Computer Science Teacher Career Overview & Outlook

The computer science teacher is responsible for teaching about computers and programming. For these above tasks, they must prepare lesson plans and assess and monitor student learning.

With the above requirements relatively high, you must have a degree and certificate and master essential skills to become a computer science teacher.

If you are curious about how to become a teacher in this area, the article below is full of information for your reference. Let’s get right into the details!

Job Description

Computing science has been introduced to middle and high school students. This popularity makes computer science teachers more interested than ever.

And if you are also considering developing a career in this field, check out some basic career descriptions below.

What is a Computer Science Teacher?

Computer science teachers teach and impart knowledge about computer programming languages, hardware, and software to students.

The knowledge taught to junior high school students will be at the primary level. High school computer science teachers will have more specialized knowledge.

Duties and Responsibilities

The teachers are responsible for teaching students the most basic hardware and software knowledge.

Besides, they also undertake the following main job tasks:

  • Curriculum development

Computer science teachers will tailor their work program to the student’s acquisition and progress. The curriculum will vary depending on the level and learner’s requirements.

For example, with middle school students, the curriculum will only focus on the most basic knowledge. Meanwhile, lectures involve programming languages ​​and computer program development at the high school level.

Computer science teachers must develop teaching content to produce students who can enter the labor market.

  • Test Preparation

In addition to developing appropriate educational programs, teachers must regularly monitor student progress. They provide assessments throughout the semester, administer exams, and monitor student progress via instruction.

  • Give career advice

Career guidance is an integral part of the job description for a computer science teacher. Teachers will provide the necessary guidance when students are faced with career choices. Some students will need advice to decide whether to pursue further study or start work.

Where Do Computer Science Teachers Work?

CS teacher and students

Computer science teachers often work in middle and high schools. Some teachers also may work in computer science teaching centers. The workplace depends significantly on your pedagogy, qualifications, and teaching capacity.

Education Requirements

Degree and Certificate

Computer science teachers in high school will need a bachelor’s degree. Yet, most postsecondary schools require teachers to have a master’s or doctoral degree. They also need a teaching license and take many online courses.


Some computer science teachers start their careers as teaching assistants. You only need an associate’s degree in computer science for this position.

Yet, to become a computer science teacher in high school, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Unlike an associate’s degree, it takes at least four years to earn this degree.

Finally, if you want to be a computer science teacher at university, you’ll need to get a master’s degree in computer science.


Bootcamps courses are essential for those working in teaching computer science. It is diverse in topics, equipping learners with the most up-to-date knowledge about this fickle field.

For those who intend to teach computer science, the coding Bootcamp is one of the significant decisions. This course provides web development, data structures, software programs, and other meaningful learning.


Computer science teachers should also regularly take online courses. They often offer the most up-to-date knowledge to help teachers improve their expertise.

Essential Skills

How should they perform their skills for the best results

Hard Skills

A computer science teacher must create engaging lectures and convey knowledge in a simple, easy-to-understand way. To complete the above task, you need to have the following specialized skills:

  • Computer programming is the most critical skill, as you must be proficient in coding in many different programming languages. You also need to understand hardware, software, and how they work.
  • Math skills: Mathematics plays a vital role in computer science. It helps you teach algorithms and solve problems better.
  • Mastering educational technology: teachers need to master the tools to support teaching. They also must apply the latest teaching methods, which allow teaching in various ways.
  • Software development: Teachers need to understand the principles of coding programs, create working software, and troubleshoot problems that may occur during the teaching process.

Soft Skills

  • Planning and organization skills: Your daily job is to create lesson plans, schedule timetables, and develop programs. Planning and organization skills are of the utmost importance to accomplish these tasks.
  • Active listening skills: You have to maintain a connection with the students. Listening skills will help you solve your learners’ problems.
  • Teaching skills: Instructors must have attractive and exciting teaching methods for students. They must regularly monitor the learning situation of each different student, thereby making appropriate changes.

Essential Tools

What are some key tools to consider in computer science?

