A Day in the Life of a Computer Science Teacher

Curious about a day in the life of a computer science (CS) teacher? Get ready to discover what it’s like! I’ll explore their daily experiences, tasks, and challenges. Also, you will know what their working environment is like.

So, join me on this journey to uncover a computer science teacher’s fascinating and ever-changing life.

A Day In The Life Of A Computer Science Teacher

The duties of CS teachers will vary depending on their schedule and the school they are in. Keep scrolling for a more detailed look!

Typical Day

First, let’s go through their typical day with me!

Preparing For A Working Day

First, they probably wake up and grab a cup of coffee or tea to kick start their brain. After getting energized, they dive into some morning routines. They might quickly check their emails to see if there are any urgent messages.

With all the necessary information gathered, it’s time to tackle the lesson plans. They review the topics they’ll cover in class that day.

Then, they think about the best ways to explain those concepts to their students. They might gather interactive videos or examples to make the class engaging and fun.

Besides, they ensure that all the needed materials (textbooks, handouts, and programming tools) are organized and ready to go.


In A Computer Science Class

Teaching is the main task of teachers. Their classes will be from morning to afternoon, and there will usually be a short break between classes.

Each person will have a different teaching style. Some people like it when they are comfortable in the classroom, and some focus on being serious, so they will have different ways of teaching.

They will explain things using examples that students can relate to. They break down complicated ideas into smaller parts to help students understand better.

Besides, they encourage students to join the discussion and share their thoughts during the class. They give hands-on activities and coding exercises to practice what they’ve learned.

At the end of the class, the teacher summarizes what was learned and may give homework or projects to reinforce the concepts.


As the day progresses, they may have meetings or collaborations with colleagues to discuss curriculum development, assessment strategies or to exchange ideas and best practices.

These interactions help the teacher stay connected with the broader educational community and enable them to refine their teaching methods.

Extra Duties

Extra Duties

Besides teaching, they take on extra duties such as supervising coding clubs, mentoring students for coding competitions, or organizing events in the school.

These activities provide students with chances to explore their interests outside of the curriculum and can inspire a lifelong passion for computer science.

After Work

Outside of the school day, computer science teachers may also engage in professional development opportunities such as attending workshops, conferences, or courses. This way, they can stay updated with the ever-evolving field of CS.

Weekly And Monthly Tasks

A computer science teacher has weekly and monthly tasks to organize things.

Each week, they plan lessons, update the curriculum, and create assignments. They teach in class, help students individually, and grade their work. Also, they attend meetings, work with other teachers, and talk to parents.

Once a month, the teacher looks at how students are doing and adjusts their teaching. They plan for the future, like deciding what to teach next. Also, they think about how they can improve their performance and learn more about CS.

Working Hours

Usually, they work during school hours (9 am – 4 pm). And they work about 35 – 40 hours/week. But their work often goes beyond these hours. They might come in early to prepare for the day or stay late to grade assignments.

Sometimes, they also spend time outside school hours attending workshops or training to improve their teaching skills.

Work Environment of a CS Teacher

A computer science teacher typically works in a classroom with computers, projectors, and other technology. It is their dedicated space where they conduct lessons and interact with students.

They create a welcoming and engaging learning environment to foster student participation and interest in computer science.

Besides, the relationship between teachers is usually harmonious and friendly. You will not find too much competition in the teaching environment because each person will have a goal and not affect others.

Skills of a Computer Science Teacher

Here are some skills that a computer science teacher must have. You must acquire these skills if you want to get this job:

  • Good Computer Knowledge: They must know a lot about computers, programming, and how they work.
  • Clear Communication: They need to explain things in a way that students can understand easily, using simple words and examples.
  • Classroom Management and Problem-Solving: They always keep the classroom organized and create a positive learning environment. Also, they help students solve coding problems and figure out solutions.
  • Patience and Understanding: They must be patient and understanding when students struggle with challenging concepts.

These skills help them teach well and inspire students to learn more about technology. Hence, they will know how to encourage students to be creative and think outside the box in their coding projects.

Is Becoming A Computer Science Teacher Worth It?

Deciding if becoming a computer science teacher is worth it is your choice. For me, it’s a good career for some reasons.

Firstly, there is a growing demand for CS education. So there are plenty of job opportunities and job security in the field.

According to statistics, about 90% of parents want their children to study CS. But currently, just over 50% of high schools have CS teachers. So you always have the opportunity for this job with an attractive salary.

Secondly, you can inspire the next generation of computer scientists. You help them gain valuable skills for the future.

Finally, teaching computer science keeps you intellectually stimulated. The field is developing, so you learn and stay updated with the latest technologies.


A day in the life of a computer science teacher is an exciting world. They teach, solve problems, and nurture a love for technology.

Their dedication to preparing engaging lessons and supporting students’ growth shapes the future of computer science.

Hopefully, exploring their daily routines can help you know more about their passion and commitment.

Thank you for reading!