Digital Marketing Consultant Career Overview & Outlook

A digital marketing consultant is a growing industry in recent times because there is a very high demand for this job in the current market.

High salaries, growth opportunities, and a flexible working environment make this profession attractive. However, being an online marketing consultant in a company is challenging, and not everyone can meet.

You will need to meet many strict requirements from employers. So what do you need to prepare to pursue this job?

As an experienced digital marketing consultant, I will share some information to help you better understand this career. Check it out for more details!

Job Description

Before diving deeper into the different aspects of a digital marketing consultant, you need to understand some basics. We have described the job in the most straightforward way to make it easier for you to follow.

What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Digital marketing is about bringing products closer to potential customers through digital means.

These mediums include online ads, social media posts, and search optimization. Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop may encounter marketing patterns daily.

Unlike regular ads, this form will target potential target customers. That means the related products will appear to the right audience in need. And online tools will be an excellent aid for finding potential users.

Digital marketing consultants are highly qualified professionals in the field. They can promote product promotion and find effective user targets.

They will bring a more innovative product or service consumption strategy through online electronic tools.

Digital marketing consultant and Business Owner

Companies can bring their products or services to potential markets thanks to digital marketing consultants. Products will have increased popularity with precisely the people with relevant needs.

The level of customer interaction with the supplier will increase accordingly. Digital marketing consultants are the ones who play a vital role. They have a variety of tasks to help the business achieve its goals.

They will bring a higher success rate to the company in the business field. So, this profession always has fierce competition and many challenges every day.

Duties and Responsibilities

A digital consultant must perform various tasks to ensure ads work correctly and target the right audience. They always need to monitor and analyze customer engagement and needs. From there, they can identify potential customers and bring products closer to consumers.

Digital marketing consultants must clarify product or website information. They will be the ones overseeing advertising activities.

Accordingly, they develop business expansion ideas, improve product search rankings, and devise strategies to promote business brands.

It is a complex undertaking with operational goals that you must accomplish. The main tasks that a digital marketing consultant needs to handle are:

  • Understand the information and analysis to find potential markets
  • Identify the suitable business models for each given product
  • Understand the communication channels that are highly effective for the company’s products
  • Identify the exact set of potential customers
  • Focus on advertising and bring products closer to users in need
  • Evaluate customer feedback, thereby making reasonable strategies
  • Build effective online marketing programs
  • Build a website to promote business image standard SEO
  • Recommend improvements to the entity’s digital marketing program
  • Looking for opportunities and new markets
  • Expand customer base through specific advertising plans

Workplace for Digital Marketing Consultants

Workplace for a digital marketing consultant

The working environment for a digital marketing consultant can be very diverse.

Some people work full-time from home. They only communicate with customers who are businesses through online tools.

These people take the task and solve it through the Internet. While it offers them freelancing, it limits their ability to manage their time professionally.

On the contrary, many consultants are working full-time or part-time at companies. They will perform their tasks in the office with personal or business computer systems.

This working environment allows them to improve many life skills but limits them to a certain amount of time.

Working hours will also vary depending on location and workload. These professionals will likely perform essential tasks during office hours, but they sometimes need to work overtime to complete their urgent projects.

Education Requirements

Employers have requirements for candidates. To become a digital marketing consultant, you should know the required qualifications and certifications.

Education & Training

How are digital marketing consultants trained?

Many employers will favor communications, marketing, business, and computer science graduates. 67% of marketing consultants have a bachelor’s degree.

It is also an essential requirement that many companies make for this position.

Meanwhile, the number of people with master’s and doctoral degrees in this field is 18% and 1%, respectively. Yet, a college degree is optional to start this profession. About 10% of professionals are college graduates.

Meanwhile, there are still a few people working in this field who only graduated from high school. They take classes on relevant issues and use their knowledge and qualifications to gain experience.

Work experience

Work experience is also a criterion for employers to evaluate your ability to work. Working time allows workers to accumulate practical knowledge and skills that lectures do not teach them.

Those with years of work in related fields will prevail over a fresh graduate.

If you have yet to gain work experience, you can apply for a trial job at SME to hone and learn more.

This period brings you a lot of valuable knowledge. Also, undergraduate students should spend time practicing to have a better CV that can impress employers.

When you want to apply to a large business for a marketing consultant, years of experience will be a significant advantage in competing with other candidates.


Your resume will be brighter if you have relevant certificates. Some certifications in informatics, economics, finance, and capital management could be a plus.

You can refer to prestigious certification courses related to Google Data Analytics and SEO. Plus, some skill classes like blockchain, web design, IT, and social media are also beneficial.

