Android Developer Career Overview & Outlook

Over the past decade, smartphones have invaded every corner of our world. More people are utilizing smartphones for various activities than ever before.

With the growth in users of Android smartphones and other devices, the demand for Android Developers has also increased rapidly.

So if you are a person who cannot decide if you should pursue Android development, my post is meant for you. Today, we will list every aspect of an Android developer you need to know.

Job Description

What Are Android Developers?

Android Developers are Software Developers who specialize in designing apps for Android users. The Android marketplace competes with Apple’s app store.

In other words, these developers are mainly responsible for creating the applications you use on your smartphones and other devices.

Professionals can work in-house for organizations or get into an App Development agency. Also, they can land a job at App Development agencies.

The role of Android Developers is an entry-level, skilled position.

Android Developers specialize in designing apps for Android users.

Companies and organizations typically require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in software development or any related field. Plus, they normally don’t need work experience as an Android Developer.

The next step will be Senior Android Developer, involving taking on mentorship and leadership roles. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for Software Developers, such as Android Developers, is predicted to rise by 17 percent through 2024.

Responsibilities and Duties

There are various specific tasks and roles that an Android Developer performs to develop Android apps. Here are the duties we came across most when analyzing Android Developer job descriptions.

Work With Outside APIs And Data Sources

As a developer in this area, you must spend a reasonable amount of time working with APIs and outside data sources. Critical thinking is vital to apply this information to your projects here.

Continuously Evaluate, Uncover, and Implement New Development Tool

An Android developer has to stay updated with new trends in mobile application use. You must evaluate new tools when launched in the market and determine whether they are worth implementing. It requires the ability to adapt to an always-changing environment.

Solve and Fix Bugs in Existing And New Apps

The job of Android developers will not end once an app is finished. Instead, they are responsible for fixing bugs when their app is delivered to users.

These developers must methodically check possible problems and be able to develop a software patch to resolve the issue quickly.

Work with Cross-Functional Teams to Determine, Design, and Produce New Features

As one Android developer, you may have to work with User Experience, Product Development, and other departments to determine and design new features clients want. This aspect requires the ability to be one team player.

Design and Build Better Applications for Android Users

This duty takes up most of these developers’ time. It involves utilizing JavaScript, C / C++, and other tools to write program code.

This task requires extreme attention to detail since one mistyped code line can lead to an unusable program.

Where Do Android Developers Work?

These developers often work in the offices of large organizations or app development companies.

However, many professionals choose to work as freelancers, which allows them to work anywhere they want.

In addition, they can also take on multiple projects from various stakeholders.

Education Requirements

To become one Android developer, you must have a diploma or bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or get trained in the technical environment.

Moreover, you should be skilled in programming language and own an excellent design approach.

In addition, Android developers must have a solid knowledge of mobile app tools and platforms and clearly understand all development phases.

Essential Skills

You will need many skills to get the job done well

As an Android developer, the following skills are a must-have for you:

Core Skills

If you decide to start your journey towards becoming a developer in this field, you must possess the following core skills.

  • Analytical skills
  • Proficiency in C / C++
  • Focus on detail
  • Proficiency in JavaScript
  • Master in Android Studio
  • Proficiency in MYSQL Databases
  • Complicated problem-solving skills
  • Ability to grow in a collaborative environment

Advanced Skills

If you want to get an edge in the job market, prepare well some advanced skills that are preferred by many employers:

  • Adaptable and flexible work style
  • Ability to take ownership of one’s work
  • Ability/Accountability to come up with constructive criticism

Essential Tools

Android devs can use many essential tools which are available online

Android developers use some essential tools to complete their responsibilities and duties. So to get your job done well as an Android Developer, you must be proficient in the following tool.

  • Program testing software like IBM Rational PurifyPlus.
  • Component or Object-oriented software, such as C# / C++.
  • Database management software like Apache Flume.
  • Development Environment software like Adobe ActionScript.

Job Outlook

Android app development was one of the most-wanted tech skills on Forbes’ list.

The demand for Android developers is continuously increasing since companies and organizations are looking for developers much faster and more in numbers than other experts in Mobile Technology.

The job market for these developers is predicted to grow by 32 percent, creating around 300,000 new jobs.

