8 Pros and Cons of Being a Social Media Specialist

Want to become a social media specialist because you enjoy getting paid to use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (X)? If yes, consider the advantages and disadvantages of being a social media specialist in this post to see if this job is as good as you think!

I will share the benefits and challenges of this career that few people mention. Thereby, you will make a wise choice.


A social media specialist is an expert responsible for managing and executing social media strategies for individuals, brands, or businesses.

These specialists’ goal is to enhance online presence, engage with target audiences, and achieve marketing objectives. Their key tasks include:

  • Create content (posts, pictures, videos, etc.) for social media.
  • Develop and implement strategies, including content calendars, posting schedules, and campaign plans.
  • Answer comments and messages on social media.
  • Check results using analytics tools.
  • (Sometimes) run ads on social media.
  • Keep up with the trends on social media.
A Social Media Specialist

Now let’s dive into the benefits and drawbacks of being a social media specialist! Hopefully, the following shares will help you understand this career better.

We start with the pros first, shall we? This job brings the following five benefits to social media specialists:

1. Opportunity To Express Creativity

Being a social media specialist is super exciting because I get to be really creative. I can bring my unique ideas to posts and make them look great with words, pictures, and videos. It’s like being an artist online!

I love choosing colors, styles, and themes to make the social media pages look fantastic, and when people like and share what I create, it’s great!

2. Flexible Work Arrangement

The second perk of this career is the flexibility in how I work: I can choose when and where I work instead of sticking with a fixed 9-to-5 schedule. I can decide when I’m most productive and fit work into those times.

Free To Choose When And Where To Work

3. Various Jobs in Different Industries

Because of the popularity of social networks, every company in any industry needs to optimize their presence on social networks.

So, you have many job options as a social media specialist. Here are some examples of where you can find jobs:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Tech companies
  • Fashion and Beauty brands
  • Entertainment companies
  • Schools and colleges
  • Food and Beverage companies

Social media is a versatile career with opportunities to work in many exciting fields. And you can choose to work in the one you are passionate about.

4. Strong Networking

Making connections is super important today, and being a social media specialist offers excellent networking opportunities.

When you work on social media projects, you team up with different experts (designers, content makers, marketers, etc.). These relationships can lead to partnerships, job offers, and valuable insights to boost your career.

5. Significant Impact

It’s great to see more and more people following and liking the social media pages I manage. And when people comment, like, and share the posts I create, it’s like a pat on the back.

The best part is that I can help boost the recognition of the brands I work for. When more people recognize and trust them, this leads to more sales, or at least, more people showing interest in these brands’ products or services. It’s rewarding to see my efforts paying off!

Social Media Marketing World

Talking about the cons of the job, I have to keep up with platform changes, deal with negativity online, and compete in a crowded field.

Because social media platforms keep changing their algorithms, what worked yesterday might not work today. What I need to do is constantly change my plans to adapt to them. So, what is the challenge here?

Different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok have their own rules and trends, so keeping up with them is tough. It’s like a never-ending learning process, and it can get overwhelming.

Social Media Platforms

7. Negative Feedback

Social media isn’t always friendly. People can say mean things or criticize the content I create. So, dealing with these negative comments and reviews is part of my job.

While constructive feedback helps us improve, hurtful comments are emotionally draining. I find it tough to keep a thick skin and stay professional when facing unwarranted negativity.

8. Competitive Field

Social media is a competitive field, and many people want to be social media specialists. You will constantly compete with others for jobs.

To stay ahead, you must keep improving your skills, build a strong portfolio, and stay updated on the latest trends. Networking is also crucial, as it helps you find new job openings and connect with others in the field.

Should You Become A Social Media Specialist?

Becoming a social media specialist can be a good career choice, but it depends on your interests and skills. I recommend considering this career if:

  • You really enjoy using Facebook, Instagram, X, and other platforms.
  • You like making posts, designing images, and writing content.
  • You want to have flexible schedules and work from different places.
  • You want to have a strong network.

However, this job is not a good career choice if you are not willing to learn and update and are not confident enough to work in this competitive market.

Wrap Up

Now, you understand the pros and cons of being a social media specialist. In this role, you are all creative to make a real impact and have a flexible work vibe, and there are tons of job options out there.

But note that you need to keep learning about social media, and dealing with negative comments can be a real bummer.

What is your career choice? Let’s discuss this in the comments section!