8 Pros and Cons of Being a UX Strategist

As a UX strategist, I craft seamless user experiences, and this job is exciting. However, there are also some obstacles for me. You may wonder: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a UX strategist?

I will help you explore the core aspects of this career now. So let’s read on! Then, you can decide whether to choose this path or not.

Who Is A UX Strategist?

UX strategists are in charge of the UX aspect of product development. More specifically, these experts conceptualize customer experiences for the product. They need to research user needs, marketing objectives, and business goals.

I have worked in this role for many years. Once the product comes out, I don’t stop working. I have to analyze how clients interact with them. Then, I know how to improve user experience.

A UX strategist

I have mentioned some of my daily tasks. Yet, they are not everything about my job, and I have benefits and challenges when working in this role as below.

There are many perks for a UX strategist. I can be creative at work and receive a high salary. This job is in high demand, too, giving me many job opportunities.

1. Creativity

As a UX strategist, I must be creative. Then, I can approach problems from unique angles. I even surprise my boss sometimes with my creativity. Most of the time, it brings about good results.

So why is creativity that important? Well, unique UX designs always catch more attention. Thus, clients feel more satisfied when using my products.

Moreover, this industry is constantly evolving. If you don’t know how to set yourself apart, your competitors will leave you behind.

2. High Demand

Businesses realize the importance of an effective UX strategy. That’s why they need UX strategists for customer satisfaction. Thus, if you want to become a UX strategist, you will have many benefits.

This field is just booming, so you can easily find a good job. Moreover, companies from different industries need UX strategists. So, you will feel free to explore your favorite sector.

UX is in high demand

3. Competitive Salary

I love my job because I can push my creativity to the limit. But I can’t deny that the high pay is important, too.

In 2024, UX strategists could earn around $142,362 per year. Aside from the high salary, they can also receive bonuses and other perks.

Don’t be surprised because of this salary range. The demand for skilled UX strategists is rising. Thus, companies increase their salary to attract talent.

4. Collaboration

I like interacting with different people because I can improve myself while helping others. And when working as a UX strategist, my dream can come true.

Every day, I work with stakeholders to learn about user needs. Then, we can plan the entire design process. I also collaborate with UX designers. Together, we ensure our designs are user-friendly and practicable.

I really enjoy the dynamic environment in my office. Thanks to my teammates, I feel excited whenever I arrive at the office.

5. Different Career Paths

The demand is high, leading to more job opportunities. But that’s not all! With knowledge in UX strategies, you can try different positions.

For example, you can work as a UX designer. This role is also about conducting user research. Then, you will create interfaces that just click with users.

You can also try the product designer role. When taking this role, you have a chance to join the whole product development process.

You can work in different roles

The benefits are numerous; however, you still face challenges when working as a UX strategist. I will share some of my problems and how I overcame them here!

6. Pressure

The scariest things in my work life must be deadlines. I have to create top-notch solutions. This task takes time, but my colleagues and managers can’t just wait for me until I finish my job. Thus, I have deadlines attached to every duty.

Yet, pressure to deliver quickly sometimes leads to mistakes. They will surely impact the user experience. So, I have to really focus on my design. I’ve also learned many valuable lessons, and they help me grow up and handle the deadlines better.

7. Constantly Changing Field

This field is constantly changing. Thus, as a UX strategist, I have to keep up with the latest design trends. This task sounds tricky, but to me, it’s a way of learning. I love exploring new things every day.

8. Balancing Business Goals and User Needs

I study business goals and user needs at the same time. If I miss any of them, my strategy will be ineffective. Yet, customer needs may not align with what’s best for my company’s interests. I must find the sweet spot between them.

But that’s why my company needs me. This challenge makes my work so impactful.

Face the challenges

Should You Become A UX Strategist?

You can answer this question by considering the pros and cons I have listed above. The benefits are impressive, but can you accept the challenges?

Each job has its own difficulties. Since you cannot avoid them, just learn how to deal with them and become stronger. So, if those hardships can’t stop you, nothing else does! Just keep your goal in mind to become a good UX strategist.

Consider your interest and ability, too. Do you love UX designs? Can you pay attention to detail? If yes, then this career is suitable for you.

Final Thoughts

Like any role, being a UX strategist has its pros and cons. The demand for this job is increasing. Hence, you will have more chances and higher pay. You can also engage in a dynamic environment.

Besides, you will deal with pressure and many requirements at work. But each problem has solutions, and you can solve them with your experience. Then, just shine in your role!