Database Administrator Career Overview & Outlook

A database administrator (DBA) is an information technician responsible for managing and maintaining software databases.

In addition, the DBA is responsible for providing secure access and providing solutions for backup in the event of sudden data loss.

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Job Description

In addition to providing information about the database, a DBA has many other charges such as monitoring database systems and getting feedback from bottlenecks, updating new computer systems design, monitoring hardware, etc.

Of course, each different job will require a DBA to perform a specialized task. Here are the details of a few jobs when you are a database administrator:

Database designers

One of the jobs of a DBA is to design a database. Usually, a database designer is responsible for defining the database in detail, including tables and procedures for accessing and deleting persistent objects.

Moreover, to do this job well, database designers need to master analytical techniques and object design orientation, data or database management, etc.

Tuning Database Administrator

This job is often associated with database tuning to optimize and synchronize the performance of the database. Sometimes database administrators will find it quite similar to query tuning.

Still, it isn’t very objective. It refers to the design of database files and the choice of the environment configuration of that database.

Task-oriented DBAs

It can be that Task-oriented DBAs are DBAs that only focus on one primary and specific task.

These DBAs seem to be rare in large IT companies. The main tasks that each task-oriented DBAs usually do are: create backup plans, test recovered files.

Cloud DBAs

The database administrator will quickly see that most of the information data will be pushed to the cloud application because of the large storage capacity.

Sometimes, Cloud DBAs need to manage a portion of the cost when a user needs to upgrade to use the cloud with more power. Besides, the task of backing up and managing information systems is also essential for a DBA.

Database architect

The main tasks of a database analyst are analyzing data access requirements, designing databases, etc. Sometimes these DABs are also responsible for maintaining databases and applications with database management.

Application DBA

The main task of Application DBAs is to support and manage the database for a specific application or software. After a while, they can become an expert at writing or reprogramming the requirements of that application.

Education and Training

The education and training programs to become a DBA at the University or College are different. However, each school will give students other points as well as different output quality. Keep learning and reading more:


Database - DBMS - (API) - App/User/App

Typically for a database administrator, companies hiring for this position often require a bachelor’s degree in computer information relational database management systems or computer science.

In addition, some DBAs continue their studies by pursuing masters and doctoral degrees with the desire to advance in both work and salary quickly.

However, some recruitment companies prefer to choose an MBA because they have marketing and marketing skills and can communicate with technical or non-technical staff. Therefore, a DBA needs to add more necessary soft skills.

A few exceptions database administrators will see in a few small IT companies hiring people with database skills and knowledge. But they don’t have a bachelor’s degree in computer science systems or other relevant things.

Of course, this is less common, and having a bachelor’s degree is better, and the chances of getting accepted are higher.


As we mentioned earlier, each university or college will equip its students with database knowledge that is not much different.

A data administrator to receive a bachelor’s degree will usually take three to five years of study, depending on the allocation of each training place.

Not stopping there, once database administrators have graduated and become DBA, the next thing you need to do is become proficient.

Usually, it will take you about the first two to three years to work full-time in a database environment. From there, you can quickly put the concepts into practice and receive training from the workplace.

Moreover, a DBA needs to learn some necessary certifications to meet the needs of employers, such as Oracle SQL. Besides, database administrator DBA can participate in training courses through seminars or conferences.

Oracle Certified Associate

With online forms, some of the programs will be free, but some you will need to pay, and then you will start learning by downloading the lessons to your computer science.

In addition, if you intend to study an advanced program, a database administrator may need to obtain a previous certificate to ensure you can fully absorb the knowledge of this new program.

Moreover, registering for an online course saves you more time, but make sure database administrators are consistent enough to complete this entire course.

In general, to become a DAB, you need to learn carefully about the course and training programs.

The jobs of DAB are not too difficult but not too easy, so you need to grasp professional skills during the learning and training process firmly. Besides, you need to hone yourself in other necessary soft skills.

Necessary Skills

In fact, a database administrator needs to fully equip himself with professional knowledge and skills in any profession.

Of course, to become a Database Administrator, you will need a few essential skills.

Requirements analysis - Database designing - Implementation

Let’s find out more essential skills that a DBA needs:

Database language & management system

Database administration requires database administrators to have a solid professional knowledge of related structured query language ​​and applications, such as SQL, Oracle, SAP, etc.

