How to Become a Digital Marketing Manager

The internet is an excellent way to reach people around the world. That’s why digital marketing can help businesses thrive. If you want to contribute to your company’s success, then consider working as a digital marketing manager.

So how to become a digital marketing manager? I will walk you through the needed steps. Let’s get started on this digital journey together!

What Does A Digital Marketing Manager Do?

A digital marketing manager is an expert in marketing. They manage marketing campaigns and the brand’s online presence. They also have a team of marketers and designers to run the marketing projects together.

I’m a digital marketing manager. This position comes with many duties. Here are some of my daily tasks:

  • Develop marketing strategies: I conduct research on clients and competitors. I also analyze digital trends to plan effective marketing campaigns.
  • Create campaign content: Content is an important part of marketing. Thus, I create engaging content to post on social media.
  • Build ads: Running ads helps the content reach more people. Hence, it’s a good way to increase brand awareness.
  • Design email campaigns: Emails are also good for advertising new products. Thus, I carefully include the product’s messages in the emails and send them to my target audience.
  • Analyze performance: I work with my team to check the performance of each campaign. Specialized tools like Google Analytics help us a lot. They provide metrics, giving us hints to optimize our campaigns.
  • Improve SEO: My team has SEO experts and website designers. So I collaborate with them to make our websites rank higher in the search engines.
  • Write reports: I also write reports about how well my company is working online.
  • Support my team: As a manager, I help my team learn new things and improve at their jobs. I have to monitor their performance, too.
Duties of a digital marketing manager

How To Become A Digital Marketing Manager?

Working in the marketing department is a big challenge because you have many things to check out every day. Even when you sleep, your marketing campaigns keep running. It means you have to keep an eye on their effectiveness constantly.

Things get harder if you are a manager. It takes a lot of time to reach this position. But don’t worry! Just follow the steps below, and you will succeed soon.

Step 1: Obtain a degree

If you want to be good at something, study first. You can learn in different ways. For example, if you’ve just finished high school, consider going to a college to study marketing.

Employers often prefer those with a bachelor’s degree or higher. It would be best to choose marketing or business to study.

You can still be great at digital marketing even if it is not your major at school. There are many short classes to take. Certificate programs and bootcamps can help you study marketing quickly.

If you are too busy, take online classes. Many online degree programs can suit your flexible schedule. Whichever learning path you choose, be serious! Marketing is an interesting major. Yet, you can only grasp it with dedication.

Earn a degree

Step 2: Gain work experience

After you’ve learned a lot about digital marketing, get some practice. You don’t have to do something big when you are still new. Instead, start with small projects. They can be about marketing content or working on social media.

Before becoming a digital marketing manager, you should work in different positions in the marketing department.

For example, you can work as a digital marketing specialist. You will take care of social media marketing. Your job can involve handling internet advertisements.

Another option is an email marketing specialist. It’s more about marketing via emails. You can then learn tips in this game.

If you are good at writing, then a copywriter will be perfect for you. Writing skills can also help you excel in the content producer position.

When you have those jobs, learn how to manage marketing campaigns. Practice talking to customers, too. Then, you can be more confident when becoming a manager.

Gain experience by working in different positions

Step 3: Earn technical certifications

Certifications also help with your promotion. They show that you are skilled at digital marketing. Thus, you deserve a higher position.

Moreover, as you become more experienced, you may want to learn more technical stuff. Certificates can help you do that.

There are many options to consider. For example, the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) in digital marketing covers many marketing topics. You can choose to learn about SEO or web analytics.

This certification requires you to answer 120 questions about marketing. You need to get it 80% correct to obtain the certificate.

There is also a PCM version in marketing management. This source focuses more on management skills in marketing.

For this course, you have to answer 150 questions with at least 80% correct answers. Then, you can earn the certificate.

Besides, it would be best to renew your certificates every few years. You can then learn new things. It’s also a chance to keep your skills up-to-date.

You may want to get some certificates

Step 4: Hone your skills

A successful digital marketing manager needs many skills to excel in their role. Here are some things you should work on.

Technical skills

Focus on your expertise first. The following technical skills are necessary for your future job:

  • SEO and SEM: You will use SEO and SEM tools to increase website traffic. Since those engines regularly upgrade their algorithms, you must monitor the changes. Then, you can maintain your content’s high search rank.
  • Paid search marketing: Pay-per-click ads are common in digital marketing. Thus, learn how to use them effectively.
  • Social media marketing: You often handle the social media aspects of marketing campaigns. This task is interesting, but you must understand how to use content and hashtags properly.
  • CRM: This skill is about bringing more customers to your business. You need a software system to master it.
  • Data analytics: Each marketing campaign has lots of information. As a manager, you have to analyze it to make informed decisions.
  • Project management: You lead a team. Thus, you need to keep track of everyone. Plus, ensure things are going smoothly.
  • Content creation: As I have said, content is an essential part of digital marketing. It’s time to use your creativity and writing skills to create appealing texts.

