10 Pros and Cons of Being a Technical Product Manager

It’s not easy to take care of the technical aspects of a product. That’s why companies need talented technical product managers to pull it off.

I’m also a technical product manager. If you intend to choose the same career path, read this guide first! I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a technical product manager and share my own experience when working in this role.

So, let’s start now!

Who Is a Technical Product Manager?

A technical product manager is, in fact, a product manager. They have a solid technical background, allowing them to focus on the technical components of a product. Hence, most technical product managers are former engineers.

The technical product manager is in charge of the product’s success. For example, when working in this role, I have to monitor each stage of the development process and ensure the final product can satisfy the specified technical requirements.

Of course, I don’t work alone. I have a development team to lead. Thus, leadership is part of my job. Aside from executing the projects, I must monitor their performance and give them feedback when needed.

In some companies, this role also involves external interaction. It means I have to work with stakeholders to get a comprehensive idea of the development process. Then, I can decide whether to add or remove certain features.

I also work with many technical concepts and methodologies related to product development, such as Scrum, Agile, and PMS. They then help me handle the product roadmap, strategies, vision, releases, and even marketing campaigns.

A technical product manager with her team.

This job gives me both benefits and challenges. So, if you want to try it, listen to my stories first. I have many things to share!

The high salary is one of the best things about working as a technical product manager. Aside from that, you can also work with many people and enjoy dynamic projects.

1. High Salary

Let’s talk about the most important thing to most of us: salary. If it’s your top concern, then this career path will suit you. On average, technical product managers can earn about $172,226 per year in 2023.

Money is not the only thing you can get! If you perform well and your projects succeed, you will receive generous bonuses and benefits. So your income will be unlimited!

2. Power

As a manager, you can surely influence others. The first one is your team. You are leading them. They have to respect and listen to you. Of course, your talent and power make them admire you that much.

Plus, you monitor every step of the project. You are also the one who decides to carry out specific tasks. In other words, you are the most influential person in product development.

You have power

3. Job Growth

Another great thing is that you can grow even when you are already the manager. For example, you can move to the director or executive position. The roles come with more responsibilities, but you indeed get more benefits.

4. Exciting Job

This job is always exciting to me. Why? Well, I can work on different projects. And since I love technology, working with technical stuff can excite me.

Sometimes, my team also has hard times. However, once we’ve overcome the obstacles, it’s the most rewarding moment ever!

5. Collaboration With Many People

Another thing that makes this job so exciting is that I can collaborate with many people. I guide my team, but I can learn from their mindsets and creativity a lot.

Moreover, I have to work with external parties when running the project. They are experts in this field. So, after every discussion with them, I feel like getting a new lesson.

6. Skill and Knowledge Development

Technology is always evolving. As a technical product manager, I must keep updated with the latest trends. It’s the best way to ensure the most impressive and high-quality products.

And you know what? I can develop my skills and knowledge while exploring those technologies. I grow every day, and I’m ready to level myself up!

Develop your skills and knowledge every day

The benefits come with challenges. Here is what stresses me out and how I deal with them.

7. Self-Management

To be honest, this job is stressful. You will handle many tasks and work with a lot of people. The pressure often comes from tight deadlines, budget constraints, or market demands.

To solve this problem, you should be good at self-management. Learn how to be flexible in different situations, too.

8. Too Much Responsibility

As I have said, you have many responsibilities. The product’s success depends on you. You may feel stressed whenever you think about what you have to be responsible for.

But that’s what makes you a manager. If you can’t bear the responsibility, you may not want to work in this role from the beginning, right?

So, the only thing you can do is work hard and train yourself every day. You can tackle technical problems with your expertise and experience.

9. No Clear Definition of the Role

Generally, the product manager position is quite ambiguous. You know what you must do, but describing your role is hard.

10. Conflicts Among The Team

You don’t just encounter technical problems. Conflicts among your team are also a headache that requires immediate attention.

Listening to their thoughts, respecting their opinions, and leaving them some space would be best. Once they’ve calmed down, things are easier to solve.

Problems at work

Should You Become a Technical Product Manager?

After checking the pros and cons of this job, you may be able to answer this question. It’s the right career for you if you don’t mind the challenges and look forward to the benefits.

This job suits those with a solid technical background and good problem-solving skills. Leadership is also essential.

Besides, ensure you work well under pressure. There are a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. If you don’t manage time and resources effectively, you will undoubtedly encounter multiple problems.

Final Thoughts

If you work as a technical product manager, you will get good pay and climb your career ladder. You can also collaborate with many people while expanding your knowledge. Yet, this job comes with stress. The only solution is to hone your technical and soft skills. Then, you can succeed!