Backup and restore data

One of the essential skills is the ability to backup and restore databases. This skill is necessary because sometimes they need to develop the most effective backup solutions and fix data anytime required.

Web-specific technology expertise

Of course, with a skilled DBA, you should understand the specialized knowledge about the web because in working, you will come into contact with it a lot, so make it a priority to study and hone it.

Data security

Security skills are one of the essential requirements for those working in the database field.

Data modeling and database design

It is an essential skill in database design. You need to know how to create a database by specifying application operations. In addition, a database administrator needs to standardize and design logical concepts.

Besides the skills mentioned above, database administrators will need to supplement themselves with many other essential skills. And of course, the following crucial soft skills are indispensable.

Critical thinking

Troubleshooting skills

Sometimes, the database administrator’s responsibilities are to encounter problems in the process of working. So what you need to do is solve and optimize the issues you are facing.

Of course, you need to handle it quickly and decisively. In addition, you will have to be observant and recognize that this problem needs resolution.

Sometimes it’s a problem you’ve never encountered, but you need to monitor and find the most suitable solution.


As a database administrator probably already know, communication is a necessary skill in any field. When you communicate well, you will coordinate and work more effectively with your leader or colleagues.

Logical Thinking

The database administrator will work faster and more productively if you practice logical thinking. Thinking logically makes your work process less strenuous and doesn’t take too much time.

Critical thinking

Sometimes, when working, a database administrator will need to discuss with colleagues or partners. So it would help if you had a vital mindset to defend and develop your ideas.

Non-stop learning

Of course, stopping learning is a top priority whether you’re a fresh graduate or a longtime employee. Society is evolving, and we need to learn more to broaden our horizons and knowledge.

Essential Software & Tools

Besides hard skills and soft skills, you also need to equip yourself with necessary certificates and tools such as:



IBM DB2 is one of the highly-close tools for people in the database field. You can take the exam and get certification from IBM after navigating a database server.

This program means you have completed two knowledge and skills tests: a basic understanding of everyday administrative tasks, query languages, database security, capabilities, and database management operations.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

This certification has probably become too popular for a DBA.

Usually, when you complete this certification by completing three exams, you can take the SQL exams at a higher level. If you hold this certificate, you can easily apply to big companies such as Youtube, Google, and LinkedIn.



Documentation of programs on cross-platform databases helps you expand your knowledge and better understand the data. This document is similar to JSON.



One of the most popular database administration software and has become extremely popular.

The manufacturer recently released a new version suitable for users and can connect to the cloud, with relatively good support for UNIX, Windows, etc.



phpMyAdmin is a pretty good tool, especially for small organizations. phpMyAdmin can be a good solution for customers who do not understand deeply about database structure but can still manage their data submission.



Last but not least, it’s MySQL. MySQL is a tool that experts have appreciated quite a bit in terms of database management functions.

That’s very easy to see because MySQL is used by top companies like Youtube, Google, Twitter. Overall, MySQL is a tool to help you learn something cool about database structure.

Every different company or business chooses a few unique tools. Along with that, you also need to take the certifications related to these tools or software.

In general, when you understand the tools used in that company or business, it will be easier for you to apply to the company, and perhaps the salary you will receive will also be higher.

Job Outlook

People who learn and work in databases have excellent prospects in the future, both in demand and monthly salary.

When society is increasingly globalized, people are too busy with the data and software they need to use. Therefore, optimizing the database professionals is extremely necessary.

In general, database administration has excellent prospects. According to some growth statistics websites about Microsoft certified database administrators, the 5-year income growth of a DBA increased by 5-10%.

This number is truly unique. And yet, it is predicted that the human resource demand for databases can increase to 15% in the next 10 years.

Microsoft certified Database Administrator

In an article in US News, the job of a DBA is in the top 10 best jobs in the world.

In addition, according to US News, the unemployment rate for the jobs in the database is also meager, only approximately 1.3%.

Therefore, it is a good sign, helping our students reduce their anxiety about the database administrator jobs after graduation with database management.

Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that the data management technology industry will grow strongly in the coming years.

In addition, DBAs working with cloud applications will also rise by up to 18%, and DBAs designing database professionals will increase by approximately 20%.


Nowadays, many jobs require DBAs. Therefore, each job will have different characteristics that lead to the difference between the salary of each DBA.

On the other hand, the level of experience and a few other factors also create the difference in salary:

Job expertise

You probably already know that the salary received will also be much higher with positions that require higher qualifications.

