Is Graphic Design a Good Career?

Graphic design is known as one of the valuable careers for people who love information technology, have creative thinking and artistic talent.

This profession is highly competitive, requires effort, and is always learning every day. However, it also offers promising job opportunities with high salaries.

So, you may wonder: is graphic design a promising career? How is its future development? In this article, we will find the answer to this question in detail.

Is Graphic Design A Good Career?

Yes, graphic design is a great career.

Graphic design is a job that offers a high salary and is a position with good potential for advancement in the future. These designers are flexible in interacting with people and have great self-development.

For many years, graphic design has been a hot profession in society that many people pursue. I will give you the main reasons why this profession attracts so many people.

1. Do Many Tasks

Graphic designers work with products that can apply to many different professions and fields. When participating in this work, you can create advertising posters and design logos or product packaging for many companies.

Businesses that manufacture electronics, home appliances, and cosmetics need these designs to promote their products.

Plus, after graduating with a degree in graphics at university, you can become an educator who transmits knowledge to others.

Many art centers will want to employ teachers in this area. You can also become an art teacher, mainly painting, at local schools.

2. Work With Many People

Consistency and understanding in communication between the designers’ team are prerequisites for work. Rarely do graphic artists work alone, as their job involves so many different factors.

When working as a graphic designer, you will have the opportunity to socialize and practice your teamwork.

A design artist needs to constantly interact with their colleagues and clients to convey all the information into the products.

It is an excellent opportunity for someone to train you in communication, community work, and leadership skills. These expensive soft skills will help you go further in work and quickly achieve success in life.

Through these projects, members will get to know each other better. Teammates can become good friends to accompany you in later life.

3. Freelancer

Freelance graphic designer

Some graphic designers have permanent positions in an art or media agency. Yet, most have freelance work. They can build their art style, collaborate with like-minded friends and sign projects with clients.

You will not be confined to a fixed workspace. A flexible work environment that allows you to create products wherever you feel comfortable and where you can be creative.

Also, you can prioritize collaborating on projects you want instead of pressing deadlines for unpleasant tasks. From there, you can easily find your path and art style, which many designers appreciate in this work.

4. Stable Income

Demand for high-quality graphic designers has always been high. So their monthly income pursuing this profession will be very stable. Statistically, a fresher graphic designer will earn $40,000 to $50,000 per year.

Your earnings will increase, around $51,000 to $71,000, in 12 months of experience. Talented and hard-working designers can make even more money, around $100,000 a year.

This salary and income growth rate are high compared to other sectors in the labor market.

5. Understand Marketable Skills

Advertising posters increasingly need to impress users to promote related products. Therefore, designers must always understand consumer tastes and develop marketing skills.

They will know how to use graphics applications like Photoshop, InDesign, Canva, and Illustrator to make their designs stand out. They will rely on colors and graphics to impress customers with the products to be advertised.

In addition, optimizing UX-UI at a high level is also a skill that helps them satisfy their customers and progress sustainably in their careers.

4 Steps to Become a Graphic Designer

With the great benefits that graphic design has to offer, you will want to study and become a designer in the future. This process requires long-term effort and persistence to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

1. Learn Principles

You must understand the color scheme principles, context, and texture arrangement to create highly applicable products. Improve these skills with intensive courses and real-world projects that give you extra design thinking.

Before joining work as a graphic designer, you must equip yourself with the necessary background knowledge. You can study at university, majoring in graphic design or related fine arts to master the art fundamentals. Having a college degree is the best way for you to embark on your design career.

2. Choose A Course

After you have the essential professional competencies, you can take additional courses to improve and develop yourself.

These courses will give you some lessons and skills. Some roles, like UI and UX, will require more skills than others. If you want to work in these positions to receive high salaries, you must work hard and practice regularly.

3. Find Tools

Currently, design tools are developing strongly. Each tool has its interface and features, and you need to understand each application to choose what is helpful in your projects.

Some graphic softwares can be Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Canva.

4. Start With A Personal Project

Finally, try your hand at real personal projects or internships at a related company or organization. These will be beneficial experiences for you to impress employers and gain experience.


Graphic design is a profession with high prospects, attractive salaries, and many opportunities that anyone wants to try. It is the job for you if you have an artistic talent and love for this profession with a learning spirit and creativity.

Take the time to pursue a graphic designer career, and you will achieve your desired goal. Thank you for following this post!