet challenging job. When you take this role, you will receive many benefits, such as high salary and job growth. You can also work with many people and develop your skills.

But, you have many heavy responsibilities. There are also tons of challenges at work. Your experience and skills can help you solve problems easily. Then, you will thrive in your career!