11 Pros and Cons of Being a Release Manager

A release manager helps shape the software’s lifecycle and determine its delivery timelines. This job can be even more interesting than it sounds because it has ups and downs. So do you want to try it?

If you are serious about this decision, I can help! I’ve been working in this role for years. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of being a release manager. So stick around, and you can feel if it’s the career for you.

Who Is a Release Manager?

In fact, a software release is the process of delivering new software or its improved version to users. And the release manager is responsible for this process.

There are multiple stages in a release management lifecycle. As a release manager, I join every stage and ensure my team delivers the best result. While executing the project, I also monitor my team members’ performance.

This job requires good project management skills. But besides that, I need technical knowledge, like programming, source control systems, and more.

I’m in charge of the whole release process, but my roles differ from stage to stage. For example:

  • Planning: In this first stage, I oversee the software’s release cycle and plan it within budget limits. Then, I delegate tasks to my team members.
  • Collaboration: I also work with other teams to ensure everybody understands the process. This task involves joining meetings and preparing reports.
  • Quality assurance: As a manager, I have to test the app and track bugs. I don’t want any errors in my product.
  • Risk management: Risks may arise at any time, and they will affect the software quality. They may even delay the release process. Thus, I have to manage them.
Release manager

This job has pros and cons. Even a factor can change your mind when deciding on your career choice. So let me explain each in detail to help you understand this job clearly!

There are up to seven benefits of working as a release manager.

1. Critical Role

You lead a team, so your performance affects the whole team’s progress. Plus, everyone will follow your lead to work. And I love this feeling!

I want to be an important person and impact others. This satisfaction encourages me to work harder to shine in my role.

2. Advancement Opportunities

You are a manager now, but that’s not all! You can even reach higher-level positions with your experience.

Once you’ve got promoted, your salary will increase for sure. The responsibilities must be heavier, but it’s part of your important role.

3. PRO: Skill Development

Technology is a dynamic industry. As a release manager, you must stay at the forefront of this development.

In other words, continuous learning is a must. This way, you can always upgrade your skills and knowledge. Reflecting on your journey, you will be proud of what you have accomplished so far.

4. Networking Opportunities

As a release manager, you collaborate with people, including project leaders, engineers, developers, and clients. Your network will grow continuously then.

There are tons of benefits to expanding your network. The best thing is that you can learn a lot from other experts in the field. So don’t be shy to discuss your problems at work! Those like-minded people are always willing to help you out!

You work with many people

5. Industry Growth

Many technology sectors require release managers. Thus, the demand for this job is high. You will surely then have many job opportunities to consider.

For example, I mostly work with software development. But you can also think about data management or IT services. They are all promising sectors.

6. Flexibility

You don’t have to get stuck in the office while you can work remotely. I love interacting with my colleagues, but sometimes, I want to change my mood. Thus, I choose a relaxing place to work. And surprisingly, it boosts my productivity.

This job is also flexible in terms of making strategies. I don’t have to follow strict rules all the time. That’s how my creativity comes into play!

7. Salary and Benefits

In 2024, the average annual salary for release managers is around $119,738. Surprised? This high salary rate is among the biggest motivators at work!

Aside from the salary, you can still receive many benefits and bonuses. Your boss doesn’t mind offering you more if you perform well.

Good salary and benefits

I love my job as a release manager. Even so, I also feel tired sometimes. Let me reveal the reasons for these experiences!

8. Repetitive Tasks

A release process involves many stages. As a release manager, I perform the right tasks for each stage. It means I have to repeat what I do from one project to the next. It sounds a little boring!

However, not all projects are the same. Even when I do the same thing, the problems arising during the process are different.

And when I encounter the same issues, I have enough experience to deal with them quickly. While repetition can be dull, it really trains my skills.

9. Stress

I’m the manager. Thus, I’m responsible for the whole release process. The tight deadlines keep stressing me out.

The best solution for this situation is to learn how to balance everything. I often take a break between intense working hours. And when I get back, I feel more energetic.

10. High Responsibility

There are many responsibilities. I rely on my skills, experience, and teammates to handle them. When combined, they form a power that helps me overcome all the challenges.

11. Continuous Learning

Technology is dynamic. So, I have to keep learning. Even though I’m a manager now, I must stay updated with the advancements.

But continuous learning makes my job interesting. I love learning new things, so this challenge is not a big deal.

You have to keep learning

Should You Become a Release Manager?

It depends on your preference and skills. For example, this career is for you if:

  • You love challenges and don’t mind continuous learning.
  • Technology is your passion.
  • You are good at time management.
  • You can lead a team well.

All these qualities are essential for a release manager. If you have all of them, then congratulations! You have found your dream job!

Final Thoughts

Working as a release manager is challenging because you have many responsibilities. Plus, you have to keep learning and updating new techniques.

On the bright side, you will receive good pay and benefits. You can also develop your skills continuously. And finally, you play a vital role in the release process.

So what do you think? If you love it, don’t hesitate to start your journey now! A bright future awaits!