Is Android Development Hard? 8 Reasons to Learn It

For so many years, we have seen a substantial rise in smartphones. As a result, they have become more popular than ever.

The rapid increase of smartphone users has led to increased demand for developers in this area. So is Android development hard?

Yes, Android developers deal with many challenges because designing and developing these applications is not easy.

Today, we will help you answer this question with valuable information in the article. Let’s read on to discover!

What is Android?

It is an operating system for mobile devices, and it is used to develop various mobile applications. It was officially launched in September 2008 by Google.

According to data from Statista, in 2024, the number of smartphone users globally was more than six billion people.

Android OS is the most popular operating system because it is available for many brands of smartphones and tablets.

The good news is that it is not necessary to be an experienced programmer to learn about this field. However, if you are a beginner and want to pursue a career in this field, you can start by taking an online course.

As a developer in the field, you will need to create and develop apps used on smartphones and tablets. In addition, you may also have to collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop incredible applications and avoid errors.

Why Android is Difficult for Developers?

Android App Development
This field is quite hard.

Unlike iOS, Android is flexible, reliable, and compatible with many devices. However, the fact is that the time it takes to develop an app for this OS is 30% more than an iOS app.

There are many challenges that developers in this area will face because using Android apps is straightforward but developing them is pretty tough. There is so much complexity involved in developing apps for this OS.

Creating and developing apps is an intensive process and painful for any platform, especially Android OS.

The fact is that iOS OS is simpler because it is inherently limited to a few specific devices from Apple. In contrast, Android allows access to various devices of various forms and from many brands.

As a result, creating applications that run seamlessly with so many variables is a challenging task.

8 Reasons to Learn Android Development

android robot logo
There are many reasons to become a developer in the field

The rapid growth of smartphones globally has directly boosted the growth of Android, as it is the most popular operating system today.

Following are the top reasons for learning it.

1. It’s The Technology’s Open Source

It is an Open Source operating system based on Linux, making it freely available to anyone to use. Developers get great freedom from this operating system to easily tweak and edit the code.

2. Massive Device Market Share

Android, no doubt, is the most popular mobile operating system of the past decade globally.

Now it has gone beyond just a smartphone operating system. Specifically, it also supports many other edges, such as:

  • Android Wear
  • Android TV
  • e-Reader
  • Google Glass

The development fundamentals of all these devices are pretty much the same. The reason is that they are all powered by the same operating system.

According to Statista, as of the last three months of 2023, this OS holds about 70% of the global smartphone market.

3. Entry To The Market Easier

The process of becoming an Android app developer is pretty straightforward. You just need to register yourself as a developer, create an app, and then submit it to the Android mobile app development platform.

The process is generally much more straightforward than on the iOS platform. The reason is that Apple’s moderation process involves more steps and is much more complex.

You can expect your apps to be approved overnight, while it will take time for your app to appear on the App Store.

4. Massive Apps’ Market Share

According to data from Statista, the number of applications available on the Google Play Store is 3.7 million. Meanwhile, the Apple App Store has more than 1.6 million apps available (as of the first three months of 2023).

The growing number of apps available to users leads to an increase in demand by large enterprises for developers in this field.

It’s no surprise that it has become one of the most popular career options today.

5. Variety and Numerous Job Opportunities

The market’s rapid growth has led to a constant increase in developers’ job opportunities. As a result, if you decide to pursue a career in this area, you can expect to get a good salary.

6. Straightforward To Learn

Suppose you want to pursue a career in this field. In that case, it is essential to have a solid knowledge base of the Java Programming Language, one of the most popular and most accessible ways to learn coding languages.

Thanks to possessing a solid knowledge of Java, it is easy to create successful applications. You can also learn other languages, such as:

There is no one correct language for developers based in this field. Instead, your choice is based on your interests and goals for each project.

7. Numerous Online Courses

If you are just starting in this field and don’t know where to start, we recommend taking advantage of the courses that give you enough knowledge to become a skilled developer.

8. Freedom

After you get a position in the field, you can expect to receive work flexibility thanks to the ability to work from anywhere you want.

As a developer, you can work from an office or expect to work from home as a freelancer. Many reputable companies accept their employees to work remotely.

But you need to make sure your experience and skills stand out on your resume.

Tips to Learn Android Development

  • Obtain the right book and utilize it right
  • Be sociable and ask a friend
  • Begin with an easy project
  • Use Google, and don’t reinvent the wheel


As a developer on this platform, you will face many difficulties because using applications on this OS is very easy but designing and developing them is pretty painful.

So what are you waiting for? Create Android apps and make them reach millions of users worldwide right now!