Soft skills

While developing your technical skills, do not forget soft skills. Trust me; you can only grow if you are good at those things:

  • Time management: You must use your time wisely. Otherwise, the numerous tasks will overwhelm you. Then, your productivity will decrease, affecting the whole team’s performance.
  • Communication: You have to talk with your team, boss, and clients. You also write reports about the projects. Hence, hone your communication skills as soon as possible. They can help even when you are not a manager yet.
  • Strategic thinking: A digital marketing manager has to plan many campaigns. So to work in this position, you have to think strategically.
Hone the skills needed for this job

Step 5: Prepare your resume

Now you are ready to show that you can be a good digital marketing manager. So prepare a resume to apply for the job.

Start by writing down the highest education level you’ve finished. And if you have earned any certifications in the field, mention them too.

Next, list the places where you’ve worked. You should mention the company’s name and what you did there. You can also talk about what makes you proud when working at that company.

Additionally, since this job is about the internet, share your work online, too. You can upload descriptions of your previous projects. Plus, if you have got good feedback, add them to your resume.

Prepare a strong resume

Step 6: Apply for the position

Finally, look for job openings. You can search on third-party websites that have job listings. You can also ask your friends if they know of any opportunities.

In my case, I worked as a digital marketing specialist in my company first. Then, I got promoted to become a digital marketing manager.

This path has many advantages. For example, I know what I should do in that position. Working with the old team is another plus.

However, such a chance doesn’t come often. Thus, it would be better to seek a job actively.

Once you find a job that’s a good match, send your resume to the employer. If they like you, they will invite you to an interview.

My friend is working in this position, too. He doesn’t even have to hunt for jobs. With all his previous experience and relationship in the field, companies contact him directly and offer him to work for them.

So, there are many ways to get a job as a digital marketing manager. You just need experience and expertise in your role. And you will have a chance to shine!

Get ready for the new position

Salary and Job Outlook

The digital marketing industry is developing strongly. According to the ComputerCareers, in 2022, digital marketing managers could earn around $165,710 per year.

If you are a new manager, you can make approximately $80,169 a year. As you get better at your job, your pay will increase.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions that the number of these jobs will grow by 10%. This figure is twice as much as what’s normal for other jobs. So what leads to this growth?

The first reason is the Covid-19. The pandemic made people spend more time online. Thus, companies must find new ways to reach customers who dislike going to physical stores.

Moreover, technology is advancing. It means marketers can have more tools to access their target audience.

In general, you can make good money when you work as a digital marketing manager. There are also many opportunities to grow in your role.

Companies need talented digital marketers

What Is The Work Environment Of A Digital Marketing Manager Like?

Since you are working in digital marketing, you use computers every day. So expect to sit at a desk for a long time.

Sometimes, you work outdoors to hold events. Your boss may also ask you to travel within the country for work.

Most of the time, you work full-time because you are a team leader. However, some may work part-time, which means they work fewer hours.

If you like to work in a private space, consider working remotely. Just ensure your team can access you when needed.

How about the industry for a digital marketing manager? Luckily, every company needs a marketing department. Thus, you can work in almost any industry. You can also use your skills in many other jobs, like PR or sales.

The working environment of a digital marketing manager

How Long Does It Take To Become A Digital Marketing Manager?

There is no fixed timeframe for this journey. It depends on your choice. For example, if you want to earn a bachelor’s degree, you need four years for it. But getting an associate’s degree only takes two years.

Then, when you finish school, start in small jobs. You need to work as a fresher before moving to the manager position. And it may take a few years.

If you want to take some certifications, they will contribute to the total time required to be a digital marketing manager. Luckily, you just spend a few months on a certificate.

So, it usually takes a few years of learning or working. Your journey will be tough, too. However, do not quit easily!

If you want to speed up the process, work harder. You can climb up your career ladder quickly if your boss sees your ability and dedication.


You can become a digital marketing manager with enough experience, skills, and knowledge. It takes a lot of time to reach this position. Yet, the high salary and demand for it will be rewarding.

Hopefully, you can overcome all the challenges on this route. Then, you will turn your passion into a thriving career.