How to Become a Front-End Developer

Front-end web development is in high demand. This career choice is ideal for anyone with a technology and coding passion.

Do you plan to gain a position in this industry? If yes, you may want to search for guides on how to become a front-end dev. Don’t get stressed, as this informative article will be helpful for you!

It will recommend the steps to start your first front-end development job. So refer to it and explore the education and skills required for this role!


If you are keen on technology, you may have heard of front-end developers. But you perhaps don’t understand their roles and responsibilities. If that’s the case, you should get an overview of experts in this field first!

Who Is A Front-end Developer?

Front-end developers are professionals in preparing a website’s identity and designing and constructing dynamic web pages. Additionally, they design the links, buttons, graphics, and content on web pages following user requirements.

Front-end developers also perform web applications and these tasks using code and programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Front-end developer

What Does a Front-End Developer Do?

Before learning the steps to become a front-end developer, you should know the duties of this position. Here are the primary roles of these experts:

  • Use programming languages to implement website design
  • Program, adjust, and create a website’s visual aspects
  • Enhance the user experience by creating tools on browsers
  • Organize user interface with releases and changing processes
  • Adjust websites to meet user’s needs
  • Maintain web application and software management
  • Recommend developments and enhancements for the user interface
  • Test and experiment with a website
  • Fix bugs and maintain usability
  • Use version control systems
  • Link texts and images for more straightforward navigation

Working Environments

As a front-end developer, I work full-time at my office during regular business hours. I spend most of my day in front of my computer’s screen.

My primary tasks are working with programming languages and coding to implement a web app’s visual elements.

Besides, if you want a more flexible working schedule, you can decide to work as a freelance contractor. This way, you can work remotely only with the internet.

How To Become A Front-end Developer

Are you interested in coding? Do you want to work with programming languages? If your answer is yes, becoming a front-end developer is a suitable career choice. Don’t know how to start your first job? Check the steps below!

1. Learn CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

You must learn about coding languages before stepping into the front-end development field. These languages are vital for app and website development.

There are three common file types in front-end development: JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Take a closer look at each category!


As a front-end developer, you use this coding language to layout and design the website page. This way, you can improve its aesthetics.

Moreover, you can include some elements like custom fonts, animation, widgets, or colors in a website, thanks to CSS.


Front-end developers use JavaScript to create a website’s logic. With this coding language, they can make their website interactive and responsive for users.


It is the abbreviation of Hypertext Markup Language. This primary file type is what you see in a browser when loading a website. If you work in front-end development, you will use this coding language to create a website’s structure.

Learn coding languages

2. Get Informed

What does it mean to get informed in front-end development? It means you should read books and articles about this industry.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in front-end development so that you can create the best website.

I recommend you deeply understand how elements work on websites. So you can comprehend many programming languages.

Do you want to improve your studying experience? Consider watching YouTube videos related to front-end development.

Stay updated

3. Practice

After you have gained essential knowledge, it’s time to practice what you’ve learned. Practicing is also an excellent method for improving your skills.

I suggest creating projects independently. For example, build a website or create a software app. Consider online tools to practice CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes! Practice makes perfect. Also, you can learn from errors. Additionally, you should network with other developers in your sector by attending communities or online forums. So you can improve your skills, solve issues, and receive feedback to get better.

4. Learn The Command Line

When working in front-end development, you should master the Command Line Interface. This user interface is text-based and navigated by prompts. You can perform many tasks using single-line commands.

As a front-end developer, you should familiarize yourself with the command line. So you can troubleshoot and perform daily tasks. Also, this user interface lets you better control and manage the app.

Constantly practice

5. Learn Version Control

When writing codes, only a minor change can cause a break. Even when you fix the issue, nothing truly returns to normal.

That’s why you should learn vision control. There are many systems to select. Yet, the most popular one is Git.

6. Enhance Skills

When pursuing a position in front-end development, you should be logical, creative, and analytical. That’s because your duties require technical and soft skills, as shown below!

Understanding coding languages

As I mentioned above, developers in the front end often develop apps, websites, and programs using coding languages. So they can create a better and more optimal user experience.

When working as a front-end developer, you will use these coding languages:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

Is it hard to study these coding languages? Luckily, it is not difficult! There are many online resources to help with your education. Do you want to gain more job opportunities? Consider studying JavaScript Frameworks and jQuery.


