How to Become a Mobile App Developer

Thanks to the progressive mobile app development, smartphones have become an inseparable part of our life. It helps us solve problems in many cases and entertain us in different ways.

Yet, the role of smartphones and mobile apps does not stop here. They have been and will continue to advance further.

It also means that a career as a mobile app developer is exciting, lucrative, and likely to pay well. So, how to become a mobile app developer if you are a newcomer? What skills do you need for career success in the industry?

If you’re interested in this working field and looking for a reliable source of information, this article is for you. Let’s check out this post to discover the fact!

What Is A Mobile App Developer?

A mobile app developer is in charge of designing, developing, and updating mobile applications. They create app mock-ups to evaluate their work’s usability and solve issues before releasing it on app hosting platforms.

App developers interact with user experience designers to guarantee that the app design is appropriate to the demands of consumers. They also collaborate with business leaders to assist with the launch of the app.

The hosting platform is often a distinguishing characteristic of mobile app developers, such as iOS or Android.

While Android app developers design and build mobile apps for Android devices, iOS developers create, test, and update apps for Apple devices using iOS programming technology and language.

Yet, some app developers can create apps that work on multiple platforms!

How To Become a Mobile App Developer?

Let’s head into our three steps to becoming a mobile app developer!

create an app
It’s best if you can create apps that work on multiple platforms.

1. Gain Experience and Education

If you have a computer science degree, it will help you get started in the profession more easily. Not only does it provide you with a solid foundation for the industry, but many organizations will also prefer to recruit you as a developer if you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Since some universities provide degrees in mobile application development, it’s best if you determine to specialize in the field right from the beginning. Other relevant degrees, like software development, can also be beneficial.

You should also choose the major platforms among Windows, Apple, Android, Symbian, or RIM. You can learn to code on all of them later, but you’ll probably need to pick one at first.

Besides offline classes at school, you can make use of online training programs.

Apple provides the iOS Dev Center where you can watch courses and videos and get started with coding. Android Developers Training is nearly the same.

Many websites offer free classes and tutorials, but you can also pay for advanced courses to improve your level.

Marketing and business classes are optional. You can enroll them at a community college while getting your degree.

If you want to start your business as an app developer, you’ll need to learn to monetize your app, create incentives for users to spend more, and promote your app to the general public. It is why you should join these classes if possible.

2. Develop your app

Developing your own app is an excellent way to get some practice. Even if you create it for fun, you’ll have something to show for your efforts when applying for employment. That’s not to mention it can put you ahead of the competition.

It’s essential to determine the need right from the beginning. Look back at your life and your friends to see what challenges you may have.

Then ask yourself if an app can help you solve them, and start planning your app once you’ve come up with a good idea.

Whatever you go for, always remember that an app must be simple and easy to use. It means the main page features obvious buttons, contrasting colors, and simple navigation to guide the customers to use the app.

So, make sure your users can figure out your app from the controls without visiting other pages to learn how to use it.

working with other app dev
It’s also crucial to get feedback on the app’s functionality and controls.

You may already have coding skills, but you may lack design skills. If the task requires assistance in a specific area, consider hiring employees or partnering with others to share a cut of the profits as payment.

Once you’ve finished, play-test your app because new apps always have bugs. Test it with your friends to see where the bugs are and repair them. It’s also an excellent way to teach yourself what works in an app and what doesn’t.

It’s also crucial to get feedback on the app’s functionality and controls. Check if your friends have any difficulties operating the controls and ask them what issues they have with the app.

Don’t forget to convert your initial app to other platforms. The more complicated the app is, the more difficult it will be to transform. This way may take time and effort, but it will help you expand your customer base.

It’s also important to consider the screen sizes of iOS and Android devices when converting your app. They may vary significantly, so your app will look differently on each platform.

3. Apply for an internship

Another way to practice your skill is to apply for an internship. Some companies will approach universities to look for interns. Thus you can typically get internships through your school.

Check out the websites of many of the big technology companies to see whether they offer internships for local college students.

Still, it doesn’t mean you can code immediately right from the beginning. During your internship, you may have to do some menial jobs.

3. Work in the Field

Now that you have gained enough knowledge and experience, it’s time to apply for some potential positions.

