How to Become an Ethereum Developer

The Ethereum (ETH) blockchain is increasingly famous. Thanks to this platform, Ethereum experts can create distributed apps. Do you find developing blockchain apps compelling? If yes, you can consider a position in this area.

Yet, if you’re new to this world, you will ask: How to become an ETH developer? Don’t miss out on this article as it will guide you to start your career. Dive into it to explore the crucial skills and tips!


If you are wondering about the roles and responsibilities of Ethereum developers, glance at this section!

Who Is An Ethereum Developer?

An Ethereum developer creates, designs, and implements decentralized applications or dApps. They use the Solidity programming language to develop smart contracts on Ethereum.

There are two primary types of Ethereum developers:

  • Core developers: They design and maintain a blockchain system’s architecture. They also design protocols, observe the network, and build security patterns.
  • Blockchain developers: They build apps on existing Ethereum platforms. Besides, they handle back-end and front-end development, maintenance, and design.
ETH developers

What Are Their Responsibilities?

Is it easy to start your first Ethereum development job? The answer depends on the duties you often perform in your office.

The responsibilities of this profession may change depending on the company’s requirements. Yet, here are the primary tasks you may encounter when working as an Ethereum developer.

  • Develop smart contracts using the Solidity programming language.
  • Support creating teams for dApp development and smart contracts.
  • Create and test customer-facing dApps.
  • Work with contractors and partners.
  • Safeguard enterprise blockchain app’s security using cryptography techniques.
  • Explain terminology for stakeholders.
  • Communicate the project details and app specifications to stakeholders.

Working Environments

As an Ethereum developer, I often work in traditional office settings during standard working hours. I have worked for investment funds, large corporations discovering blockchain technology, and blockchain development companies.

Yet, some Ethereum developers may work as freelancers. They usually search for work on Toptal, Freelancer, and Upwork. If you love working independently, you can choose remote work.

Apart from the above options, some work remotely for established firms, consulting firms, or blockchain startups.

Whatever working environments you engage in, you should have self-motivation and a high autonomy degree for an effective working process.

How To Become An Ethereum Developer

After having an overview of this profession and understanding the primary responsibilities of these developers, do you want to become an Ethereum developer? If yes, look at the steps to help you start your developer job!

1. Learn The Basics

All Ethereum developers must understand the fundamentals of Ethereum blockchain technology, and so do you. Having foundational knowledge can help you prepare well for an advanced specialization and subject.

You can start with entry-level courses and then build an essential skill set through programs or certifications. Learning the basics before jumping into the work market helps you deeply understand the roles of your position.

Learn the fundamental knowledge

2. Familiarize Yourself With Solidity

If you study Ethereum development, you may hear about Solidity as it is popular among developers in this field. Moreover, Solidity has a simple syntax. It also supports JavaScript users in changing bases without complications.

You may be surprised to discover that Solidity is a programming language to craft smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.

For these reasons, if you are determined to work in this sector, you must understand the Solidity official documentation and all fundamental elements.

In addition, you should know how to produce your first smart contract on paper and in action as an Ethereum developer.

Learn Solidity programming languages

3. Learn To Use The Ethereum Toolset

Your efficiency depends on your ability to utilize tool sets for your job. So it would help if you kept up with the latest trends and technologies to explore suitable tools.

I suggest three top tools to use in Ethereum development: Metamask, Truffle, and Web3.js. Do you search for a tool to automate complex Ethereum deployment duties? Look no further than Truffle.

Besides, if you want to interact flexibly with Ethereum smart contracts and nodes, you can consider Web3.js. Learning these tools’ potential alternatives for better advantages is also a good idea.

Learn the toolset

4. Go Open Source

As an Ethereum developer, your task may involve using your expertise in Ethereum and blockchain to develop new solutions.

If you only focus on creating a smart contract when working in this position, it’s not enough. It’s a good idea to gain practical experience to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in Ethereum development.

I suggest doing Ethereum projects and joining GitHub communities. So you can get your hands on this field.

5. Practice

Practice makes perfect! Building simple apps is essential to ensure you are proficient in this industry. Practicing can help you gain the necessary experience and develop your skills.

While building dApps, you should also experiment with many tools and technologies to explore guides and resources available.

It’s an excellent method to start practicing with the basics and then moving on to complicated projects. So you can expand your knowledge of the Ethereum platform.

Practice your skills

6. Hone Skills

You must master various skills to become successful in Ethereum development and have a better salary. I will show you the skills for this profession below!


As an Ethereum developer, you will write codes to create and develop your blockchain. So, you must understand how to code to make your tasks easier.

Programming languages

Do you want to enhance your skills in Ethereum development? You should learn and master the most popular programming languages. For instance, thanks to its versatility, you should focus on Python, a language in Ethereum development.

Besides, it’s critical to master the following programming languages:

  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • C++
  • Rust
  • Go

Smart contracts

Smart contracts refer to programs saved on the Ethereum blockchain. Two parties can execute agreements thanks to automated compliance without intermediaries.

