A Day in the Life of an IT Manager

Excited to uncover a day in the life of an information technology manager? Let me help you with this curiosity! As an IT manager, I’m here to share the ins and out of this job.

Just picture me as the person who plans, directs, and takes care of a company’s computer systems first. Now, if you are ready, keep scrolling down to find more!

Essential Skills

As an IT manager, I need many skills to deal with tech-related tasks and manage people in my team. For example:

  • Time management is a vital requirement. It helps me plan updates and maintenance for smooth operations.
  • A manager should also be good at problem-solving. In my case, I use my technological knowledge to find solutions quickly when errors arise.
  • Budget management is crucial as well. It’s all about being smart and strategic with a company’s money.
  • I also embrace my leadership skills to be a supportive and caring guide for my team.
Holding an IT meeting

A Day In The Life Of An IT Manager

My work day starts with a cup of coffee and a quick review of projects. Then, I dive into my duty list, which includes the following tasks:

Manage the computer systems

As a manager, my main job is to ensure that all the computers and technology used in my company work well. Thus, my team takes care of the machines every day.

One of the most important things is to suggest to my big boss which upgrades we need for our technology. Before that, I carefully look at how the upgrades can improve our jobs. Then, I explain everything in simple words so they understand why it’s a good idea.

Managing the IT budget is also my responsibility. It requires me to choose the right things to spend my company’s budget on. Then, we can get the most value.

Besides, I keep a close eye on the computer systems to ensure everything works smoothly. If something goes wrong, I fix it immediately or ask someone on my team to handle it.

Oversee system testing

Another important part of my job is checking if all the software works perfectly. I do this by overseeing the whole process of creating the software.

First, my team has a plan for the software. I work with talented people who can design and build software based on this plan.

Once the software is ready, we don’t just start using it right away. Instead, we test it first to see if everything operates as it should. We want to spot all the mistakes before they cause trouble for users.

After testing, we can establish the software. Even so, we are still cautious. So, it’s time for another test! As an IT manager, I just want everything to be perfect and don’t mind spending more time on testing.

Recruit and train employees

I lead my team and help them work together. When my company needs new members, I search for people with the right skills and experience to join my team.

Once the new members come, I help them learn and grow in their roles. They need to improve their skills. And if they fail, it must be my fault.

In our team, we work together like a family. I try to create a friendly and cooperative environment. We always help each other when things get tough.

I also do performance evaluations monthly to ensure everything is going well. It’s like giving report cards to see how well every team member is doing.

I train and manage a team

Identify problems

Security is always the top concern. I keep my company’s computer systems and data safe. So I act like a guardian who can protect all the important stuff.

To do this, I establish rules and plans. They are safety policies to make sure my team can protect our technology.

I also look for signs of errors in the systems. To be even more careful, I check how risky something can be. This method is risk assessment, which helps me understand what dangers I may face and how to avoid them.

Evaluate IT operations

Checking IT operations is also essential. I perform regular maintenance to keep them in good condition so they don’t break down unexpectedly.

Sometimes, our technology needs updates. So, my team handles these updates, too. If there is a big problem, I manage the incident response. I have to make sure everything stays safe and get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Minimizing downtime is important, too. I want my team to work without any hiccups. Then, they can be productive.

I manage IT operations regularly

Working Environment of an IT Manager

My working environment is mainly in the office. I spend much time at my desk, working on a computer. I sit a lot, but I also meet with different teams to discuss IT solutions.

This job is busy. I have to meet deadlines and work with limited budgets. The great thing is I have my team who helps me handle all of that stuff.

IT managers are needed in many companies and industries that use technology. Some may specialize in specific areas, like security or healthcare.

My working environment is dynamic


My days are filled with challenges and rewards. It’s a job requiring many skills, but I love every moment.

I’m proud to be an IT manager. And if you are on your way to becoming a manager, good luck with your new role! You will enjoy this fulfilling journey.

Thank you for reading!