How to Become a Youtube Gamer

The growth of Youtube has opened up many opportunities for content creators. There are many topics and areas here; gaming is one of the most popular.

The incentives, opportunities, and development possibilities make the number of people interested in this profession increase rapidly. However, not everyone understands the process methodically.

So, how to become a game Youtuber? Let’s dig deeper into this industry.

What’s A YouTube Gamer?

Youtube gamer is becoming one of the most attractive professions for today’s Millennials. This platform opens up new opportunities for people to entertain.

Basically, gamers operate on Youtube as personal channels. They regularly stream or produce videos about gaming content on it.

With various gameplay and approaches, these gaming channels attract a considerable number of views and followers.

A youtuber who plays games

Faces like PewDiePie or MrBeast Gaming are the most prominent names. They have hundreds of followers and billions of views with revenue that makes others admire them.

Imagine being able to play your favorite games while still having enough financial capacity to pay for your life. That feeling is incredible.

The dynamism, creativity, and potential of this career make it so attractive to many people.

How To Become a Youtube Gamer

You can access many games today with different styles and creative content.

Every content creator will have a different method to promote and produce videos that cater to their audience.

No matter which approach you choose, the process of setting up to grow a personal channel still has similarities. In the section below, let’s check the steps in the process with us.

Youtube trending

1. Choose Your Area

The first step to becoming a YouTube gamer is, of course, choosing the type of game you want to play.

Many people choose to participate in a particular game or the titles of a specific publisher. However, the current trend is to become a diverse gamer in both genres and gameplay.

You have to make the right decision right from this step because it determines the content and direction of the channel’s development.

Some popular gaming content on Youtube includes:


The main content of this channel focuses on some typical gameplay scenes of other players. They also took some interesting comments from other people.

These Youtubers will incorporate comments, analysis, or gameplay instructions for viewers throughout the video. They have a professional or humorous feel.

Another trend is players taking their personal gaming experiences to share with audiences.


The purpose of these channels is to create tutorials about game mechanics and share tips. They can enhance the experience and skills of their viewers.

The demand for such content is vast. So, it’s not too surprising that this is the most popular type of gaming channel today.

You can find them in online multiplayer gaming communities like MOBA, Valve’s Big 3, or FPSe.


Show channels consist of systems of episodes that are linked together and have a specific personality. Their most obvious telltale sign is a series of videos with the same theme.

Gamers can still mix other content if they like. However, their proportion is not too large. The founder of this genre is the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Besides, you can also refer to Super Bunnyhop’s gaming diary series.

Trivia Or Informational

The main content of these channels focuses on the side information of the game. They could be related to upcoming game events, mechanics, etc.

These contents are viral and appear on almost all different platforms. Therefore, you need to synthesize various information from reliable sources to stand out.

In-Game Comedy

For this category, you will find clips highlighting funny moments. Gamers also often make comments or comments on them during play.

Sometimes, they will follow a theme in the form of situations or skits bound within the game’s confines.

A streaming setup

2. Find Your Tools

It would help if you had some equipment to start a gaming channel on Youtube. Some are optional but can make your video content more engaging.

The list of required tools includes:

  • Digital camera or webcam: The presenter needs to have a small window below each video. Revealing faces and expressions allows you to close the gap with potential audiences.
  • Microphone: Make sure the sound quality in your videos is always the highest. The loud sound, interference, or hard of hearing will distract others when watching.
  • Lighting: A quality lighting device will limit ghosting, screen glare, and face shadowing.
  • Screen capture software: You definitely have to have software to show what is happening on the screen. It helps your audience empathize and follow your experience.
  • Intro/outro: Your YouTube channel needs a solid and engaging intro and ending.
  • Green screen: Unless you own a professional studio, a green screen is a device worth investing in. It creates a suitable background for videos with a custom background.

3. Do Some Research

You certainly can’t skip the research step before you want to create any content. Check out the most popular keywords to decide on your next direction.

Besides, learn how to optimize the SEO system to help your videos stand out more on Youtube or Google. You can ultimately reach out to potential audiences and be interested in your content.

Another method is to regularly research and updates the latest news related to the game. It will help retain your audience and grow your channel’s content.

4. Start Building Your Channel

Once you’ve shaped and equipped yourself with the necessary equipment, you can start setting up a personal channel.

Invest in an eye-catching profile channel image. You can change the designs from time to time to match the theme.

The most important thing is to have some of the content available on the list ready before starting to profit from it.

This content will help attract a potential audience to watch and contribute new recommendations for you.

Gamers concentrated on using a computer for the best playing game

5. Collect Appropriate Feedback

To be able to develop the content of your YouTube channel, you need to learn how to receive audience feedback.

Sometimes, you will not be immune to criticism and criticism from people. It is entirely normal, and it will allow you to grow stronger.

Actively ask for comments and advice from other Youtubers. They will have more in-depth perspectives as well as give better experiences.

When asking about fans, focus on the following ratings and comments:

  • Games that fans want you to experience in the future.
  • Additional content for your channel. Over time, you will need to upgrade your system with subscribers.
  • Collect general feedback about your channel and negative and positive comments.

