How to Become a SharePoint Developer

Microsoft developed SharePoint to help organizations store and share their data. But how to become a SharePoint dev to harness this powerful platform? I have some tips right here.

I will explain the six steps needed on this journey. You can learn the insights and the requirements of this job. So, let’s get into the details!


Many people use SharePoint to improve their ability. This web-based platform is also an excellent tool for companies to handle information.

Who Is A SharePoint Developer?

A SharePoint developer is the one that customizes SharePoint for their company. By using the platform, they can maximize the workflow and accessibility of the information.

The developer also uses programming tools like Visual Studio and .NET. Sometimes, they even build multi-tier systems.

Each organization uses SharePoint in its own way. In this case, the SharePoint developer acts as the bridge between Microsoft and the company.

SharePoint developers

Tasks of a SharePoint Developer

SharePoint is a functional platform with many features. Thus, the SharePoint developer has lots of tasks when handling this platform. For example:

  • Design customized sites: SharePoint offers many tools and features to build websites. So, the SharePoint developer can use them to customize their company’s website’s graphic elements and layouts.
  • Writing code: They also write code to modify the website. For example, they may want to add new features to upgrade it.
  • Debug software: Debugging is about finding and fixing errors in software. This task is ongoing to ensure smooth operation.
  • Maintain the existing sites: The SharePoint developer is also responsible for optimizing the website’s performance. To do it, they monitor its operation regularly. Then, they know what issues to fix.
  • Collaborate with other teams: The SharePoint developer is often part of a larger team. Thus, they have to collaborate with their team members.
  • Provide training: After customizing a SharePoint site, the developer helps others understand how to use it correctly.

Working Environments

SharePoint developers often work in offices. They work independently, but sometimes they have to interact with others.

These developers usually have their own computer lab or a similar setting. They need to access the tools easily to do their tasks. Working at their desk is enough because most of their projects are internal.

How To Become A SharePoint Developer

There are six steps to take to become a SharePoint developer. You may have your own journey, but this guide will help you have the right aim.

1. Choose an area in the industry

SharePoint offers many features and applications. Thus, you need to choose one area to focus on.

Firstly, consider your strengths and interests. If you love solving problems and coding, go for software development. But if you have an eye for design, the UI/UX design will be the best option.

Research the industry’s demands, too. You can find job postings in this field and see what skills the companies seek. Then, you will be able to align your chosen area with their requirements.

Besides, it would be best to fit into the wider context of Microsoft SharePoint. When you understand the use cases, you can explain their value to your clients.

There are many choices, so research each option. And don’t be afraid to try out different roles! Then, you can discover where your skills shine the most!

Choose your favorite area

2. Acquire knowledge and skills

After choosing your path, start learning! There are two aspects to work on: knowledge and skills.


You should have a bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science. This four-year course will give you solid knowledge for your future job.

If you have experience in web design or programming, the learning path will be much easier. In this case, just get certifications to qualify for the job.

When studying to get a degree or certification, you can focus on these courses:

  • MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server): MOSS is also a Microsoft product. It helps you organize and aggregate data in one app. You can also use it to access SharePoint document libraries.
  • MSF (Microsoft SharePoint Foundation): As the name suggests, MSF provides the groundwork for everything you will do on SharePoint.
  • ASP.NET: SharePoint works on ASP.NET. So, if you intend to use this platform to create software, learn ASP.NET.
  • SQL: This concept is about database management. Since SharePoint stores a lot of data, you need to work with SQL to handle it.
  • JavaScript: You also have to use this programming language to build apps on SharePoint.
  • HTML/CSS: HTML and CSS are the building blocks of a web page. Thus, as a SharePoint developer, learn how to use them to design your website.

Technical skills

Skills are also essential. You can focus on what you are good at and develop it. But a good SharePoint developer should have the skills below first. Once you’ve perfected them, feel free to explore yourself with the new ones.

  • SharePoint knowledge: A SharePoint developer must understand how this platform works and its features.
  • Programming: You will work with many programming languages like JavaScript or C#. HTML and CSS are part of your work, too.
  • Server technologies: You need server technologies to build dynamic functionalities on your website. Thus, familiarize yourself with InfoPath. Then, work on jQuery and REST API.

Soft skills

Soft skills help you interact with others and solve your problems. So try to develop them, too.

