9 Pros and Cons of Being a SQL Developer

SQL developers hold a critical role in many technology companies. As the structured query language becomes more popular, job opportunities for SQL developers have increased significantly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a SQL developer? I will discuss all aspects of this major and help you gain more insights. If you intend to become a SQL engineer, this post is a must-read!

The benefits of working as a SQL engineer are extensive, especially when you have reached a high level. Let’s concentrate on the advantages of SQL development.

1. High Job Prospects

Many studies and surveys suggest that workers in the IT field have the highest job satisfaction. It is also true for SQL developers, who can get access to top-of-the-tier job prospects.

For instance, IT workers and SQL engineers usually earn high respect from friends and family members. It’s a decent reward for their hard work.

In addition, this major’s salary and working conditions also fall at the top of the ladder. I will discuss these factors more clearly in the following sections.

2. Attractive Salary

The computer science industry has built its reputation on rewarding salaries and welfare. Information technology employees have earned a living from multiple sources, including annual salaries, bonuses, and profit sharing.

Generally, a computer scientist can earn higher salaries than other jobs, ranging from $80,000 to $120,000 per year. The attractive salary allows employees to cover their living expenses and improve their quality of life.

Some companies offer stock options to computer scientists, making them shareholders of the companies. So, they work more efficiently to contribute to the growth of the companies in the market.

3. Easy to Get Started with Many Other Languages

It’s not required for information technology learners to master all programming languages from the beginning. Computer science encompasses many different tools and programming languages to choose from.

According to high-tech knowledge and experience, learners can choose Java, Python, or Ruby to start their careers. There is no limitation on how many ways you can design and develop software.

As long as the computer scientists are proficient in the programming languages they are using and satisfy the client’s requirements, they can use them during different projects.

However, learning other programming languages and new skills in this industry is essential. Never stop learning attitude helps computer scientists keep up-to-date with the latest development in the field.

4. Increase Your Marketability

Whether you just have started your career or want to improve your work profitability. Computer science can increase your marketability.

The high demand of companies operating in the field makes it challenging for interviewees to have a position in the company. Those with high-tech talent and exceptional computer skills have more chances to succeed in computer science.

Once information technology learners decide to pursue this path, there are many ways to master it, including data analysis, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

You can work remotely

5. Can Do It At Home

SQL developers need to attend the company headquarters for important meetings, but most of the time would be spent at home.

You can skip attending the company as soon as you finish your deadlines and keep close contact with coworkers and IT teams. As a result, many SQL developers spend most of their days working remotely from home.

6. Additional Companies Benefits

Many companies hiring SQL developers have huge resources and promising working conditions. It means that SQL developers can get access to multiple great welfare systems.

For example, you can get free transportation or lunch when working for an IT company. Some businesses also grant one month’s salary as a bonus for SQL engineers when they deliver excellent performance.


Being a SQL developer might bring many challenges to computer scientists, especially for novices. Over time, these challenges will reinforce their skills, allowing them to contribute more value to society.

7. Stress and Health

Spending a lot of time at work might threaten computer scientists’ health. Many researches have shown that working overtime can lead to many health problems, and fatigue is the most common disease.

Even though computer scientists, in general, and SQL developers, in particular, have gotten used to this lifestyle, they have to suffer from high-intense stress.

Moreover, improper posture during work is the main reason for the increased chance of musculoskeletal problems. If they don’t have any solution to these problems, it can sabotage their body.

8. High Level pf Competition

The rapid growth of computer science results in a high standard in recruitment procedures. Information technology wants to ensure they hire competent employees who can contribute to the company’s success.

The globalization of technology allows highly educated workforces from around the world to apply for a specific position in a company. To obtain the work, individuals must demonstrate their superiority over competitors.

9. Requires Knowledge and Skills

SQL developers constantly broaden their horizons and skills to keep up with the growth of information technology. Therefore, computer scientists are open-minded and constantly engaged in new things.

Because there will always be new inventions worldwide every month or year, the developer has to research information to ensure they are aware of the constant growth of technology.

How to Become a SQL Developer?

If you want to become a SQL developer in the future, consider taking these steps into your consideration carefully:

Complete The Course

Information learners should have prior knowledge of Structured Query Language and database management systems to become SQL developers.

They can join boot camps or online courses to gain practical experience in the development of SQL. Besides, researching the Internet helps learners complete the course more quickly.

Feel free to achieve other certificates in computer science, as they can make you stand out from other candidates, increasing the chance you get the job.

Job Search

There are some extra tips for interviews to help them have their dream job:

  • Build a portfolio: Building an impressive portfolio is vital to catch interviewers’ attention in a job interview. This showcases your exceptional skills and makes your application stand out.
  • Apply to job openings: Check the company website regularly for the job openings. Consider applying for the job quickly and show your desire to have the position.
  • Stay informed about industry trends: This will prove that you have a never stop learning attitude, which is the core characteristic in computer science, making you a valuable IT worker in the future.

Improve Skills

Regular coding practice is one of the finest strategies to advance your computer science abilities. Schedule time each day or each week to work on code tasks, hone your algorithmic skills, or participate in coding competitions.

Final Thoughts

Being a SQL developer is a challenging task for information technology learners, but it also brings many opportunities for them to succeed.

If you have any questions on this topic, don’t forget to leave them in the comments!

Thank you for reading!