8 Pros and Cons of Being a Software Developer

In the era of modern technology, many people consider software development a promising career, giving a highly educated workforce many opportunities to create useful apps as well as high-tech products.

Software developers have paved the way for the advancement of nowadays technology significantly. In this article, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a software developer. Let’s jump straight into the article!

What is a Software Developer?

Software developers will take responsibility for coding and developing software, programs, and applications in the computer science industry.

They typically handle problems relating to computer systems, ranging from simple mobile applications to sophisticated systems of a whole company.

They can work with other computer scientists to map a strategy and allocate detailed budgets for specific projects. Successful software developers have strong analytical skills and great adaptation.

Software developers can flexibly adjust available sources to help teams achieve common goals with a minimum budget. Therefore, pursuing a software developer is a challenge that not everyone can overcome.

Software developers have varying salaries depending on experience.

It’s not arbitrary that many information technology learners consider software development a future career. Many information technology companies create favorable conditions to improve software developer employees’ productivity.

1. Demand

The demand for software developers in the job market increased by 21% in 2023, which is considered the highest rate of all occupations. Many economists expect the demand growth for software developers to peak at over 25%.

The considerable growth stems from the advancement of information technology in the past few years. High-tech applications and products require a sophisticated system only software developers can handle.

Many organizations don’t hesitate to invest a lot of money to dominate the market and hire software developers to build and develop their unique systems.

Moreover, ample data storage, such as cloud computing and storage devices, allows users to store more information. Information has facilitated the invention of many platforms that exchange information to improve users’ experience.

2. Salary

Software developers can earn a living from companies or clients’ projects. According to our latest research, a prestigious website providing information about salaries in different jobs, a software developer can earn more than $100,000 annually.

The salary for software developers can continue to increase with the rapid growth of technology. However, the salary can vary based on personal experience and background knowledge. An experienced software developer can earn a much larger amount than a less experienced one.

3. Never Too Late to Become a Developer

The most exciting fact about software development is that you are always young to become a developer. You have a burning desire to contribute significant value to society with a never-stop learning attitude.

Finding books and online courses about becoming a software developer is effortless. The tuition fees can range from levels or even free online.

Some developers don’t have academic degrees, but they mainly gain experience from practical situations. Over time, they have strengthened their specialized and analytical skills to troubleshoot all computer software problems.

4. You Can Work Remotely

Software developers typically work on computers to work far from home without any disruption. Many information technology companies have promoted this working method since the outbreak of covid 19 pandemic.

Remote work offers many advantages for software developers. They can work in a comfortable space without being constrained to a specific schedule. The flexible schedule allows employees to increase productivity significantly.

It’s a competition for novices to work in large companies

The rapid growth of technology results in higher demands and challenges that software developers have to overcome to succeed in the computer science industry.

5. Competition

Because of the rewarding salary, many information technology learners pursued software development, which sparked a race between top students to land jobs at well-known organizations.

Information technology companies offer high standards for their employees. Software developers must possess background knowledge and soft skills such as communication, presentation, and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, these companies require additional certificates apart from a computer science bachelor’s degree. Employers have to invest their time and money to acquire the necessary certificates if they want to apply for the job.

6. Long Work Hours

Software developers can spend many hours per day in the lab, and they have to research many aspects of computer science.

Depending on specific positions in the companies, software developers have to spend their day coding and working with a team on different projects. The leader must handle all the potential problems, which might be time-consuming.

Information technology companies offer flexible schedules for their software developers, allowing them to manage their time.

7. Too Much Sitting

Spending long hours sitting can result in many health problems relating to the spine and waistline. Poor posture puts intense pressure on the spine, which causes chronic back pain over time.

Many types of research have shown the connection between a sedentary lifestyle and diabetes because excessive hours of sitting can lead to insulin sensitivity, increasing blood sugar in our bodies.

Having a short break every 30 minutes is essential to stretch your body; consider walking around the workspace or finding something to drink.

This helps software developers lessen the likelihood of getting diabetes and an unaligned spine.

Long-hours work is required in this industry

8. You’re Always Learning

Software developers must stay up-to-date and constantly learn new skills to develop in the computer science industry. This is an opportunity but also a challenge for software developers.

Apart from the time spent in the lab, they have to spend their free time collecting news about information and competitors’ products.


Being a software developer is an excellent chance for those who want to challenge themselves and find opportunities to develop their ability.

It would be best if you always prepared yourself to overcome imminent challenges. Remember to research the career to make a wise decision.

Thank you for reading!