A data engineer will likely have a higher salary than a database architect, even though architects also have a low wage.

Technical skills

Of course, a person with good technical skills and expertise will produce the best results and gain more trust. So they also appreciate and pay them a more considerable remuneration.

Collaborative units

Companies that require a more extensive database like Amazon and Facebook have a better chance of getting good jobs and enjoying a higher salary.

Geographical location

Of course, you will notice that the salary of a data scientist in big cities is higher than in the countryside. It is pretty understandable because usually, in places with a higher standard of living, their consumption demand is also higher.

The base salary of a DBAs in the USA is approximately $108,227 per year. However, it will be high or low depending on a few factors we mentioned just before.

Advantages and Disadvantages

With any profession, there are advantages and disadvantages in the process of working.

a stressful database admin

So, continue with us to learn the advantages and disadvantages of DBA (Database Administrator):


  • High salary: In the future, database industries will need a lot of manpower, and they will also receive a pretty high salary.

In addition, the US News also pointed out that the unemployment rate for this job is extremely low, only approximately 1.3%.

  • Average job stress: Understandably, a DBA’s job is often flexible, so you’ll rarely be under too much pressure
  • Good and safe working conditions
  • Average working hours from 40-42H per week
  • Perfect choice for individuals who like to work from home


  • In-depth knowledge and skills required
  • Requirements for tools and practicing certificates after graduation

Frequently Asked Questions

The information above of the post helps you understand more about the Database Administrator and the necessary training or professional skills. Yet, some of the questions below are also questions of the majority of readers.

We have put together some frequently asked questions below to answer in the hope of clarifying your questions and helping you understand this promising career better.

Let’s learn and discover more:

1. Does the DBA need to know programming?

A DAB should know about programming. Suppose you pay close attention and dig into it. In that case, you’ll see that, for the most part, and the DBA is responsible for setting up, securing, maintaining, or optimizing, and monitoring the database.

It can even set up strategies, map databases, or write stored procedures, etc. So sometimes DBAs are like database programmers apart from the operational work they do on the database.

In general, a DBA really should know how to program because sometimes programming will help you a lot in the process.

2. What programming language is used by DBAs?

Usually, the most frequently used programming languages ​​for each database administrator are SQL, Python, Swift, JavaScript, etc…

Different programming languages ​​require other technologies and experience levels. So it would help if you spent time learning as well as taking those data language certifications.

3. How many years does it take to become a DBA?

Most companies or database administration businesses require a database administrator who has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science.

And a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering requires three to five years of study in the field of information technology.

Plus, it will take you a few more months to take your database-related certification exams. In addition, one stage to become a real DBA is that you need to undergo an internship and apply theoretical and practical knowledge.

4. Does database administration require coding?

Databases aren’t too strict about coding. It’s not too difficult to code, though, so it’s a pretty good thing if you know how to code.

An example of a structured query language SQL is the primary language used by database developers. Besides SQL, most programmer positions also require programming skills in C, C++, C# or Java or Swift.

Furthermore, the database administration companies are isolated, and they all use different DBMSs.

5. What are the common tasks performed as a DBA?

A few everyday tasks a DBA should know about are:

  • Install and configure the database development
  • Create and maintain a database for users
  • Backup and restore database administration
  • Tune and optimize database performance
  • Data conversion and loading
  • Reports and queries
  • Make sure your data is safe

6. Which free database is best?

Some free database tools that you can refer to are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • MySQL
  • Knack Database
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • MongoDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • Apache OpenOffice Base
  • ClusterControl Database

7. Is a database administrator important?

Database administrators play an important role in a company or business. Unlike other people in the company, you have the most important task because all the data you know is quite well known.

In fact, other people on duty can quit and leave, but what you think will sometimes be a difficult task for your leader.

8. What is the average salary of a DBA?

A few metrics you can refer to about the salary of a database administrator are as follows:

  • In Washington: $98k
  • Virginia: $97k
  • New Jersey: $107k
  • Idaho: $62k


In general, the database administrator can do a lot of different things related to database administration. Of course, each job requires strong enough skills and knowledge to solve data problems encountered during work.

However, you need to equip yourself with all the necessary hard skills as well as soft skills. In addition, it is essential to have basic certificates to approach the job you want to apply for easily.

We hope this article has helped you to solve many necessary problems. Finally, thank you for reading the article.