Why Use Kali Linux? The Advantages of Kali Linux

Operating systems have become an essential part of computers. They help you perform different tasks and organize information. Yet, there are still many limits to the popular systems nowadays.

If you dwell in the world of operating systems, you may have heard of the term Kali Linux. This system is getting popular as an ideal tool for ethical hacking.

What is Kali Linux? Who should use this tool, and what purposes does it serve? Why IT professionals use Kali Linux, anyway? I will give you in-depth explanations in this post.

What Is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a unique operating system. It’s crafted to cater to many needs, noticeably system testing. The system features many tools with unique features.

The predecessor of Kali Linux is Backtrack. The later version features more tools for unique purposes. The developers also make the system more approachable for users.

Is Kali Linux Illegal?

No, the nature of Kali Linux is not illegal. It’s basically just an operating system. It’s the actions you perform on this system that may be considered illegal.

For example, hackers can take advantage of this tool to damage a network. Meanwhile, many professionals use Kali Linux for teaching or learning.

Kali Linux Is Legal

Who Developed Kali Linux?

The two core developers of this system are Devon Kearns and Mati Aharoni. They initially developed a version of Backtrack Linux.

Then, a group of developers continued developing Kali Linux in March 2012. The final project came out in 2013. After this release date, the tool has gone through many updates.

Why Do Hackers Use Kali Linux?

The main reason is that Kali Linux possesses more efficient testing tools. So, Kali Linux makes hacking much easier than its previous version.

What Is Kali Linux Used For?

Kali Linux serves a lot of purposes, from learning to teaching. Yet, its most popular application is ethical hacking and testing the system. It also serves hundreds of professional security tasks.

How Can You Learn Kali Linux?

You can practice using this system by building it on a testing machine. This environment allows you to commit mistakes without creating consequences.

Also, only use the tool among legal sites. Trying to explore all the tools in this system is also an excellent method.

Experience the tool

Why Use Kali Linux?

Kali Linux has various tools designed for ethical hacking and testing. This feature makes it a beneficial tool for ethical hackers, cybersecurity specialists and other professionals.

Besides optimal tools, Kali Linux possesses some unique features that make it different from the other systems. Here are some advantages of using Kali Linux.

1. Requires Minimal System Resources

You may think that Kali Linux takes up a lot of computer resources. Yet, this tool features very low system requirements. You only need 20 GB of free disk space to install Kali Linux on your device.

Thus, users can easily install this tool on laptops or portable computers. Kali Linux is very easy to install and use. You can use an extra USB stick or CD drive.

2. It’s Versatile

The system features very versatile features. You can customize its tool to suit different purposes. Thus, Kali Linux can serve multiple hacking purposes and professional needs.

In addition, the tool is straightforward to use with an intuitive interface. You can quickly locate all the functions and browse your files. However, you should acquire a deep knowledge of the system’s command line first.

3. Legal

Unlike many people’s beliefs, Kali Linux is completely legal. It is a legal system used for many professional tasks.

However, many black-hat hackers can still take advantage of this tool. Therefore, you should be careful of your operations within the system.

4. Testing Tools

As mentioned above, this system features hundreds of tools for hacking. It’s the primary reason why so many hackers favor Kali Linux. Some popular examples are Nmap and Burp Suite.

Nmap helps users scan different networks and look for information. This tool also supports OS detection and scanning of the other ports. Meanwhile, Burp Suite serves as a proxy for web browsers.

You can use this tool to adjust the browser to suit your needs. For this reason, Burp Suite is ideal for testing the security of a system or a website.

There are many tools to use

System Requirements for Kali Linux

It takes a few simple steps to install Kali Linux on your computer. The tool features low to medium system requirements. It is compatible with AMD64, ARM, and many other platforms.

Here are some minimal hardware requirements you need for Kali Linux.

  • At least 20 GB of disk space for the system installment.
  • AMD64 or i386 RAM with a minimum of 1GB (2GB for better performance)

Is Kali Linux Right For You?

In summary, I only recommend Kali Linux if you are familiar with its features. It’s the ideal tool for professional testers to ethical hacking and increasing security.

Meanwhile, you should not use it as a learning tool. Kali Linux lacks suitable features for new users. It’s not for beginners who don’t have a deep understanding of operating systems.

Even experienced users find this tool challenging because it’s not a wide-open source tool. The team behind Kali wants to enhance the project’s security.

Thus, the number of packages and updates is minimal. Also, there is little to no support for the command and LaunchPad. Suppose you want to install an app on your Kali Linux computer. Then, it will cause crashes and damage your device.

In addition, you must possess deep knowledge and experience with the tool. It’s not ideal for learning purposes or testing. It may even result in illegal programs. Thus, don’t experience this tool if you don’t know what to do.

Kali is only ideal for professionals

Final Thoughts

Kali Linux’s primary purpose is to serve penetration testing and security tasks. It contains various tools designed for ethical hackers. Some examples are security research or engineering.

This tool is very complex and only recommended for professionals. Suppose you are an IT student who wants to experience this system for learning purposes. Then, Kali Linux is not an ideal start.

I hope the answer provided can help you make the decision. Thanks for reading!