Businesses with foreign elements may require additional foreign language certificates. Digital marketing consultants at these multinational companies and corporations can bring you better income and advancement.

Essential Skills

What skills are needed for you to do the job well?

You must have excellent hard and soft skills to handle many tasks with a digital marketing consultant. The more valuable skills you have, the higher your ability to work will be and the better your work will be.

Hard skills

  • Ability to analyze the market
  • SEO standard website building skills
  • Proficient in digital marketing tools
  • Understand how social networks work
  • Online advertising project management skills
  • Analyze the company’s business strategies
  • Develop new marketing strategies that perform well
  • Ability to design web and create a user-friendly interface
  • Know how to expand the market and find new customers

Soft skills

In addition to the above-mentioned hard skills, some valuable soft skills that can help digital marketing consultants be more successful in these tasks are:

  • Communication skills
  • Report presentation
  • Seize the customer psychology
  • Promotion of product
  • Catch the market trend

Essential Tools

Marketing consultants often use several practical tools to assist them in their work. This list is the useful essential tools that you should consider.

  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Milanote
  • Crystal
  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Instagram
  • Time Doctor
  • Twitter
  • Filestage
  • Youtube
  • Wideo
  • DrumUp

Job Outlook

Advertising is indispensable for any business or service. Online marketing consultants have a role in promoting the company’s products and brands.

The demand for recruiting marketing consultants is increasing to expand and develop business models because of their contribution to sales.

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2018 to 2028, the digital marketing consultant profession will likely grow by 20% in size, which will be an exciting job market shortly.

And they will be the new trendsetters for businesses in all business fields.


Due to the outstanding growth in recruitment demand in recent years, the average salary for a digital marketing consultant is also very attractive.

On average, a person in this field can earn more than $40 an hour or $90,000 a year. It is a very high salary when compared to other professions.

A novice digital marketing consultant can earn up to 70,000 per year. This number will increase as years of experience and ability to work grow. If you are an employee with more real combat experience, you can earn $120,000 per year.

To improve your annual income level, you must constantly strive to develop yourself. You should take business courses to understand the market and advertising strategies better.

Besides, IT and computer science, communication, and design skills would also be a good choice. You can create marketing communications that are quickly popular and customer-friendly.

Psychosocial classes will give you insight into people’s behavior. Hence, it can inspire you to create content that appeals to more pungent consumer tastes.

Product and sales promotion will be more effective, which is the basis for upgrading your salary.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Any profession has its positives and negatives. For digital marketing consultants, experts have pointed out the advantages and limitations of this work.


  • Attractive salary
  • Good growth opportunity
  • Flexible working environment
  • Always approaching new trends
  • Have the opportunity to integrate


  • Great work pressure
  • Must understand customer psychology
  • Need a lot of specialized knowledge and skills


Through the survey, there are several questions that many beginners are asking about digital marketing consultants. Let’s read on to discover!

What fields are related to digital marketing?

The fields related to Digital Marketing consultants are online advertising, blog building, and website development.

How can a Digital Marketing consultant help your business grow?

Online marketing consultants effectively promote products on a large scale and potential target customers. As a result, they promote product consumption and bring profits to the company.

What is a web marketing consultant?

Web marketing consultants are people with high expertise in the business field. They are tasked with promoting the process of promoting products through online websites.

How much can you earn as an online marketing consultant?

An online marketing consultant can make $40 to over $100 per hour.

The salary level of this profession is entirely high, accompanied by strict requirements for knowledge and expertise.

Who needs the help of a digital marketing consultant?

Businesses and companies that want to expand their market on media platforms will need online marketing consultants. In addition, private product suppliers can also seek their help to improve sales.

How to become a successful digital marketing consultant?

You need to be fully equipped with relevant professional knowledge and skills. Constantly learning is also a way to stay caught up in this field.

Is becoming a successful Digital Marketing consultant hard?

Yes, this is a profession that requires qualifications and high skills. You will have to work very hard to meet the employer’s needs.

Is a digital marketing consultant suitable for me?

You can refer to personality tests or try working in the industry to understand whether you love the job.

What is the best city to work in as a marketing consultant?

Houston and New York City are cities where you can develop your career as a Digital Marketing consultant in the most favorable way.

Can a digital marketing consultant work from home?

Of course, digital marketing consultants can work from home. As long as you have a strong and stable Internet, you can thoroughly perform work tasks without going to the office or company.

Career Advice

Becoming a digital marketing consultant is a challenging road. You will need to equip yourself with the education and skills required to succeed on the job.

This profession can offer high wages as well as advancement opportunities. At the moment, many businesses are looking for outstanding candidates.

Are you ready to develop your career? Learn and practice valuable skills to become a leading expert in the field right now!