10 Pros and Cons of Being a Social Media Manager

I’m a social media manager. Working in this role, I’ve been through many obstacles, but the numerous benefits keep me engaged. Do you know what it actually feels like to be on this rollercoaster? Well, I can tell you.

This “pros and cons” post is what I want to share about my job. If you are considering this career path, keep scrolling to explore!

Who Is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager implements their company’s content strategies on social media platforms. They analyze engagement metrics, find trends in their audience interactions, and plan digital campaigns.

The specific duties of the social media manager depend on their company size and products. For example, in small companies, the manager may have to create the content and upload it on social media. But, in bigger companies, they just need to check and approve the content.

The tasks may vary, but they aim to boost their company’s online presence. Here is what they do to pull it off:

  • Drive engagement: Engagement here refers to the number of likes, shares, comments, and followers for their posts on social media platforms. So, to increase engagement, they must create high-quality content and run effective social campaigns.
  • Data analysis: They also monitor how their campaigns work. Then, they can modify the content to achieve better results.
  • Reports: Their marketing team and stakeholders want to know their marketing efforts’ progress. So, the social media manager has to report the metrics to these people.
  • Collaboration: As a manager, they have a team to lead. This position asks them to interact with designers, content creators, and other members of their marketing department.
Social media managers

I’ve worked as a social media manager for many years. On this journey, I have experienced many ups and downs. I will share them with you right now so you won’t be surprised when taking this role.

I love my job. After years of engaging in this industry, I always feel excited working with dynamic social media platforms. I can even positively impact and receive a competitive salary for doing what I love.

1. Creative Freedom

The best thing about this job is that you can push your creativity to the limit. So feel free to experiment with your content and campaigns.

Plus, marketing is where new trends pop up almost every day. Thus, you can react to current events and keep your content relevant. Then, you will capture the attention of a broader audience.

2. Positive Impact

Social media connects people. It means your work can reach a vast audience worldwide and create a positive impact on someone.

The key to success in this industry is to send a message that can resonate with your target audience. If it works, your content can positively impact their day. And trust me, it’s the most wonderful feeling ever!

3. High Salary

I work in the manager position. So, of course, the salary must align with my skills and experience.

The annual salary for social media managers is around $63,991. Yet, it’s a fixed rate. Your exact salary depends on several factors.

For example, you can receive bonuses and benefits if your campaigns bring good results. Plus, due to the flexible nature of marketing, you can join external projects to earn more.

4. More Time For Your Social Media

How do you surf the internet when you are at work? Well, in fact, navigating my favorite social media platforms is what I do every day because it’s part of my job.

It sounds fun, but don’t do it for fun! When checking those platforms, remember to observe how other campaigns work and what trends are out there. Then, you can develop some fresh ideas for your content.

5. Real-Time Feedbacks

Another great thing when working in this position is that you can tell if you are doing a good job. After uploading a post, you can keep track of its performance by checking the metrics using analytics tools. All of them can display real-time feedback.

6. Skill Improvement

This dynamic industry requires continuous learning. Hence, as a social media manager, you must upgrade yourself daily. After a while, you can quickly realize how much you have improved.

Benefits of working in this dynamic industry

Your journey is also filled with challenges. And here they are!

7. Variation Across Different Industries

As a social media manager, you may work with different companies and clients from different industries. The differences in their products and customer demographics will challenge you. You must find the best way to align your campaigns with their specific needs.

8. Stress Level

You are responsible for the online presence of your company. This task comes with a high stress level. The only thing you can do is focus on your duties and keep learning to bring out the best results.

9. Ever-Changing Platforms

Working with social media is interesting. Yet, the platforms you work on may change their algorithms constantly. So, to master them, you must stay updated with their latest changes and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

10. A Thankless Job

To be honest, you may not receive what you deserve. Big companies want to put all the duties on you, while smaller ones can’t pay you enough or give you the necessary resources. Hence, you have to find the best way to balance things out.

Your job can be stressful

Should You Become a Social Media Manager?

This job is exciting. You can enjoy a competitive salary and be creative at work. However, there are some things to consider before choosing this career path:

  • Challenges: I have listed the possible obstacles on the way. Are they okay with you? If you accept the challenges, then you are good to go!
  • Skills: Not everyone can become an excellent social media manager. If you want to work in this role, you should be good at writing, editing, designing (or an eye for design), and analytical thinking. A strong knowledge of social media platforms is also a must.
Consider a job in social media

Wrapping Up

You will get good pay and dive into a creative environment as a social media manager. You can also spend time on your favorite platforms. However, this job is stressful, so you have to adapt quickly to the changes, too.

Consider all the factors above. Once you’ve decided on your career, stick to it! With passion, you can become a successful social media manager.