A Day in the Life of a Full-Stack Developer

The development potential of the fullstack developers is endless. From the database to the front end and back end, the developers can handle all domains.

So, what do full-stack devs do every day? I will discover the activities of a day in the life of a fullstack dev in this post right now.

An Overview Of Full-Stack Development

A website development process involves the front end and back end. The front end refers to the image and content that the viewers can see and interact with.

Meanwhile, the back end is the databases and servers that run behind the scenes. Both parts will directly affect users’ experience, and they also decide how efficiently a website can operate.

The full-stack developers are responsible for both parts of a website. They master all the tools and techniques used for building a website from scratch.

They can also help optimize the development process. For example, the developers will calculate to reduce the budget used for building a website.

Full-stack developers can handle all parts of a web app

A Day In The Life Of A Full-Stack Developer

Modern full-stack developers can handle all aspects of websites. However, it takes plenty of resources to build a large-scale web app.

Therefore, companies often need a team with many experienced developers, and they will work with each other to handle large websites.

Job Overview And Workplace

There are many types of web apps that full-stack developers can build. The company I’m working for specializes in building E-commerce web applications.

They are online stores that sell various products and services. They possess an attractive interface with many useful features. These web apps also facilitate purchases by linking with various banking and credit card services.

All the websites are built and managed by the development department in my firm. I work with many other full-stack developers and web developers to handle these projects. Here is a summary of my daily activities.

  • Design and develop the front end and back end of the web apps
  • Work with developers to find ideas for new projects
  • Manage the databases and servers (the back end) of the projects
  • Protect and monitor the web’s operation
  • Research for new features to enrich the apps and attract more users
  • Identify and solve all technical errors in the projects

8:00 AM

My company’s working schedule starts at 8:00 AM daily. My assignment today is to update the company’s e-commerce site.

There are many new products listed on the site. I will build the landing pages and upgrade the content related to these products.

All the product’s images will be submitted by the marketing department. I will use HTML and development templates to arrange these details.

Then, I will work on more advanced templates and structures. It will increase the aesthetic aspects of the site and improve users’ experience. After finishing the source code, I will run to check and review the results.

If there are any coding errors spotted, I will adjust them as soon as possible. Finally, I will submit my project to the team’s manager and wait for feedback.

Build the e-commerce site’s interface

9:00 AM

After building the front end of the new product listings, I will switch to their back end. It involves the databases and servers that store the information.

I ensure that all the new product listing pages can function properly at high speed. All the features and functions must respond quickly to users’ requests.

For this task, I will review the back-end source code and modify them. The goal is to use clean and maintainable codes to make the web sustainable.

11:00 AM

When all the sites can function properly, I will perform QA (quality assurance) testing. It helps me spot the errors that may disrupt users’ experience and reduce the site’s speed.

A customer clicks on the purchase button on the landing page, for instance. The page must respond quickly and redirect that user to the purchase link.

I must ensure that all the links and servers can operate at a fast speed without interruption. Then, I will have a short discussion with the project manager to report on the testing results.

Scan for coding bugs and errors

1:00 PM

The afternoon mainly revolves around debugging and testing the website. I will monitor the server sides and databases to scan for bugs and errors. I also check customers’ feedback and reviews to improve the web’s functionality.

Security scanning is also a duty of full-stack developers. It helps secure the site from any potential attacks. During the scanning processes, I will report all the security holes to the cyber security department in my firm.

4:00 PM

The rest of the afternoon is devoted to researching and enriching the site’s features. I research the competitors’ e-commerce stores and many tech journals. I also check out the latest technologies and tools used for web development.

The goal is to look for any helpful feature that can increase the site’s functionality. Then, I will discuss the ideas with the full-stack development team to implement them on our current sites.

Brainstorm new ideas for future web app projects

Is Full-Stack Development Suitable For You?

Full-stack development is one of the most sought-after skills at the moment. A report suggests that full-stack development ranks 8 in the 15 emerging jobs.

This career also features high income with an average annual salary of $107,690 in 2023. The number is much higher for experts working for large companies.

Also, the career prospect of full-stack developers is very broad. Their skills are applicable to various sectors, from financial services to marketing and IT.

If you love building web apps and have deep expertise in web development, full-stack development is one of the most promising ways.

Final Thoughts

Full-stack development is a worthwhile career path. The rapid growth of online businesses has created more opportunities for full-stack developers.

Experts with high skills and experience can work for large companies and earn high incomes. You can also build your own web business and make a fortune.