9 Pros and Cons of Being a SharePoint Developer

SharePoint is a powerful platform to store documents and streamline workflows. This platform is so in demand that businesses need experts to get the most out of it. And that’s how SharePoint developers come into play.

I’m working in this role. If you want to be my colleague, I will be glad to share the advantages and disadvantages of being a SharePoint dev in this post. So, let’s dive in!

Who is a SharePoint Developer?

A SharePoint developer is an IT expert who customizes Microsoft SharePoint for their company. This task involves enhancing accessibility, productivity, and document sharing using tailored SharePoint solutions.

SharePoint is a famous web-based platform offered by Microsoft. Many companies these days use it to build customized websites to store, share, organize, and access data from different devices. So, if the company chooses this tool, they need SharePoint experts.

As a SharePoint developer, I perform many tasks to help my company work well with this platform. For example:

  • Design: I use SharePoint’s features to customize my company’s website.
  • Coding: I also write code to customize the website. SharePoint allows me to add and modify the features easily.
  • Debugging: I find and fix errors in software to ensure smooth operation within the system.
  • Collaboration: I meet with the design team to identify the requirements of our company’s website and apps.
  • Training: After developing a customized website on SharePoint, I help others work with it smoothly.
SharePoint developers

After working with SharePoint for a long time, I’m an expert in this field now. I love my job, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Do you know why? I will reveal the answer here!

You will have many job opportunities in different industries as a SharePoint developer. You can also try advanced Microsoft technologies.

1. Job Opportunities

SharePoint is a versatile platform, so many businesses now rely on it to execute their projects in real time. Thus, you will have a lot of job opportunities.

Of course, you must be a good SharePoint developer! Your future employers need your skills to assist with their SharePoint solutions.

2. Good Salary

Another benefit of working in this role is the high salary. As of 2023, SharePoint developers can earn around $119,920 per year.

Your salary depends on the company you work for and your location. But generally, you can get paid well for this role.

Your experience and skills affect your salary range, too. In fact, your employers pay you based on what you can do for their business. So, try to prove your ability right in the interview to negotiate a good deal.

3. Flexibility

Good news for those who don’t like commuting: you can work remotely! SharePoint is a web-based platform allowing you to access it with only a stable internet connection.

So, as long as you ensure a good performance and remain available when needed, feel free to set your own schedule! Then, no more worries about getting stuck in a traffic jam! You can even work right in your room!

4. Microsoft Technologies

As a SharePoint developer, you can immerse yourself in a dynamic tech ecosystem. MOSS and MSF will then be your best friends at work.

Interestingly, you can apply your SharePoint knowledge in other jobs. The numerous forums and resources here will aid you in solving multiple tech problems.

5. Chance To Enter Different Industries

SharePoint is not limited to any specific industry. You can use it in healthcare, education, finance, and many other sectors. It means you will open doors to more job choices.

So, try to explore the various industries. Then, you will also build a broad professional network and share knowledge. Together, we can form a strong SharePoint community!

You can work in different industries

This job is exciting. However, as a SharePoint developer, you will have heavy responsibilities and pressure. Plus, the room for creativity is limited.

6. High Responsibility

You will be in charge of the SharePoint system of your company. This duty comes with many tasks. And if you miss any of them, the system will run terribly.

It would be best to monitor the performance of your company’s website constantly. Then, if any issues arise, you can act swiftly to prevent the loss.

7. Stress Level

The long duty list is already stressful. You may also have to deal with tight deadlines while having to deliver good work.

So, how to combat stress and stay productive? Well, it’s really hard to be energetic all the time. My advice is to set your own limit and allow yourself to take some rest between long working hours. This way, you can recharge. Then, when you get back, you can put 100% of your effort into everything you do.

8. High Degree Of Competition

SharePoint skills are in high demand. However, a company doesn’t need many SharePoint developers. As a result, ensure your talent is really outstanding. Otherwise, your competitors will steal your dream job.

9. Limited Creativity

You can use SharePoint to build websites. This task sounds fun, but you have to follow your company’s guidelines when designing the website. Thus, SharePoint development may not be your ideal choice if you are looking for a creative job.

Consider the challenges

Should You Become a SharePoint Developer?

This job is promising, with many opportunities to grow. However, it’s not for everyone. To become a good SharePoint developer, you must be good at:

  • Technical skills: Coding, SharePoint knowledge, and server technologies.
  • Soft skills: Teamwork, organization, attention to detail, analytical thinking, and problem-solving.

After considering your ability for the job, ask yourself if you love it. Your passion will then guide you through the challenges.

Think about your skills and passion

Final Thoughts

Now you know what will happen to you if you become a SharePoint developer. You can get a good salary and have many chances to work in different industries.

Meanwhile, this job comes with a high-stress level. Moreover, your creativity doesn’t have much room to grow.

So, what is your choice? Remember to consider all the factors to make an informed decision on your career!