9 Pros and Cons of Being a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is growing so fast and attracts many tech experts. If you are interested in this technology, then consider working as a blockchain developer. Your journey must be really exciting.

But before thinking of how to take that role, learn the advantages and disadvantages of being a blockchain developer first. I can help you with that!

So, let’s check this guide to learn!

Who Is A Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is actually a software engineer who builds apps based on blockchain technology. Their products are decentralized apps (dApps), which can run on back-end and front-end.

Many companies these days need blockchain developers to store their blockchain data. This way, they can prevent changes and hacks.

A blockchain developer

I’m a blockchain developer. And you know what? I really love my job as it offers tons of benefits. But, I have many difficulties, too.

So, if you want to become a blockchain developer, I will share my experience. Then, you can foresee what you will encounter in the future.

The pros outweigh the cons. When working in this role, I have high pay and many job opportunities.

1. Salary

One of the most appealing things about this job is the high salary. If you get this job, you can earn more than regular software engineers.

Blockchain developers can make around $105,047 per year (in 2023). The exact salary range depends on your experience, skills, and location.

A high salary means you can comfortably enjoy your life. You don’t have to think millions of times before buying your favorite things.

Aside from the good pay, you can receive many extra benefits. If you perform well, you will get good healthcare, bonuses, and retirement plans.

2. Career Opportunities

I recently checked out the statistics, and blockchain developers are in high demand. Since more and more businesses adopt this technology, you will have many job opportunities.

The competition is harsh as a result. But don’t worry! You can become an outstanding candidate if you train yourself enough.

Plus, the chances are numerous. It means you can settle on an ideal position easier. You have more industries to check and more choices to consider. So take time until you find the best.

3. Intensive Roles

The blockchain industry is growing fast. The demand for experts in this field rises, too. It means big companies look for professionals like you.

The best part is you can try many roles with your blockchain knowledge. In other words, blockchain developers have transferable skills that allow them to work in different roles.

You can apply for a cryptocurrency analyst position. This job is about studying digital currencies. That’s what you often handle as a blockchain developer.

A system engineer is a good choice, too. You can apply your blockchain knowledge to build secure databases and robust systems.

Can you see that? Being a blockchain developer is not just a fixed job. Once you’ve got the skills, you can be flexible and try different roles.

You can work in different roles

4. Rising Field

You may wonder why blockchain is that prevalent. Well, there are many reasons behind this popularity.

Firstly, this technology keeps information secure. Plus, it’s hard to change. This quality makes it a perfect solution for protecting sensitive data and money transactions.

Moreover, cryptocurrencies have become really popular these days. And blockchain is an essential part of digital currencies. Many people use them now. Thus, they need experts to handle the technology behind their coins.

5. First Movers

Blockchain technology is developing, but it’s still new. When working as a blockchain developer, you are among the first ones to explore this industry.

If you are a tech lover, you will work happily almost every day. Why? Because you can immerse yourself in this new yet dynamic sector. So don’t hesitate to try new things. You may fail, too. But don’t mind it! That’s how people discover cutting-edge technologies.

You can work with new technologies

Working with blockchain is not easy. You have to deal with high implementation costs and regulation issues. The steep learning curve may discourage you sometimes, too.

6. High Implementation Cost

Implementing a blockchain system is already hard. Then, you have to face the high implementation cost.

As a result, you need a good plan to balance the costs. It would be best to use the right materials and tools while reducing unnecessary resources. This way, you can help your company a lot with their financial issues.

7. Steep Learning Curve

Although blockchain is a new technology, you have to learn many things to use it. The steep learning curve is, therefore, a big challenge.

For example, you have to understand blockchain concepts like cryptography and smart contracts. After that, practice using blockchain tools.

Skills are essential, too. To become a good blockchain developer, you must be good at solving problems. Even so, your hard work will pay off. Remember you have a promising career to get? It’s your biggest motivation.

8. Stress

Stress is unavoidable, and blockchain itself is complex. Meanwhile, you must keep up with the latest trends and deal with tight deadlines.

So, learn how to handle stress. It would be best to allocate your time appropriately to achieve a work-life balance.

9. Regulatory Issues

Smart contracts are complicated because of the rules you must follow. You also have to consider regulatory compliance when working with blockchain.

Hence, learning the rules is a must. Once you’ve become familiar with them, you can handle this technology seamlessly.

There are also many challenges

Should You Become a Blockchain Dev?

It depends on your interest and ability. If you are considering this career, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is blockchain technology interesting to you?
  • Are you eager to learn and discover new things?
  • Do you like solving complex problems?

If the answers are all “yes,” then you can become a blockchain dev.

Final Thoughts

There are benefits and challenges when working as a blockchain developer. First, you can get good pay and have many job opportunities. On the contrary, the learning curve will be steep. You also have to work with complex regulations.

So what do you think? Do you still want to become a blockchain dev? If yes, start to work now! The challenges will turn out interesting if you know how to deal with them!