There is always a high demand for Android developers


The average annual salary for an Android developer in the US is approximately $113,956. Through a calculation, you know that this average salary is equivalent to $54.79 per hour, $2,191 per week, or $9,496 per month.

The average annual salary of Android developers currently ranges from $90,500 to $133,500, with top earners making $154,500 annually across the US.

Their salary varies greatly, meaning there may be multiple opportunities for increased pay and advancement based on location, skill level, and years of experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of being an Android developer.


  • You can easily access the framework and development kit, making it effortless to stay updated with the newest techniques and information.
  • Many development tools are available online, making developing Android apps straightforward.
  • After having substantial exposure to Android development, it is okay to work as a freelancer.
  • You can gain a proper platform to showcase your design skills and creativity.


  • Highly competitive.
  • You have to be good to expect a high salary.
  • This field is ever-changing and requires constant updating.


Is Android Developer a Promising Career?

The answer is Yes. An Android developer is a good career thanks to the reasons:

  • Android developers can get great salaries. So you can earn highly competitive salaries in this field.
  • The Android OS plays a vital role on mobile devices worldwide. Thanks to the growth in users of Android smartphones, there is always a huge demand for Android developers, including experienced and entry-level.
  • A highly satisfying and rewarding career.
  • You can get the flexibility to work as a freelancer or for renowned organizations.
  • There are various job opportunities in this field.
Android developer is a good career for a good reason

How to Become a Developer in This Field?

To become an Android developer, you may need to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Take up a diploma or certificate in Android development.

Step 2: Learn a programming language, mobile app platforms, UX/UI interfaces, and tools.

Step 3: Make a professional portfolio with any required skill for Android developers.

Step 4: Take up an internship with renowned organizations to learn development skills.

Who Can Become a Developer in This Field?

If you’re one fresh graduate and desire to become one Android developer, you must acquire the skills via training and certification.

In addition, most employers don’t hire or focus on you if you are a non-experienced professional. As a result, you might have to join at least one certification course in Android development to get the right skills.

Yet, if you are an experienced professional, it is easy to get a job in this field.

iOS Development vs. Android Development: What’s the Difference?

iOS and Android apps often solve the same issues on different operating systems or devices. Android applications run on Android devices, while iOS ones operate on Apple devices.

Even though these apps may look the same, the development of iOS and Android apps are totally different. Here are some significant differences between iOS and Android apps:

AvailabilityAndroid applications are typically found on the Google Play Store, while iOS apps are present in the App Store.
IDE (development tool)Android developers use Android Studio to develop apps, while iOS developers use XCode for building iOS apps.
Programming LanguagesiOS applications utilize Swift/Objective-C for development, whereas Android ones are developed utilizing Kotlin or Java.

But several other technologies, such as Flutter and React Native, are also utilized to develop cross-platform mobile apps.

Do Android Developers Work in a Team Setting?

In many companies, Android developers are part of a team. Most members undertake a specific role within the team, and excellent communication is crucial to building a product successfully.

Can Android Developers Work From Home?

As an Android developer, you can work from home, depending on your company policy and current work assignments.

What Kind of Companies Hire Android Devs?

Of course, software development companies are the place to hire the most android developers.

Some top firms include WilltowTree and Konstant Infosolutions, and others such as Fueled and Intellectsoft. These companies make applications for consumers, such as PepsiCo and Universal Pictures.

What are Top Recruiters for Android Devs?

  • Adobe
  • Infosys
  • Paytm
  • Cognizant
  • Accenture
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Geeks for geeks

What Are Alternative Jobs for Android Developers?

As one Android developer, you can work under many job designations. Some of the alternatives for this job title are:

  • Mobile Architect.
  • Android Engineer.
  • Senior Android Developer.
  • Android Mobile Developer.
  • Senior Android Engineer.

Career Advice

Android development seems less popular than it was a few years ago. But the Android development market is far from saturated since there is always a massive demand for better apps.

So, after all, Android development is a promising career and worth investing time and effort to pursue.

It is not necessary to be an experienced programmer to learn Android Development. If you are a beginner and prefer to build your career in this field, you can join one of the online Android Development courses mentioned in our post.