11 Pros and Cons of Being a Motion Graphic Designer

A journey as a motion graphic designer can open doors to a dynamic realm of creativity and innovation. This profession facilitates the synthesis of artistic expression with technological prowess.

However, this career also brings tight timelines, iterative revisions, and the demand for continuous upskilling to keep pace with an ever-evolving industry.

In this article, I will assess the advantages and disadvantages of being a motion graphic designer.

Who Is a Motion Graphic Designer?

Motion graphics designers are skilled artists who combine artistic creativity with technical expertise to craft captivating visual narratives. Their expertise is vital in the realms of film, television, and the expansive digital landscape.

There are numerous sub-specialties within the design profession, such as web design, graphic design, or book cover design. Motion graphics design has been a hot career recently and will continue to grow in the future.

A great film or engaging movie necessitates the assistance of motion graphics artists. Motion graphics take image quality and sound effects to a higher level.

A Motion Graphic Designer

In every industry, there are advantages and disadvantages, especially in fields that demand continuous adaptation. Here are some pros and cons of being a motion graphic designer you need to know. Scroll down right now to know!

1. Dynamic working environment

The dynamic nature of motion graphic design is a significant draw. It’s a realm where change is constant, and it is driven by tech advancements, evolving consumer tastes, and emerging design trends.

This fast-paced industry ensures dynamism with designers constantly adapting to tools and innovative techniques. The ever-changing landscape presents both opportunities and challenges, making every moment in this career engaging.

2. Prospects

The digital landscape’s rapid evolution fuels a growing need for motion graphic designers. From online platforms to advertising, companies rely heavily on motion graphics to convey messages effectively.

This trend also points to a promising future for designers, presenting ample opportunities in diverse industries seeking captivating visual storytelling.

3. Creative freedom

Motion graphic design is a realm of boundless creative expression. Designers enjoy the freedom to experiment with styles, colors, animations, and typography, showcasing their unique artistic talents and ideas.

This flexibility also empowers them to innovate, go beyond norms, and infuse distinctiveness into each project. It makes this profession exciting and fulfilling for those passionate about visual storytelling and artistic ingenuity.

4. Not hard labor

Unlike physically demanding jobs, this field involves working on computers and utilizing design software. This characteristic makes it an ideal profession for individuals who prefer a more sedentary yet intellectually stimulating occupation.

The focus is on harnessing creativity and technical skills to craft captivating visuals and bring ideas to life.

5. Excellent salary options

Experts in this area witness substantial earning growth with experience and expertise. Those well-versed in the field, boasting a robust portfolio and skills, often command high salaries.

The industry values professionals who can bring visual concepts to life, making it financially rewarding for those invested in honing their craft and expertise.

6. Steady Demand

This industry ensures a consistent and high demand. Brands and organizations, both large and small, recognize the indispensable role of compelling visuals in today’s competitive market.

Therefore, they continually seek skilled motion graphic designers to elevate their visual branding and storytelling. This steady demand assures a bright and enduring career in this creative domain.

7. Work For Many Companies

The realm of graphic design unfolds a spectrum of possibilities for professionals, enabling them to transition seamlessly across diverse clients and industries.

With their skill set in high demand, designers have the flexibility to curate their career paths, whether as freelancers, in-house designers for specific companies, or integral team members within creative agencies.

8. Competitive Job

This arena is a fiercely competitive realm, demanding continuous growth and adaptability. It thrives on innovation, necessitating professionals to upskill continuously and adapt to emerging tools, technologies, and trends.

To succeed and secure positions in the job market, designers must showcase a standout portfolio that reflects their best work, creativity, and versatility.

9. Demanding Clients

In the realm of motion graphic design, client collaboration presents distinct challenges. Their diverse visions and expectations can stretch practical limits.

Managing client feedback with finesse is essential. It fosters a collaboration that aligns with the client’s vision and preserves the design’s essence and intended impact. This delicate balance is key to a successful partnership in projects.

10. Working All Day on a Computer

Designers often spend extended hours working on computers, which causes eye strain, discomfort, and potential health issues.

Moreover, the sedentary nature of the job can lead to posture-related problems, resulting in back and neck pains. So, maintaining a healthy work-life balance and taking regular breaks becomes paramount to mitigate these challenges.

11. Long Hours

Meeting deadlines and client expectations in this field often requires working long hours to ensure top-notch quality. Tight project timelines are both a challenge and an opportunity for designers to showcase their skills under pressure.

Designers deliver exceptional work within stipulated time frames, ensuring that the end product is nothing short of captivating and on-point.

Should You Become a Motion Graphic Designer?

Becoming a Motion Graphic Designer

Should you embark on the exciting journey of becoming a motion graphic designer?

The answer depends on your passion for this field. If you’re someone who excels in the ever-changing and vibrant environment, it will offer you an interesting journey.

With the digital landscape continuously evolving, the demand for motion graphic designers is soaring. The prospect of a creative and financially rewarding profession awaits, but it comes with its challenges. You need to stay ready for a competitive job market, demanding clients, and the need to adapt to evolving tools and trends.

If you’re passionate about visual storytelling and up for the creative adventure, a career as a motion graphic designer holds immense potential and is a rewarding endeavor worth pursuing.


With the pros and cons of being a motion graphic designer, one finds a dynamic profession teeming with creativity and opportunities.

From a stimulating working environment and promising salaries to demanding clients and long hours, it’s a journey requiring dedication!

However, the chance to craft visual magic and be at the forefront of innovation makes this career both challenging and immensely fulfilling.

I hope that you have found your answer through this useful and practical article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your choice as well as related questions.

Thank you for your interest in the article!