Computer Science Internships for High School Students

Computer science (CS) is evolving rapidly and has many career opportunities in today’s job market. Among the best choices, an internship can provide valuable experience and industry exposure for high school students.

This article will give you information about these CS internships for high school students. We will show you all the details if you are wondering how to find and get them!

Internship options are very open to high school students. Here are our offers!

1. Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

CSSI is a virtual program that provides a four-week introduction to CS for free for college and high school students passionate about technology.

It has an interactive, project-based course that trains students for the first year of college courses in CS. Besides, you will virtualize with other participants and engineers and gain insight into Google’s job and internship chances.

CSSI provides students with technical skills, confidence, and insight into the Google environment and culture.

2. Microsoft High School Internship Program

This Microsoft program is a chance for high school students to go to college. Specifically, it is for 16-year-old students and above and is legally allowed to work in the US.

You will receive income for your work in a four-week program from July 11. Also, it provides the coding basics and a foundation for a career in the technology sector.

You will receive support from the staff of this company, giving you valuable insight into the industry and potential career paths.

3. Apple Summer Internship Program

This internship is a highly sought-after chance if you want to gain knowledge in the CS field. Besides, it offers engineering, design, marketing, finance programs, and more.

Regarding duration, it’s usually 8 to 12 weeks. And one great thing is you will get paid for your work. It provides students with experience working alongside skilled experts in their field.

You can team up on real projects and gain valuable skills in your future jobs. Also, it offers many events and activities, including guest speakers and networking.

4. Local Tech Companies and Startups

These programs often offer the chance to work on real-world projects alongside experienced experts. Hence, you can gain practical skills and knowledge that can be helpful in your future studies and jobs.

In addition, the internship period and remuneration will be flexible depending on the regime of each company. Besides work experience, you can network with professionals and potentially secure future employment opportunities.

These internships can be the best way for you to explore your interest in CS and start your career path.

5. Research Institutions and Universities

Research institutes and universities also offer CS internships for high school students. Thus, they can allow you to explore the field of Computer Science and gain practical experience.

These internships often provide mentoring from experienced professionals, work on cutting-edge projects, and research in various fields.

Thus, you can learn about Computer Science research, programming languages, algorithms, and computer thinking.

How Do High School Students Learn About CS Careers?

High School Students Learn About Computer Science

High school students can learn about CS careers in many ways. Here are the three most advantageous paths we want you to consider!

1. Classes

CS classes, which can be offered as electives or extracurricular activities, can introduce students to:

  • Programming languages
  • Algorithm
  • Other vital concepts in this field

You can join coding clubs or hackathons to develop skills and build projects.

2. Job Shadowing

Finding a job is another valuable opportunity for high school students to understand CS careers. You can observe experts at work and learn about their roles and duties through job shadowing.

Currently, this can be arranged through the school’s career center; or you can contact local companies to inquire about opportunities.

3. Internships

Finally, internships provide a richer experience for students to work on real projects and gain real-world experience.

These days, many firms offer CS internships for students – which last from a few weeks to a few months. So you can easily find these internship chances through online job boards, career fairs, or you can contact them directly.

How to Find CS Internships for High School Students?

High School Counselor Meeting

Finding CS internships for high school students can seem challenging. Thus, we’ve distilled a few tips on how to find CS internships for you:

  • Check job boards online: Sites like Indeed and Glassdoor often list internships for high school students. Hence, you can filter your search results by location and duration to find the most suitable options.
  • Attend career fairs: You can attend these events to learn about internships, meet employers, and network with others.
  • Contact companies directly: You can ask about available options if there’s a company you’d like to do an internship with. And we recommend you email or fill out the contact form on their website.
  • Ask your school guidance counselor: These people may have information about local programs or internships for high school students.

By actively and persistently searching, you can find a CS internship that suits your interests and goals. Remember to tailor your applications and highlight your relevant skills and interests to increase your chances.

What Do You Need To Get Computer Science Internships?

Note a few things below to get a CS internship as a high school student:

  • Basic knowledge of CS
  • Good academic record
  • Good communication skill
  • Relevant experience (participating in coding contests or hackathons)
  • Enthusiastic and willing to learn

The above knowledge and skills will make you stand out from the crowd!


What Is The Highest-Paid Internship For CS?

Some CS internships in tech giants (Google and Microsoft) reported salaries of around $8,000 to $10,000/month.

Is 21 Too Old for an Internship?

No. Many internships are for college students and recent graduates. So you can still apply if you meet the qualifications and are willing to learn.

What Is The Lowest Income for CS?

There are no specific answers. The lowest income for CS can vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and education level.


In summary, computer science internships for high school students can be a valuable background if you want a successful career in this field.

They allow you to develop technical skills and build a resume. Also, they expose you to real-world challenges and solutions in the area.

Thus, search for the best program and join the one you love!