Computer Science BS vs. BA: What Are The Differences?

Computer science is a vast field, so it has many training programs with different degrees. As a result, few people can distinguish those types of qualifications.

Can you tell the difference between a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science? Both are programs that produce talented computer scientists. So how to distinguish them?

This article will help you compare those two training programs. Keep scrolling down, and you can find a way to tell them apart!

What is BS in Computer Science?

BS in Computer Science stands for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. It is an undergraduate degree program focused on computer science research.

In it, you will study computers and algorithms. Besides, you will learn programming languages and other related fields.

Also, this program typically requires students to complete coursework in various fields. And they fall under the domain of computer science and mathematics.

To complete the program, it usually takes you four years. Then you can pursue a career in many fields. We will list some typical ones:

  • Software development
  • System analysis
  • Database administration and network security

Besides, the curriculum may vary depending on the institution. But common topics on the show include:

  • Programming languages like Java, Python, C++
  • Algorithm
  • Data structure
  • Operating system
  • Database system
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Software development methodology
  • Computer architecture and organization

What is BA in Computer Science?

BA in Computer Science stands for Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. It combines computer science studies with humanities and social sciences.

Besides computer science courses, this program requires students to complete courses in other social fields. They can be communication, philosophy, history, and social sciences.

Also, like the one above, you will spend four years completing the program. In addition, you will have other skills upon completion of the program, such as:

  • Writing
  • Public speaking
  • Counter-argument

Key Differences

Comparison Between Computer Science BS and BA

We will explore the similarities and differences between these two degrees. Besides, we have a comparison table. Get started right now!


The BS and BA degree programs in Computer Science cover many of the same core concepts. So you will all learn about computer science.

Upon graduation, you can pursue careers in many of the same areas. They are software development and systems analysis. Then, you can use the skills and knowledge in any industry and organization. For example:

  • Government agencies
  • Educational organizations
  • Health care organizations
  • Financial companies
  • Technology companies


First, a BS in CS Computer Science usually focuses more on math and the natural sciences. Meanwhile, a BA can be more flexible in course selection. As a result, it allows students to pursue more fields.

Second, BS programs often require students to take more math courses. We can list some like:

  • Analytics
  • Linear algebra
  • Discrete math

At the same time, it can focus more closely on algorithm analysis. Also, students must learn data structures and computer architecture.

These programs also typically require more credits. Especially physics and chemistry subjects give a lot of students headaches.

On the other hand, a CS program can provide a broader education. It means fewer required math and science courses.

As a result, students have more chances to study electives. They can be in fields such as art, music, or philosophy. Also, the BA may emphasize the development of communication skills.

Comparison Table

The following comparison table will give you an overview of the differences between these two degrees:

BS DegreeBA Degree
Math RequirementsMore coursesFewer courses
Natural Science RequirementsMore coursesFewer courses
FocusFocuses more heavily on computer science theoryOffers a broader education
ElectivesFewer optionsMore options

Which Degree is Better?

Neither a BS nor a BA in Computer Science is “better” than the other. As a result, choosing the best degree for you will depend on you. In it, you must consider:

  • Personal preference
  • Career goals
  • Academic strengths

A BS degree may be suitable if you are gifted in math and science. Besides, you would like to pursue a career in a more technical field. If so, this program will give you more in-depth knowledge to make your passion come true.

Otherwise, choose a BA if you have interests other than computer science. For example, you like to communicate and want to have good critical thinking.

For this purpose, it gives you more flexibility in course selection. As a result, you will have a more comprehensive course.

Ultimately, you must research and compare specific programs. Then determine the one that is best for you.

Career and Salary Outlook

Computer science is developing rapidly. So it has many career opportunities. Here are some popular jobs. Also, we will reveal to you the average salary for each job.

But what is notable is that job demand in this industry can grow by 11% through 2029. The daily rate is much higher than the average for other industries.

As a result, it is important now that you try to study. Then combine knowledge with skills and experience.


Comparing BS and BA will help you make the right choice. During the deliberation process, you must consider your interests and goals.

If you just like computer science, you can choose BS. But if you like other social skills too, then consider a BA.

But both give you the knowledge you need to pursue a career in the industry. With an open career path and an attractive salary, what are you waiting for?

So, start today!