You must perform testing on all your projects as a frontend developer to keep them bug-free. Thus, you should have the ability to debug codes.

There are two primary testing methods to evaluate your codes, as shown below:

  • Unit testing: If you want to test a minor piece of your code for proper operation, you can perform unit testing.
  • Functional testing: You can check a specific component of your website’s functionality. So you can ensure it follows your code and works well.

Web Performance

Web performance refers to how much time it takes when users load your site. As a front-end developer, your task includes ensuring your website’s performance.

If you find any errors, you must solve them by minifying coding languages and optimizing images. You can use tools to make your web more efficient.


The thing that I love the most about my work is that I can work without supervision. Yet, it means I must encourage myself to try my best and work hard.

So I make my website work well and run on time. Besides, I must always stay optimistic and initiative when writing codes.


Building a website’s front end is demanding. So, if you desire to work in this area, you must have detail-oriented skills to create easy-to-use sites.

Moreover, you should have analytical eyes so that you can focus on details while making functional end designs. Thanks to this skill, you can minimize errors and produce quality work.

Communication skills

As a front-end developer, you never work alone. It means you may need to work with other experts in your company.

Furthermore, your tasks include explaining the technical functionalities of the process to your clients. Therefore, you should have good community skills to convey your ideas when working on projects.

Besides communication skills, it is better to have excellent collaboration skills. Thanks to this ability, you can work with other front-end developers and clients.

Enhance your skills

7. Take A Course

Are you looking for an effective way to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills? Consider taking courses related to front-end development.

Depending on your aim and budget, you can attend universities or boot camps to get full-time degrees or certificates. For instance, you can consider the following options:

  • Automation Testing Masters Program
  • Full Stack Java Developer Career Bootcamp
  • Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development

In addition, find a mentor to help you improve your skills. This expert has several experiences in front-end development. So he can assess your strengths and weaknesses and guide you in your career.

8. Get An Internship

Once you have gained essential education and skills, start searching for jobs. Consider the sector in which you prefer to get involved.

Also, think about the working environment. Do you expect to work as a full-time developer or a freelancer? Choose what suits your style and preference.

Moreover, tailor your portfolio and resume to the industry you plan to apply for. When creating a CV, include your professional experience and use keywords.

When applying for a job, consider internships to get hands-on experience. It’s an excellent method of gaining valuable exposure and job opportunities. You can search for internships on LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, and

Get internship

Is It Hard To Be A Front-End Developer?

It isn’t hard to work as a front-end developer. You can get jobs in this area with the crucial education, skills, and experience.

You can find many career paths to become a front-end developer. But the most common way is to get a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field like computer programming, software engineering, or computer science.

If you want a detailed career path, consider taking the steps below:

  • Learn popular programming languages: CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • Practice your skills.
  • Crear your resume
  • Build a strong portfolio.
  • Join an online community for front-end developers.
  • Learn extra skills for your desired position.
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Apply for job
It isn’t difficult to work in the field

Is Front-End Development A Good Career?

Yes! This career is highly in demand and lucrative. In 2024, front-end developers can make an average yearly pay of $112,758 in the US.

Besides, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes this position into web developers and web designers. They predict a 23% increase in job prospects for these experts from 2021 to 2031.

Are you patient and creative? Or are you really into technology? A position in front-end development may be ideal for you.

Additionally, it is rewarding to work on a website’s side that users can see and interact with. In general, the job satisfaction level of this job is relatively high.

How Long Does It Take?

Generally, it takes about four years to start your first job as a front-end developer. Yet, the exact time depends on the career path you choose.

You can pursue a bachelor’s degree program in a relevant field like computer science. Consider coursework like web design, networking, or web development.

You may get a bachelor’s degree, depending on the time you invest in the program. Yet, if you want to improve your coding skills, it may take a long time to become a front-end developer.

Do I Need A Degree?

If you do not have a formal degree in front-end development, don’t worry! A degree can help you win a position; yet, you can gain this job with experience.

Are you seeking a new job? You can take bootcamp courses as they provide vital skills and help you expand your front-end development knowledge.

This job doesn’t require a degree

Career Advice

Are you ready to start your job as a front-end developer? Ensure to get an education, essential skills, and experience to jump into this industry!

If you want a better salary, consider earning certifications in related fields, such as computer science or web development.

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide will be helpful for your career choice.