9 Reasons Why You Should Learn JavaScript

Want to become a web developer, but wondering which programming language to learn? If you are still confused between many options, why not try to start with JavaScript?

In this article, I will list and precisely analyze the benefits or learning JavaScript as well as provide you with other related information.

JavaScript is not simply a language that influences your career. It also brings many other exciting benefits you may need to be aware of.

1. Popularity

Every survey on the most popular programming language has the same result: JavaScript is used by most professional developers. Because of its popularity, it can support backend developers and many other fields.

2. Beginner-friendly

You won’t have too much trouble if you start your programming career with JavaScript. This language can be directly available on any web browser with ease of use and a simple setup. An extensive online community will provide helpful advice and support if you need help coding with the language.

Javascript is also suitable for programmers who have previous experience but want to expand their skills. As you learn about JavaScript, you’ll gain other valuable skills like functional and object-oriented programming. After that, you can use this knowledge to learn other languages like Python and C++.

3. Located in the Browser

JavaScript is the default language on the Internet for browser development.

You can run JavaScript code on your device, use many development frameworks, and learn about exciting languages.

You can easily install and get used to the language. As you learn about JavaScript, you learn more about your online experience and its improvements.

JavaScript makes the web application more dynamic instead of a static web page. The browser will constantly change the interface to respond to the visitor’s interaction.

4. Can Survive without the Internet

It can survive without the internet

JavaScript is more than just an important language for web browsers. Developers have considered extending the JavaScript application beyond its usual scope.

The tests were successful in obtaining vital information to set up and operate the library. Some typical achievements, such as smart TVs or IoT devices, have much to do with JavaScript.

5. Easy to Access and Learn

This programming language can simplify all complex concepts. Therefore, JavaScript is quite similar to natural language.

If you’ve previously touched on the Java programming language, you won’t be unfamiliar with reading and coding with JavaScript.

You can write and build streaming websites using Node.js in just a short time.

6. Flexibility

Flexibility is also a unique advantage of JavaScript. It can run many different instruction sets in parallel.

This language allows programmers to write user-side code and solve server-side backend problems. Overall, with JavaScript, programmers can handle many aspects of application design.

JavaScript also helps to build applications for many electronic mobile devices and solve problems related to machine learning.

7. Useful to Game Developers

Its versatility and robustness make JavaScript the ideal language for game development. Products created by this language often have impressive visual effects, similar to the expectations of game developers and investors.

9. Helping You Become a Versatile Programmer

Once you master JavaScript, there is no longer a limit between programming languages that can hinder you.

In the past, this language helped developers write website code. You can now use JavaScript to code both the server side and the backend on Node.js websites.

In addition to the default web development support, the language offers many more valuable features.

Unlike R or Swift, which are only available on iOS and statistical software, JavaScript accomplishes many different things. It fulfills every programming and entertainment task you ask.

9. High Career Potential

More and more employers are asking candidates to have the knowledge and skills to work with JavaScript. According to a publication with Devskiller, 70% of companies need to hire JavaScript developers.

The number of data scientists and analysts with expertise in this programming language is also growing steadily. For prediction, in the coming years, there will be more than 364,000 job openings related to Javascript.

JavaScript experts also receive a relatively high salary. An average JavaScript developer earns $113,643/year in the United States.

People with the knowledge, skills, and experience of working with JavaScript will often have stable careers and outstanding salaries.

How Can You Get Started with Javascript?

Many resources are available to help you get started if you are interested in learning JavaScript. Here are some steps you can take to begin with JavaScript.

1. Get familiar with web development basics

For a practical JavaScript application, you must understand web development, including HTML and CSS. HTML is for structuring the content on a web page, while CSS is for styling the framework.

2. Learn the fundamentals

Before diving into more advanced topics, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of JavaScript.

Understanding concepts include variables, data types, functions, conditional statements, and loops. Many online courses are available to help you learn these concepts, such as Codecademy and Coursera.

3. Experiment with code

One of the best ways to learn JavaScript is to experiment with code. Try creating simple scripts and see how they work. You can also modify existing scripts to see what happens.

4. Work on projects

You can start working on more complex tasks. It’s a great way to test your skills and gain real-world experience.

You can start with simple projects like creating a to-do list app and continue with more advanced tasks like building a weather or chat app.


Javascript is a suitable programming language for beginners. It also has a broad framework, a comprehensive library, and a passionate support community.

All these advantages help you understand why you should learn Javascript. If you intend to learn Javascript, start with the simplest tasks today.

You will undoubtedly feel the significant differences and benefits that this language has to offer. Thank you for reading!