11 Pros and Cons of Being a Business Systems Analyst

Hey, future business systems analysts! You must be excited for your bright career ahead, right? But keep calm! Before learning how to become a business systems analyst, you should explore the ins and outs of this job first.

That’s why I’m here today. After working in this role for years, I’m excited to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of being a business systems analyst. So are you ready?

Let’s get started!

Who Is a Business Systems Analyst?

The business systems analyst is the technical expert who helps the company maximize productivity through systems analysis.

This job involves multiple concepts, including technology and business. The business systems analyst has to study their business first. Then, they use the collected information to develop processes.

Basically, this combined role uses their expertise in IT to solve business problems. They also help upgrade and support computer systems to aid with business development.

As a business systems analyst, I ensure every step in the process is taken properly. So here is what I often do to pull it off:

  • To start, I analyze the current business processes. Then, based on the findings, I know which area needs improvement.
  • Then, I work with clients to understand what they want from my business. I also use data analysis tools to access them.
  • Collaboration is a must. I work with other IT experts in my company to build and update software. After that, I train other employees on properly using the software.
  • I also create reports for stakeholders and other team members. This way, everyone will be on the same page.
Business systems analysts

Technology is the heart of my job. With my passion for this field, I always find it interesting. Even so, there are many obstacles in my way. I will discuss them one by one now.

I love my job as a business systems analyst because of the benefits it offers. For example:

1. Opportunities For Innovation

This job combines business and IT. So, when working in this role, I can develop unique solutions to improve my company’s efficiency.

And you know what? It’s a precious chance for innovation. My company always needs new technologies to grow. As a business systems analyst, I must be the first one to bring advanced tools to my company.

Technology keeps evolving! We can’t ever exploit it fully. And that makes my job always fresh and dynamic!

2. Professional Growth

Interestingly, you are honing skills for other jobs when working as a business systems analyst. You can try database administrator or QA analyst positions.

Moreover, as you gain more experience in the field, you can easily get promoted. You will get a higher salary and more benefits along with the higher position.

3. Interpersonal Skills

As I mentioned, collaboration is vital. When working in this role, you can perfect your communication skills. Expanding your network will be easier for you.

You will also learn how to communicate with others effectively. You cannot get this skill from schools, as it requires a lot of practice and experience.

Develop interpersonal skills

4. High Salary Potential

Curious about how much I can earn every month? The salary for business systems analysts depends on their experience, skills, and location. But on average, these experts can earn about $98,588 per year.

So, this job is well-paid. You can also receive bonuses and benefits if you deliver high-quality work.

5. Job Security

The demand for this job is high because businesses need them to plan their next moves. Plus, many industries now realize the importance of this field. Hence, they keep seeking skilled business systems analysts.

Thanks to the high demand, you will have many job opportunities. Before starting to search for the ideal position, hone your skills! Then, you will become the outstanding candidate that every business wants.

6. Flexibility

Another great thing about this job is that you don’t have to work in the office every day. Remote work is not a big deal since you can handle almost everything using your laptop.

You can even work part-time or join external projects. They will bring you extra income sources.

7. Opportunity For Higher Education

This field is rising significantly, right? As a business systems analyst, you will have many chances to be exposed to new technologies. So grab those opportunities and upgrade yourself!

You can always learn new things

There are tons of benefits for business systems analysts. How about the challenges?

8. Requires a Strong Technical Knowledge

First, this job calls for a solid understanding of business and computer engineering. You need a lot of time to master those concepts and put them into practice.

But if you love technology, this challenge won’t matter to you. So, just consider it a chance to expand your knowledge and dive into passion!

9. Long Hours

As a business systems analyst, you will have a long duty list. You may need to work overtime to meet tight deadlines.

The only solution here is to really focus on what you do, find advanced tools to assist with your task, and ask for help when needed.

10. You May Have To Travel

Sometimes, you have to attend conferences or seminars. It can be a problem for those who don’t like moving.

But I think it’s an opportunity to meet with other field experts. Then, you can expand your network and learn many interesting things.

11. Requires a Bachelor’s Degree

Most employers like their business systems analysts to have a bachelor’s degree. Some even require a master’s degree.

In this case, the degree proves that you have learned about IT or business. Then, you can handle your tasks properly.

Expect the challenges too

Should You Become a Business Systems Analyst?

I love my job, but I don’t think it suits everyone. So, to answer this question, you have to consider your interest, ability, and willingness to learn continuously.

This career is for you if you are passionate about technology and business strategies. You should also be good at communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. With all those skills, you will surely succeed!

Final Thoughts

You will have pros and cons when working as a business systems analyst. This job will give you a stable career with a generous salary. And the flexibility is another plus.

Meanwhile, you must study a lot, even when you’ve become a business systems analyst. You will work long hours, too.

So, think carefully about the two sides of the career. And once you’ve chosen to follow this career path, work hard! Your commitment will help you rise beyond the obstacles!