10 Pros and Cons of Being a Cybersecurity Analyst

Do you like working with cybersecurity? This job is interesting and important. After years of working in this role, I can really enjoy the benefits it brings me.

Today, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a cybersecurity analyst. So, let’s check out and decide whether to pursue this career path!

Who Is a Cybersecurity Analyst?

A cybersecurity analyst is an IT expert who protects companies from cyberattacks. In case the attack happens, they will restore protection.

This mission is super important, requiring the cybersecurity analyst to do many tasks. For example, they must evaluate potential threats to the company’s digital infrastructure. After that, they report on any cyberattacks.

Data breaches may also occur, and in this case, the cybersecurity analyst has to find the cause and fix them soon. The exact tasks of these experts depend on the company they work for.

In my company, I’m in charge of handling cyberattacks. Yet, some other companies ask their cybersecurity analysts to offer consulting and reporting services.

This job demands a robust skill set. Technical skills like intrusion detection and data security are a must. Besides that, I must be good at communication and critical thinking.

A cybersecurity analyst

Every job has pros and cons, and cybersecurity is no exception. So, let me help you expect what will happen to you as a cybersecurity analyst!

You can easily grow and receive high pay when working in this role. There are also many job opportunities in this field.

1. Job Growth

At first, I worked in entry-level positions. Over time, I got promoted and climbed my career ladder. And that’s not everything! I can still even grow to higher positions, like managers or directors.

You can experience the same thing! As you develop your skills, you will improve in your career. There will surely be more benefits for you then!

2. Constant Learning

Cybersecurity is expanding strongly. Hackers these days come up with many methods to attack a company. As a cybersecurity analyst, you can stay updated with new technologies. Then, use them to fight against hackers.

So if you love technology like me, you will find this career interesting as you can learn new things almost every day!

3. Good Salaries

As of 2024, cybersecurity analysts can earn about $109,396 per year. This rate is high, but it’s not a fixed figure! Your salary depends on many factors, such as expertise, experience, and location.

So keep learning! Once you’ve got all the skills to deal with cybersecurity, your boss won’t mind increasing your salary range.

4. High Demand

Cybersecurity is in high demand. We now rely on technology, while hackers keep finding their ways to hack our information.

Banking and governments must be the ones that need cybersecurity analysts the most. They keep sensitive information that can be attacked at any time.

5. Numerous Cyber Jobs

Businesses from various industries also realize how critical cybersecurity is, such as banks, healthcare providers, IT companies, and even governments.

Now the choice is yours! Which sector do you want to work for? Just dig into it and shine in your role!

6. Opportunity To Work Independently

Many cybersecurity analysts work on their own. It means they are freelancers who provide services to different companies.

If you don’t want to commute to your office every day, consider this path. As a freelancer, you can decide which project to join and what time to work. But ensure you have a broad customer base and are good at self-management.

This job offers many benefits

Now, let’s talk about the drawbacks of being a cybersecurity analyst. Here is what I suffer and how I handle it!

7. Not Many Resources

The biggest challenge in my job is the lack of valuable resources. My manager knows the importance of this field, but he doesn’t understand what I exactly do. As a result, he can’t support my work sometimes.

To solve this problem, I try to communicate with my manager often. I don’t mind asking for help if I need resources to deliver good results. Together, we can promote a security culture in our company.

8. Monotonous Tasks

I work with cybersecurity stuff every day. Some of my tasks are monotonous. To a person who loves exploring new things like me, it can be dull sometimes.

But I have to remind myself that all those boring things are important. Instead of complaining, I try to bring out the best in each task.

9. Less Room for Mistakes

I’m in charge of the cybersecurity of my company. If I make any mistake, hackers will take advantage of this chance to attack. It means mistakes are not allowed in this job.

It sounds stressful! But that’s why my company needs me. The only thing I can do is to pay attention to detail and keep a close eye on the systems. This way, I can detect threats soon and act promptly to prevent them from happening.

10. Long Working Hours

The duties are numerous. Hence, I have to work overtime to meet the tight deadlines. Moreover, attacks can occur anytime, so I can’t put off my guard.

Luckily, the flexibility can compensate for this drawback. I can work from home and use my laptop to solve specific problems.

Consider the downsides

Should You Become a Cybersecurity Analyst?

I had the same question when I first knew about this job. And here is what I did to make up my mind:

  • First, I realized that I love technology. Among the technological aspects, cybersecurity attracted me.
  • Then, I checked which skills were needed for this. Fortunately, I could meet those criteria.
  • Finally, I considered my career and potential to grow. After research, I was happy to find out how I would improve in my job as a cybersecurity analyst.

So, you can follow the same steps. After weighing all the factors, you can then decide on your career.

Consider carefully when entering this field

Final Thoughts

I enjoy a good salary, continuous learning, and job growth as a cybersecurity analyst. Since this job is in high demand, I have many opportunities, too.

On the contrary, I face many challenges. For example, this job doesn’t allow me to make any mistakes. And to ensure it, I have to work long hours.

If you want to follow this career, you will experience the same thing. So, just focus on the good things because the hard times are unavoidable. Then, your positive attitude will help you succeed!