10 Pros and Cons of Being a Game Producer

Do you love video games and want to turn them into a real career? Then, consider becoming a game producer. It’s where your passion can help you earn money. But before that, check the advantages and disadvantages of being a video game producer.

After working in this industry for years, I have many things to share. Are you really suitable for this career? So, follow me now to explore!

Who Is a Game Producer?

A game producer manages the whole game development process. They give tasks to other employees and ensure the whole team works efficiently within the defined time frame and budget.

In the game creation process, the game producer plays the executive role. They will cover aspects of the project, including resources, scheduling, and budgeting. In some projects, they have to join the marketing phase, too. So, their roles vary.

Below, I will guide you through a game creation process in each phase:

  • To start, we brainstorm the concepts and features of the game.
  • Then, I allocate tasks to my team members. Each task has a specific timeline, and everyone has to follow it strictly.
  • During the development process, I take part in every step while monitoring the progress of the entire project.
  • I work with the QA teams and the media. I also present our game’s concept to the publishers and check its marketing materials.
Multiple duties of a game producer

Being a game producer is exciting yet challenging. Here are the pros and cons of working in this position.

As a game producer, you can follow your passion for your games. Job opportunities and good pay are other lucrative benefits.

1. Tangible Results

You can easily tell if your game is successful or not. Just look at the number of downloads, user engagement, and revenue. These positive outcomes will reflect your contribution to the project.

Then, feel free to include your successful game in your portfolio to showcase your skills and expertise. It will become a powerful tool for your career advancement.

2. Your Passion

Do you love games? If yes, don’t hesitate to follow your heart! This career allows you to dive into the game creation process. It’s where you can push your creativity to the limit and observe how your game can grow.

3. Job Opportunities

The gaming industry is booming! Game companies have to compete with each other harshly to produce appealing products. Thus, once you enter this dynamic industry, you will have many job opportunities.

4. High Salary

The high salary is another big plus. As of 2023, game producers can make around $122,357 annually.

Not everyone can balance their passion and money. But that’s not the case for game producers. When working in this role, you can do what you love and get paid for it.

5. High Demand

Gamers now look for new and engaging gaming experiences. This growth creates a huge need for skilled game producers.

6. Expanding Social Relationships

As a game producer, you work with many people, including sponsors, directors, developers, testers, designers and marketers. It’s a precious chance to expand your network.

7. Exciting Working Environment

Game production is a dynamic process where everyone has to work diligently. Ideas pop up anytime, establishing a creative and exciting working atmosphere.

I love that feeling! It’s not even a job anymore because I don’t feel like working. Instead, my team just gathers and puts our hearts into our artwork.

There are many benefits for game producers

Your love for video games may not be not enough to work as a game producer because you will face many challenges. Here are three of them.

8. Highly Competitive

The dynamic nature of the gaming industry results in intense competition among game producers. To succeed, you must offer unique experiences for gamers.

The best way to survive this competition is to produce games your clients expect. While it’s a challenge, you can take it as a chance to develop your skills.

9. Long Hours

A game creation process takes weeks or even months. As a game producer, you have to join every step of the process. Thus, you will work long hours.

To deal with tight deadlines, I try to manage my time effectively. I also have my team behind me to assist with the project. Together, we go through hard times to deliver the best work.

10. High Requirement

Gamers have high requirements for their games. Your boss feels the same. He needs you to give high-quality products in a limited time.

There will be much pressure when working as a game producer. But it also makes this job interesting.

Moreover, your goal is to produce exciting games, right? So, set a high standard for yourself, too. And once you can meet all the requirements, your hard work will pay off.

You have to work hard

Should You Become a Game Producer?

It depends on your career goals and passion. If you love games and want to dig into this industry, then consider this job.

Your skills play a role here, too. To become a game producer, you must be good at coding, budgeting, time management, and leadership.

If you don’t belong to any of the cases above, then this job is not for you. So consider other careers. Otherwise, the challenges when working as a game producer will discourage you soon.

This exciting career can be for you

Final Thoughts

Being a game producer comes with pros and cons. You can work for passion, make money, and join an exciting working environment. But, be ready to face the intense competition in this industry. You will also have to work long hours to meet a long list of requirements.

So, consider all the necessary factors before following this career path. Once you’ve accepted the challenges, you will be ready to become a good game producer!