While some firms allow you to work from home, others will want you to work in the office. Specifically, they may focus on group creativity, which will motivate and encourage teamwork.

You can look for some jobs on Monster, Indeed, or Yahoo websites. You can also seek opportunities on the sites of big mobile app businesses.

The type of company is also an essential factor you should consider. Working for a startup means you’ll have more hands-on time with the apps and possibly more control. Yet, it is impossible to predict whether a company will prosper or fail in its early days.

Take a peek at the apps you enjoy or the developers you admire. You may apply to those places since you already have a passion for what they do.

multiple app icons
You can look for some positions in the industry.

When it comes to a good reputation company, you will work on a small part of multiple apps rather than being in charge. Of course, you can feel safe as the company won’t fail.

Once you have worked in the tech field, you must always be aware of what is going on. Reading tech journals is one method to do so. If any new coding platform or technology appears in the market, don’t hesitate to learn and get it.

If you’re starting your own business, you’ll have to put 100% into your app. So, don’t forget to promote and profit from your app. You must choose the best strategy to benefit from and then market your app on social media platforms.

Some companies provide the apps for free and charge to make the game faster or more entertaining by selling coins, stars, etc.

Customers may already discover these built-in features, but these packs help impatient players quickly progress through them.

Finally, unless you’re ready to spend on advertising, you’ll struggle to grow your customer base, especially if you’re relying solely on your friends. So don’t hesitate to spend some money on your marketing strategies!

Essential Skills for Mobile App Devs

Not only knowledge, but you also need to train and accumulate some essential skills that will be useful for your career path as a mobile app developer.

using mobile apps
You should have the knowledge and skills to become successful in the field.
  • Programming skills: To design an effective app, you must convert algorithms into efficient coding. Obviously, you can not become an app developer without programming skills.
  • Business skills: If you want to make money from your apps through downloads, ads, or other models, you should have excellent business skills. They can also assist you in raising cash to fund your projects.
  • Analytical: To create a functional app, you must first understand the needs of your users. You must study how consumers use their devices and take advantage of the information to create functioning and usable apps.
  • Interface design skills: In order to compete with other skilled developers, you must possess exceptional skills in building user interfaces for your apps. The app’s user interface design is a crucial feature that improves the user’s experience.
  • Creativity: You must develop the fundamental skills of creativity to create applications that assist users in completing various activities. Think of innovative ways to carry your app into daily life.
  • Agile methodologies: You must be familiar with the agile planning technique related to software development methodologies based on iterative tasks and routines.
  • Communication: Mobile app developers need good verbal and written communication skills to enable them to communicate with clients and give instructions to team members. You also need to listen to your clients’ needs to incorporate their ideas in the app-making process.
  • Data security: This is a big concern for regulators as well as app users. As an app developer, you must have good background knowledge of data security rules and app security protocols.
  • Cross-platform app development: You must be able to create apps for a variety of platforms to enlarge your customers. You may utilize resources and reach a larger audience with cross-platform skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Learn Mobile Apps Development?

It depends on the path you choose. Traditional approaches, which often need a software engineering or computer science degree, can take six years.

There are also numerous accelerated programs available where you can gain knowledge in the industry within two or three years.

How Much Can A Mobile App Developer Earn?

According to our report, the annual salaries of mobile app developers range from $81,000 (in the 25th percentile) to $119,500 (in the 75th percentile).

Specifically, the top earners in the United States (in the 90th percentile) can make up to $137,000.

Such a pay range implies that there may be numerous prospects for promotion and higher income, which depends on skill level, location, and years of experience.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App?

A custom app costs a lot of money to develop. The expense can easily reach six figures and even more. That is why skilled mobile app developers earn such a high salary and benefits package.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Mobile App?

It could take you from several days to a year, depending on the app’s complexity and your level of expertise.

Simple apps do not require much time, but a high-quality, complicated one can take longer to research and develop before publishing.


This article has outlined a three-step guide to becoming a mobile app developer so that every beginner can understand this industry and follow it.

If you have read as far as here, we hope you now feel satisfied with our information above. The path isn’t strewn with roses, so take your time to learn and train yourself.

Even if you have already worked in this field, always learn and practice. The world around us is constantly changing, and you will not want to sit back and let other people leave you behind. Good luck!