A Day in the Life of a Programmer

Computer programming makes the foundation for the IT industry. The coders are skillful experts in using coding tools and language. They directly build computer software and sites that benefit users.

So, is working as a programmer fun? What duties to expect in a day in the life of a computer programmer? I will share with you my personal working experience to bring more details. Keep reading to find out!

An Overview of Programming

A programmer specializes in writing code and using a programming language. They help design, develop, and test the software applications. They also build online websites and operating systems for computer users.

The range of products programmers can build is wide, from games to services and apps. Most applications on computing devices are created by programmers.

The primary skill for programmers is mastering popular programming tools. These programming tools will assist them in all tasks of their work.

The coders will use these languages to develop lines of code. Besides, coders also perform software analysis and pen testing.

Build computer apps using a programming language

A Day In The Life Of A Programmer

Coding is an essential part of a computer programmer’s life. Yet, there are many more tasks and challenges. I will share a typical day of my work right now!

Job Overview

Programmers’ jobs revolve around coding and building computer applications. Therefore, they can work in a wide range of industries, such as gaming and software development.

Programmers can choose to work for technology companies or start their own projects. They can also work as freelancers to build projects based on requests.

I work for a tech company that specializes in building computing applications. They are apps that help computer users in managing time and developing plans.

I work for the coding team with many other team members. My team takes charge of building the source code for projects and maintaining the program.

Also, I’m responsible for testing the programs and editing the code lines. Here are the daily activities and tasks that happen in a day of my work.

Programmers work in teams to develop large-scale projects

8:00 AM

I attend my workplace at 8:00 AM and prepare for the morning tasks. The first thing I do is to recheck my mail and the company’s system. I can find my daily projects and assignments set up on the systems.

For example, the company is building a computer app for managing time and schedules. My team is handling its source code and developing this app.

The team has set up clear checkpoints and tasks that the members must handle. I am currently writing the code lines to build the software’s interface. I write all the lines with a combination of tools and programming languages.

Depending on the scale of the project, I’m currently working on the development phase of the software.

10:00 AM

I will spend about 30 minutes at work reviewing the assignments and checking yesterday’s work. Then, I move on to write the codes as usual. During the process, I must brainstorm ideas to design the app’s interface.

Then, I will write the codes to create the outcome and designs I want. The coding phase takes many hours to finish.

I will run the sample project to check if it can deliver the results and quality I desire. During this process, I will edit the source code if any coding errors occur.

A small error can break down the entire program and affect the other code lines. Thus, this checking and editing step is a crucial part of building a high-quality project.

Review and edit the codes

12:00 AM

My company takes a break for lunch at 12:00 AM. I spend half an hour prior to lunch reporting the morning’s progress to the team manager. I also submit the work results via the online system.

1:00 PM

I keep up with my work at 1:00 PM by repeating the coding and editing process. There are clear deadlines set for each checkpoint of the project. Therefore, I have to rush with time to finish the project on time.

During the process, I often consult with the other programmers on my team. I must ensure that the app interface I design can work well in conjunction with the other elements.

3:00 PM

The team manager will finish reviewing my codes at 3:00 PM and send me feedback via the online system. I will adjust my source codes to fit the manager’s requests and fix all the existing errors.

4:00 PM

The programming team will hold a 30-minute meeting near the end of the day. The manager will report on the project’s progress and discuss upcoming tasks.

The members also discuss and find solutions to improve the app’s efficiency. They also assist each other in solving coding errors and maintaining the app.

Brainstorm for new ideas

Is Programming The Right Profession For You?

Despite being one of the most popular jobs in the IT field, programming still brings high job opportunities. Companies are constantly building new programs and websites.

Thus, they need to hire competent programmers to produce the products. With technical skills and experience, you can easily seek a high-paying job.

ComputerCareers indicated that programmers earn an average salary of about $105,326. This number is a dream income for many professionals in the field.

Despite the competitive wave, programming is still one of the easiest roles to access. You just need to build your coding skills and technical knowledge to approach this position.

Suppose you are good at coding and love building computer applications. Then, programming is an excellent career path to consider.

Final Thoughts

Programming is not just dealing with hundreds of code lines every day. You have to think and develop the solution or ideas for computer software. There are also countless errors and problems for coders to deal with.

Therefore, the work of computer programmers is challenging and fun at the same time. If you can cope with high stress and have sufficient skills, this profession is an excellent choice to begin your IT career.

Thank you for reading!