  • Collaboration: You have to work in teams. Thus, effective communication is vital to achieve your shared goals.
  • Problem-solving: You’ll encounter problems that require quick thinking. And after analyzing the case, you will come up with the best solutions.
  • Organization: Even when you are really busy, stay organized! Otherwise, the numerous tasks and deadlines will stress you out.
  • Attention to detail: Writing code is tricky because it needs attention to detail. Small mistakes will affect the functionality of your SharePoint site.
  • Analytical thinking: As a developer, you need to monitor and analyze the situations. Based on that, you will make informed decisions.
Work hard on your skills and knowledge

3. Gain experience

Hands-on experience is really important. Employers often prefer experienced developers to the new ones. So, you can try these three ways to become an outstanding candidate:


The internship helps you work in real-world situations. It means you will encounter the problems that a SharePoint developer often faces. In this case, observe how they solve the issues. Their solutions can be your precious lessons.

During the internship, you can meet with other experts in SharePoint. So ask them about their job. They will share interesting things that you may not expect.


You can also work with other developers on projects. This method helps you understand how things really work.

Alternatively, make your own stuff using SharePoint. Then, show it on websites like Github or LinkedIn. Potential employers may see it.


Another tip to gain experience is to join forums. Many SharePoint experts gather there to discuss. So become a part of them! This way, you can learn and stay up to date with the new technologies.

There are many ways to earn experience

4. Build a portfolio

After doing anything on SharePoint, keep it online or include it in your portfolio. This document is what you will show to your employers. Thus, try to make it appealing.

Remember to include different projects in the portfolio. They prove that you have different skills and experience in the job.

When talking about your projects, mention the challenges and how you solve them. The records demonstrate your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Also, share a bit about yourself in the portfolio. A short paragraph about your job objectives will help you connect with the employers.

After composing the portfolio, you should ask your mentor to read it. They may send feedback to improve it. Plus, sometimes you have mistakes, but they are too tiny to realize. In such a scenario, your mentor will also help spot and fix them.

Include what you have done in the portfolio

5. Search for jobs

You have enough experience and skills to work as a SharePoint developer. So now, you can check websites where companies often post job openings.

You can also find companies that use SharePoint. Just look for job ads that mention SharePoint. Social media is a good place to find jobs, too. So, connect to your favorite company. Even if they don’t have a job vacancy right now, tell them you are available. Sometimes, they may need your skills later.

Another good idea is to join websites where people look for freelancers. If you have experience in SharePoint, those who need your skills will hire you.

6. Expand your network

Finally, expand your network. Trust me! Your acquaintances will help you a lot in the future.

Once, I met someone at a SharePoint conference. He was working on a project, so we stayed in touch and worked together later. This collaboration helped both of us succeed.

My piece of advice here is to be active. You can join online groups and attend meetings to interact with more people.

Moreover, if you have something cool, do not hesitate to share it on social media. Of course, do not include every detail about your project. Instead, just focus on your achievements. They may impress passers-by who need your skills.

Try to expand your network

Why Should You Become a SharePoint Developer?

A SharePoint developer is a good career because it offers good pay. Companies value your skills and will be willing to pay well.

Additionally, there are many job opportunities for SharePoint developers. Many companies use SharePoint, so you will have more options.

Consider your passion, too. If you like designing and developing websites, this job will be excellent.

How Long Does It Take?

It depends on your starting point and how deep you want to go. For example, if you start from scratch, it may take several years. You need to earn a bachelor’s degree first and then gain hands-on experience in the field.

If you are working as a programmer or designer, you already have experience. Then, you just need to obtain certifications to dig deeper into SharePoint.

Your goal plays a vital role, too. If you just aim to handle basic admin tasks in SharePoint, your learning path only lasts a few months. Yet, if you want to become an expert, invest more time.

Job Outlook and Salary

SharePoint developers can earn about $119,920 annually. This salary rate may change depending on the type of company you work for. For example, finance and healthcare often pay more than non-profit organizations.

Proficiency is also an essential factor to consider. Skilled SharePoint developers can build custom workflows or dashboards. Thus, they have higher pay.


1. Is coding required for SharePoint Developers?

Yes. As a SharePoint developer, you should be excellent in JavaScript and C#. If you know how to work with HTML and CSS, you will shine more in your role.

2. How much does a SharePoint developer make?

The average salary of a SharePoint developer is around $110,836 a year. Yet, this rate depends on the company they work for and their skills.

3. What are the requirements to become a SharePoint developer?

To tell if you can become a SharePoint developer, check these requirements:

  • Education: A degree in IT or computer science. But this factor is not always required. You can get alternative certifications.
  • Experience: Familiar with SharePoint tools and coding.
  • Skills: Good communication and problem-solving skills.

Final Thoughts

A SharePoint developer is about coding and innovation. With the help of SharePoint, you can build custom tools to help grow your business.

So, work hard toward your goal! Your journey is just beginning. Hopefully, you will be an excellent SharePoint developer!