6. Enhance Networks Or Be Indie

Now, you have a loyal audience and a strong standing in the world. It’s time to enable monetization for your gaming channels.

If you still can’t enable monetization on your own, try getting partner status. Besides, you can also consider adding a YouTube Network.

There are a few rules to keep in mind for those who want to operate as independent creators. The ones are the Copyright and Fair Use regulations.

7. Work With Other Gaming YouTubers

As a final step, make sure you stay connected and collaborate with other Youtuber gamers in the community.

Once you join this community, you have many opportunities to interact with people. Some people are more successful, famous, and experienced than you.

Find ways to connect and connect with other creators, collaborate, and promote together.

It will be challenging to get to the top, but you can still create compelling content to attract others. They will probably work with you to create exciting videos together.

This partnership will increase the number of views and followers from the partner channel’s audience.

Additional Tips

Besides the process of building a gaming channel on Youtube, you also need to master some of the following valuable tips.

A cyber pro gamer lives streaming games

Make Introductions Brief

Viewer retention is one of the top factors in determining the success of your channel. If the audience leaves after the first few seconds, Youtube will rank your channel very low.

This low rate proves that your video is not quality and attractive to viewers. Therefore, the system will not display them in the suggestions.

One best way to circumvent this problem is to create an entertaining and powerful intro for each video. Introduce the promises you’ve made early, so your audience trusts you more.

Research Video Topics

Think about the topics and content before you start recording the video. Although this idea may seem redundant, we still want to remind you often.

You should spend enough time contemplating and analyzing the keywords, headlines, and trending content. The limit will be the topic you are targeting.

This plan helps you refine and develop high-quality and engaging videos. Valuable keywords also help your search ranking on Google or Youtube.

Don’t forget to go round and survey your competitors who are on the same topic as you. This research helps you determine what works and what doesn’t.

Turn Gaming Trends Into YouTube Videos

Focusing on trending topics offers excellent opportunities to increase views on YouTube.

Be proactive and collect popular information trends and incorporate them into your videos. It will create new variety and colors to appeal to the audience.

Focus On One Game

The first time, you may get lost and access the wide variety of games on your channel. It could be this week’s series of Minecraft videos and then Fortnite.

This way of building content is interesting in that you can continuously innovate your style, but it is also a double-edged sword.

Spanning too many areas will make it impossible for you to become an expert at any game. So the only thing you can do to engage your audience is to use your communication skills.

Instead, try to dig deep and focus on a single game. It also benefits from a technical perspective.

When you regularly post content with the same topic and related keywords, Youtube will receive this information.

The system will work and distribute the appropriate gaming channel to potential audiences.

Avoid The ‘Let’s Play’ Trap

“Let’s Play” is a trend that many YouTubers are excited to join at the moment.

It’s often easy to make and brainstorm content for these videos, saving even more time and effort. Those are the reasons that make them so popular.

However, this style also gradually creates a pattern. Everyone plays the same levels over and over again.

It makes it hard for you to compete with other famous YouTubers. No one knows you and cares what you’re doing.

Instead, focus on a specific aspect of the game. You can share tips, meta-analyses, or guide some hacks.

Young gamer is playing online video games

Focus On Keywords

We talked a lot about keywords in this article. However, it’s so important that there needs to be a dedicated section.

The main title is the place containing the important keywords you want the algorithm to recognize. Sure, the game’s name you’re participating in should be included.

Using the game name in the keyword increases the relevancy of the channel. Therefore, Youtube will rank your channel higher in the community.

Besides, you can also apply some valuable tips to choose the right title:

  • Make it easy to remember and easy to spell.
  • The recommended character limit is 70 words.
  • Use popular keywords.
  • Reflect on the topic and content you’re aiming for.
  • Please limit offensive or vulgar keywords.

Build A Community

Community building is a job that requires more effort and time than ever before. Surely you will not be successful after just a few days.

The key to success is patience and continuous improvement. Development can be slow at first, but don’t be discouraged.

Family and friends are undoubtedly your first and most loyal rear. Try pitching your video to them first.

These people can evaluate and offer suggestions on what you need to improve and what can be maintained.

Consider cooperation offers once you’ve made a name for yourself in the game. It allows you to reach out to another set of potential customers.

And don’t forget to ask your audience to like, comment, and share your video. The algorithm will record all these actions and rank them.

You can increase engagement by replying to comments, which helps videos rank higher in search.

Upload Weekly Gaming Videos

Youtube takes consistency very seriously. However, it doesn’t mean you have to obsess over posting new content every day.

Instead, aim to upload at least one video per week to your channel. Youtube will still continuously recommend your content to the audience.

Chasing and mimicking other people’s posting schedules can leave you exhausted and want to give up.

The advice is to stop, breathe and take things slow. The most important thing is a balance between personal and work life.


So, this article has given you an overview of becoming your gaming channel. This process includes the following steps:

  • Choose your area.
  • Find your tools.
  • Do some research.
  • Start building your channel.
  • Collect appropriate feedback.
  • Enhance networks or stay indie.
  • Collab with other YouTubers.

Following this systematic process will partly help you build a personal channel in the right direction and reach potential audiences.

There are many other factors that determine your success. Work hard, and opportunities will come when you least expect them.