10 Best Coding Projects for Beginners

After months or even years of learning, you can be eager to apply your programming skills to gain practical experience. So it’s time to find some projects to start your new journey.

Don’t know which to choose? This article comes with the best coding projects for beginners to take their first step.

Let’s embark on this coding adventure together!

Best Coding Projects For Beginners

A coding project is when a coder works on a specific task using their coding skills. These projects may last from a few weeks to a whole year.

The main objective of coding projects is to improve your skills. The important thing to keep in mind is that you want to complete the project. Hence, start with something easy to handle.

Skill improvement is essential for beginners. However, some projects can be too complex for them to start. If you don’t know which one to work on, consider one of the following options:

1. Small JavaScript games

JavaScript game projects are excellent choices for beginners, even if you are not an avid gamer. These games will allow you to create interactive experiences that challenge users.

You can integrate different programming languages, like CSS and HTML, to add an extra layer of complexity. Then, you can create functionalities like jumping and running. Enhancing the overall design using CSS is also a good idea.

If you prefer something straightforward, build a tic-tac-toe or chess game. These games offer a good balance between simplicity and engaging gameplay.

2. Countdown timers and calculators

Countdown timers and calculators can help new coders test their coding skills for numbers. To handle these projects, you must create a user-friendly layout and implement algorithms to process numbers and perform calculations.

Besides, if you build a countdown timer, you’ll work with calendars and schedule events. They require a combination of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You also need to use databases, like SQL or NoSQL, to store data.

Code with numbers by creating countdown timers and calculators

3. Conversion tools

Another option for new coders is creating conversion tools. These projects will help a lot of people who confuse different measurement units.

Currency conversion may be tricky because of fluctuating market values. Yet, you can focus on static calculations, such as distance or weight conversion.

These projects allow you to practice programming logic and problem-solving skills. User interfaces are also an important part of your job.

4. eCommerce stores

Building an eCommerce store is a fantastic way to gain hands-on experience in web development. Platforms like Shopify are good starting points for setting up your first store.

By carrying out this project, you can work on the front end of the shop, ensuring a visually appealing design. Then, move to the back end to manage its functionality.

As you progress, you can create your own functionalities from scratch. Otherwise, consider modifying the existing code to meet the specific needs of your future clients.

eCommerce stores are interesting projects

5. Redesign

Redesigning an existing website template is a valuable project for beginners in web development. This approach will be simpler for new coders than building everything from the beginning.

So, you can use an HTML template with its elements to enhance your understanding of web design principles. Then, feel free to modify the website’s layout, content, text, and other UX elements.

One of the best things about this project is that it requires less time. And as you work, you can familiarize yourself with responsive design techniques.

6. Open-source projects

By accessing and modifying open-source software, beginners can attain practical knowledge. Your experience will contribute to the development of widely-used projects.

Another benefit of trying this approach is getting a valuable chance to receive feedback from experienced programmers. The coding community will help expand your professional network.

7. Basic websites

Creating basic websites is an ideal project for beginners, especially those interested in UX design and web development.

You can also determine the design elements and functionalities of the site. Those features can be shopping carts, product pages, and user information.

If you try this project, your skills and experience in web design can be on the next level. Your user-friendly websites will, therefore, become an attractive portfolio for employers.

Start with basic projects

8. Web scraping

Web scraping is the process of extracting data from websites. It involves using programming languages to retrieve information.

This project suits Python learners best. By undertaking it, you will work with Python and libraries like BeautifulSoup to extract data from XML and HTML files and web pages.

After conducting the project, you will enhance your Python skills. Web scraping also provides practical experience in data manipulation and analysis.

9. Social networking websites

If you learn PHP or Ruby on Rails, creating a social networking site is an excellent choice to enhance your skills. You can also have a chance to gain experience in handling databases and working with more languages.

Furthermore, building the website allows for the application of programming concepts. So, take advantage of this opportunity to explore the ideas of user interaction and data management.

10. JavaScript slideshows

If you want to delve into web development, then consider JavaScript slideshows. This project will enable you to enhance your understanding of JavaScript.

Moreover, building a slideshow allows for reusability, as you can incorporate your slideshow framework into various web design projects.


Coding projects for beginners give you a gateway to the coding world. Earning hands-on experience from these tasks will help hone your skills and explore various aspects of programming.

Finally, no matter which project you go for, try your best to nail it. Also, learn while you work. Then, you are ready to level up your skills!