7 Pros and Cons of Being a Rust Developer

Among various programming languages, Rust is famous for its safety and performance. If you want to become a Rust developer, an exciting adventure is waiting for you!

I’ve been on this journey. So today, I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being a Rust developer. Then, you can tell if it’s the perfect job for you.

Who Is A Rust Developer?

Rust is a programming language which focuses on the safety, concurrency, and performance of the software. A Rust developer is a software developer who uses Rust to build high-performance apps and systems. But it’s not the only task. As a Rust developer, I will explain what I do every day to help you understand more.

  • Before developing software, I have to identify user requirements. To do this, I work with software engineers and other relevant teams.
  • I list the necessary features for the software based on what I have gathered from the previous step. Then, I write code using Rust.
  • Sometimes, I integrate external programs and components to ensure the software’s performance.
  • After building the software, I have to test and troubleshoot it. If it has any problems while running, I will solve them, too.
A Rust developer

You must be excited to learn Rust and become a Rust dev. Let me tell you about the benefits and challenges of working in this position.

I like to mention the good side first, and there are many things to discuss here. As a Rust developer, I’m part of a dynamic community. I can also receive good pay and have many job opportunities.

1. Active Community

The Rust community is one of the friendliest groups I’ve ever seen. Whenever I need help, my Rust pals don’t mind giving me a hand.

I know how hard it is to start learning a new programming language. But Rust offers more than just a language. Instead, you can work with advanced tools like Cargo and Rustup. They can make your life easier.

I love joining conferences, too. RustConf and RustFest are all great opportunities to meet other Rust developers. So don’t be shy to join the crowd. Your like-minded friends will surely ignite your passion for Rust.

2. High Demand

As I have said, Rust programming prioritizes safety and performance. They are all that you need for your software, right? They also set Rust apart. That’s why companies seek skilled Rust developers to build high-performance apps.

Moreover, the demand for Rust is not just a trend. It really highlights the language’s power and potential. After working as a Rust developer for years, I can see how Rust can change the game.

3. PRO: Job Growth

If you are good at Rust, congratulations! You have the essential skill set to grow your career. Your company will surely value your expertise.

Moreover, as a Rust developer, you often deal with tricky problems. Your skill in handling these challenges shows that you are good at solving problems. And trust me, all bosses really like good problem-solvers.

As you can expect, Rust developers can move up in their careers. If you get more skilled and experienced, you can even become a leader or manager in a few years.

4. Good Pay

Another benefit of being a Rust developer is the high salary. These experts can earn about $104,840 annually (in 2024).

Let’s admit it! We love programming, but we can’t live without money. So consider salary an important factor in choosing your career, too.

The demand for Rust skills is high. Plus, companies don’t mind investing in professional Rust developers. All these reasons make this career a well-paid job.

There’s more! The popularity of Rust continues to grow. Thus, more and more industries will try this programming. You will then have more chances to get well-paying jobs.

There are many opportunities for career growth

As you know, everything has two faces. Although the benefits of being a Rust developer sound attractive, don’t ignore the downsides.

5. Complex Concurrency Model

Rust comes with a complex concurrency model, making it difficult to learn. I had a tough start when getting used to this model.

Many web developers choose PHP as a straightforward way to build websites. They also use Node.js to simplify the process. Both solutions are neat.

Now, regarding Rust, the multithreaded programming model is a big plus. This toolkit can help you handle concurrent tasks with ease. The simplicity of PHP and Node.js can’t beat Rust in this term.

However, this programming model is complex. You can use Rust without those extra features, but your boss may prefer them.

The only solution here is to keep practicing. Remember that the Rust model aims to help developers. So it’s your weapon! Just learn how to nail it!

6. Steep Learning Curve

Once you’ve got used to the concurrency model, you still have a long way to go. I can’t even count how many days I’m scratching my head. It’s really hard to compile Rust code correctly.

But you know what? Those moments are part of the process. And when you finally crack it, you will feel like reaching the summit of a tall mountain.

7. Pressure

I feel stressed sometimes. The tasks are numerous, so I have to work overtime. Otherwise, the tight deadlines will overwhelm me.

Of course, every job can be stressful. So I don’t complain about the pressure I have. Instead, I find how to balance my workload and manage my time.

Beware of stress

Should You Become a Rust Dev?

If you’re asking me, following this career can be quite an adventure. You have to consider your passion and ability to decide.

Generally, if you love building robust software, Rust can be an ideal tool. It helps you develop secure and high-performance systems. Yet, ensure the tough learning doesn’t matter to you.

Wrapping Up

I can confidently say that Rust programming is a good job. It will give you good pay and job opportunities. The active community is also a benefit.

On the other hand, you will have a tricky learning curve. This job comes with pressure, too. So, if you love working with Rust, keep your target in mind. With dedication, you can overcome all the challenges.