Do your tasks involve working with Ethereum smart contracts? If that’s the case, you should get certifications of this skill.


This integral element of Ethereum development can protect sensitive information. That’s because it ensures only the intended users can see a message’s content.

Thus, it would be best if you studied cryptography comprehensively. In particular, you should learn how it functions, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to use it in practice.

Blockchain architectures

To become an excellent Ethereum developer, it’s crucial to understand different types of blockchain architectures. This way, you can identify your career focus.

In particular, you should get a thorough understanding of the following blockchain architecture categories:

  • Public blockchain architecture
  • Private blockchain architecture
  • Consortium blockchain architecture
  • Hybrid blockchain architecture

Data structures

If you pursue your career as an Ethereum developer, you may need to implement and build networks. You must have the ability to work with data structures.


If you know the basics of web development, it’s a plus point. This knowledge will help create dApps with blockchain. Moreover, when adding this skill to your CV, your employer will appreciate your ability and allow you to work in their office.

Improve your blockchain skills

7. Build Portfolio

After getting fundamental knowledge and essential skills in Ethereum development, it’s time to build a portfolio. It is vital to demonstrate your proficiency in your field.

Ensure to create a strong portfolio as the demand for this profession increases. It will set you apart from other candidates when applying for a job.

I recommend starting with simple apps and moving on to complicated projects. This approach allows you to develop a strong foundation and improve your skills.

Furthermore, it would help if you focused on creating unique and innovative projects different from others when building your portfolio. So it can help you showcase your creativity.

8. Seek Related Jobs

Ethereum development continues expanding. The demand for developers with expertise in Ethereum is increasing. So you can find many job opportunities.

Furthermore, you can consider a position at a startup. Here, you can work with a small, agile team. Besides, exploring job opportunities at blockchain-focused firms is another option. You can work with other experts and gain valuable experience in your field in this setting.

In addition, large companies are also a good working environment to think about. They constantly seek Ethereum developers to help integrate this platform into their infrastructure.

You can find various websites for Ethereum blockchain jobs, but I recommend the reliable ones, like Linkedin, Upwork, Blocktribe, AngelList, or

To get good job opportunities, you should stay updated and examine recent blockchain technology advancements. It’s a good idea to do more work related to R&D so that you can design new apps and improve the existing options.

When applying for a job, you will need to attend blockchain interviews. Check the following tips for a smooth interview:

  • Study the firm you want to apply for.
  • Update your skills constantly.
  • Research questions related to the Ethereum blockchain
  • Participate in a community.
  • Think carefully before answering.
  • Focus on speaking voice and body language.
  • Join mock interviews.

In addition, I will provide a list of famous companies hiring talented Ethereum developers below:

  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Cisco
  • Ernst & Young
  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • IBM
  • KPMG
  • JPMorgan Chase

Why Should You Become an ETH Developer?

This career brings many professional opportunities. Besides, here are the reasons why you should work in Ethereum development. Let’s see!

Professional And Intellectual Development

When you dive into the blockchain field, you will notice that it provides a chance to learn and improve your skills.

This industry offers a comprehensive platform to learn about intellectually empowering sectors, as shown below!

  • Software development
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Cryptography

Job Satisfaction

This profession has a relatively high job satisfaction level. Besides, many developers agree that blockchain may change various facets of daily life.

Growth Scope

The Ethereum blockchain concept appeared in 2009. After many years, it still grows and experiences technological innovations, and you will not experience fierce competition very often.

How Long Does It Take To Become an Ethereum Dev?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. Your prior experience with programming and dedication level toward learning may impact it.

Ethereum development requires a solid understanding of blockchain concepts, programming languages, and innovative contract development. It takes time and effort to become proficient in these areas.

If you have prior experience in programming, it may take six months to one year to become a complete Ethereum developer. Yet, the process will take longer if you don’t have programming knowledge.

I suggest starting with the programming basics and gradually learning blockchain concepts and Solidity.

Job Outlook and Salary

There is always a high demand for Ethereum developers as they constantly work with exciting and disruptive technology. So, job opportunities for this profession are abundant.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this position belongs to the software development category.

They predict a 25% growth in jobs from 2021 to 2031. This number is higher than the average estimation of all occupations. Also, more than 162,900 employment opportunities exist for developers in the field.

In addition, the salary of Ethereum developers is high. For example, these experts in the US can earn around $101,938 yearly (in 2024).

There are many factors affecting the salary of these experts, such as

  • Experience
  • Job location
  • Job role
  • Skillset

Career Advice

There are many ways to get a job in Ethereum development, but the detailed steps above are common to follow. If you are passionate about it, research the roles carefully and start learning the fundamental knowledge and vital skills.

Ethereum developers are in high demand. Besides, this profession offers a high salary and abundant job opportunities. So start your career right now!