You will need constant professional and soft skills training to succeed in teaching computer science. For more accessible performance, the tools below are the necessary aids you need to master.


Arduino is a handy tool for teaching computer science. This one helps teachers interact with hardware and software in a straightforward and time-saving way.

It may change depending on the lesson plan, students, and instructor requirements. It also provides toolkits specifically for distance learning.

Blockly Games

Blockly Games is the right tool to make your lessons more exciting. This tool is also particularly well-suited for beginner classes.

Students will learn the basics of programming to build puzzles, complete mazes, and create many other fun models.


ScratchJr is also a pretty effective tool for teaching introductory programming languages. Learners will use this tool to learn coding, Python programming, and rewarding experiences.


Teachers should also try using Thunkable in their teaching process. It supports lectures on visual programming languages ​​and many other exciting things like logic, loops, and functions.

More specifically, Thunkable also has an online support community ready to help you anytime.

Job Outlook

Computer science teaching is one of the highest-paying jobs today. While actual salaries will vary from person to person, computer science teachers still have a reputation as one of the most lucrative positions.


According to our latest report, the average salary for a computer science teacher is $60,116 in a year. Those with more experience can receive a maximum income of up to $104,000/year.

Career Opportunities

Computer science teaching is a pretty high-growth profession today.

It is expected that in 2019-2029, job opportunities will increase by 4% for secondary and 3% for postsecondary teachers.

Their average annual income is also superior to other teaching jobs. A high school computer science teacher can earn about $62,870 per year. Meanwhile, university professors will have higher compensation, with $85,540 per year.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Besides the high salary or diverse job opportunities, you also face difficulties developing a career in computer science.


  • High pay: Computer science teachers are in the top 25% of the highest-paying jobs.
  • Suitable for those who love to teach: If you are good at explaining and have a gift for imparting knowledge, this position is for you.
  • Connecting with students: You are sure to create good relationships with students as a teacher.
  • Suitable for those who love learning: You will never forget what you have known before in teaching. You also have the time and opportunity to update your knowledge and improve your skills.
  • There are summer breaks and holidays: If you work in high schools, you will have summer vacations and holidays like the students in the school.


  • Extensive soft skills and knowledge are required to succeed in this field.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about teaching computer science. I give specific answers to each one for you to consider.

How long does it take to become a computer science teacher?

To become a computer science teacher, you must have a bachelor’s degree. To achieve this degree, you will have to spend four years of study.

Which teaching method is best for teaching computer science?

The most effective teaching methods can be visual images, encouraging student creativity, supporting tools, and linking lecture knowledge and practice.

What is the role of computers in science teaching?

Computers will change learning methods and improve students’ overall learning. Using computers in teaching science helps students better understand hardware and software properties.

What are the advantages of computers in teaching and learning?

With computers in the teaching and learning process, students can get support anytime and anywhere. They can gain knowledge from both online lectures and available learning resources.

Can you teach with a CS degree?

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for you to teach computer science in high school. Yet, to work at a university, you need a master’s degree.

Can I become a teacher after BSC in computer science?

Besides the BSC, you also need a B.ED to apply for a position as a computer science teacher. It will help if you continue your studies to a master’s degree for an added competitive edge.

How many computer science teachers are there in the US?

According to statistics, there are currently 4,368 computer science teachers in the US. 42.2% are male teachers, and 57.8% are female.

What percent of schools teach computer science?

In the United States, 47% of schools teach computer science. Particularly for high school, this figure is up to 51%.

What are the goals of computational thinking in education?

Algorithmic thinking in education helps learners know how to identify, analyze, and have appropriate solutions to given tasks.

Career Advice

Computer science teacher is a wonderful job for people with hardware, software, and programming knowledge. It is also an industry with good career prospects, high salaries, and impressive growth.

You can choose to teach in middle school, high school, or higher education levels. So, you need specific teaching knowledge and skills for each position.

You should think carefully about the level you want to work with, and don’t forget to improve your knowledge.

Hopefully, the above sharing has brought many valuable tips for you in the career development. Thank you for reading!