What is Linux?

Nowadays, the strong development of technology has led to the growth and quality of operating systems (OS) to manage devices.

When we talk about one of the most used Linux operating system, we certainly cannot ignore Linux. However, some people don’t fully understand this operating system.

In this article, we will provide you with basic information about Linux and the reasons you should choose Linux for your devices.

Let’s read on to know more details!

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source operating system born in 1991 and is quite convenient, so it appears in many current devices on the market.

In terms of use, it helps transmit the input device for the processor to work and display the data on the hardware. In other words, Linux allows the connection between the computer’s hardware and software to happen smoothly.

Linux with other app logos

Appeared in the mid-90s, although born after other operating systems, at present, this operating system has also successfully affirmed its position in the market.

Almost all electronic devices use red hat enterprise Linux to work, not just phones or computers.

Thanks to that, Linux can now fully match some famous operating systems today, such as Microsoft Linux operating system, Windows (PC), IOS (iPhone), UNIX, Android, etc.

Linux Components

Certainly, a Linux operating system will consist of components. Before choosing, you also need to briefly understand the things that make it up so as not to be surprised by its use. The Linux kernel includes the following essential components.

Kernel Management

Kernel Management

Of course, if we talk about Linux operating systems, the kernel is one of the most basic because Linux will not be able to work without the kernel.

Besides managing your device’s memory and resources, the above operating system also helps the software communicate effectively with the hardware.

Space User

User space and Kernel space

The second thing that is indispensable to the Linux kernel is user space. With this part, your device system can be closely linked together. As a result, system-level tasks also have very tight administrative layers.

In addition, this space also includes many components such as shell, command lines from basic to advanced. It also contains the daemon, the processes running on the screen, and even the device’s desktop environment.

Application is working

Linux distributions

In terms of diversity and flexibility, Linux seems to lead. Typically, you can see a lot of applications running on this operating system. From desktop tools or hardware to Linux software like programming languages, kits can work well on Linux.

In particular, most popular Linux distributions actively provide you with central databases to thoroughly search and download all the additional applications.

Since then, it is not surprising that Linux OS has been the largest open-source software project in the world today.

Moreover, with the robust upgrade and development of the manufacturer for Linux, it is expected that this free operating system will explode and resonate even more in the future.

Why Should I Choose Linux?

Although there are many quality operating systems in operation today, many people still choose Linux because of the utilities that this operating system brings. Here are some of the common reasons people want to use the Linux kernel.

Diverse and free source code

Linux is free

One of the great things about Linux OS is that it offers many of the same experiences as other operating systems, and you can use it for free.

Typically, Linux’s open-source code has support for translation. In addition, you are free to modify the code, freely run the program, and freely share a copy if you have a need with many linux distributions.

As we said, this operating system is completely free on many of your devices. It is a remarkable point of Linux.

Friendly interface

linux interface

Besides, the interface of this operating system is also one of the reasons that you should choose it.

If you compare Linux with some other operating system, you won’t notice much difference. Therefore, Linux OS is quite close to the user and also very easy to use.

Not only that, but Linux operating systems are also known as the perfect operating system for anti-virus penetration into the device. From there, the lag on the device no longer happens often for you.

Flexible transformation options

Keep calm and Switch to Linux

The Linux kernel operating system is also the choice of many people because of its flexible transformation.

We can easily recognize that Linux operating systems support most programming languages ​​such as Java, C, Python, C++, Ruby, and today’s applications. Therefore, Linux has become a top choice of developers and has more plus points from customers with graphical server.

Safe security

Linux is safe

Finally, when using Linux, you can be assured of the security and safety of your account. Not only helps your device avoid harmful viruses, but Linux also secures data better than many other operating systems.

Thanks to all the above factors, Linux has become one of the most popular software today. There are many satisfied customers about the experience that Linux gives them when working and playing with Linux distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the above practical information, we will answer many people’s questions in this section. From there, help you have a better overview of the Linux operating system.

Can I use Linux?

With the current popularity, anyone can use Linux distro for their device.

In addition, it is also quite familiar, so it is easy to use and does not require a lot of professional knowledge from you. But to use it effectively, you should determine your needs before choosing Linux.

What do I need to get started with Linux?

If you have some knowledge of computing, then you can use this operating system so smoothly. Go through the interactive user interface using the key combination “CTRL + ALT + T” to get started with Linux effectively with Microsoft windows.

How does Linux work like other OSs?

As we also mentioned above, the way Linux works is not much different from today’s operating systems. So you can easily use Linux if you have mastered other software before.

However, Linux is far superior and has become one of the most worthy operating systems to own in terms of advantages.


In short, Linux is an operating system worth experiencing and brings you quite a lot of benefits.

With this article, we hope you will gain more information about the Linux operating system. From there, you will make the right decisions for your operating system.

In addition, you also know the most objective answers on topics related to Linux.

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