10 Pros and Cons of Being a Software Engineer

If you love computer science with setting up and maintaining applications, becoming a software engineer is the ideal choice. It gives you a chance to get a high income, work freely and quickly start your own business.

Yet, like all careers, this one also includes certain downsides. You may feel stressed by sitting for hours every day at work. Fortunately, there are many valuable ways to help you limit these downsides.

This article will detail the advantages and disadvantages of being a software engineer. So, let’s check them all now to make the right decisions for your career.

What Does a Software Engineer Do?

The main job of software engineers is to design and handle helpful software solutions. They need to master a specific field or the entire project life.

Some tasks include website operation, data management and content, as well as operating system integration service development.

In short, the goal you must achieve when working in this position is meeting all client’s needs. You should start working as a technical support, developer, or software manager at small companies.

What Skills Does a Software Engineer Need?

To improve your chances and increase your competition with others, you must have technical, soft skills, and gain experience. No matter what workspace you work in, it’s vital to work towards developing crucial skill such as:

  • Master Microsoft Windows and UNIX
  • Proficient in database management system software and obtained certifications in Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL.
  • Know the working software mechanism Microsoft Visual Basic and C.
  • Programming language skills: C++, Python, and Object DOM Scripting
  • Know how to use VxWorks software, bug tracking, error checking.

Working as a software engineer gives you many valuable upsides. You will receive a high income, a flexible work schedule, and other perfect perks. Of course, you also need to face certain obstacles when choosing this path.

I have listed the main pros and cons of being a software engineer in the section.

When you become a software engineer, you will receive great benefits from income, recruitment needs, flexible working, and many other practical soft skills.

1. Great Demand

The demand for software engineers has increased rapidly in recent years. According to BLS, job opportunities for software developers will increase by 22% from 2020 to 2030. The industries you can join are financial banking, post and telecommunications, aviation, e-commerce, etc.

2. High Income

You can have a chance to earn a lot of money per year, which is much higher than in other areas. That said, your income is partially fixed. You can earn about $133,722 or more as you gain more experience and skills.

3. Flexible Work Schedule

You need deep knowledge, hard and soft skills, and a stable networked computer system to tackle everyday tasks.

Currently, the transition to remote working is familiar to technology companies. It’s a very practical privilege in the job of a software engineer. You will quickly set up your work schedule for the perfect work-life balance.

4. Dynamic Working Space

Software engineers will collaborate with other professionals and colleagues to handle the project on time.

The dynamic working environment will allow them to connect with smart people with different interests. It is the ideal solution to stimulate your mind and perfect your hard and soft skills.

If you are an extrovert and love collaboration, you are sure to find valuable and close partnerships when choosing this job.

5. Opportunity to Develop Skills

Software engineers have a better chance of developing a soft skill set such as thinking skills, problem-solving, and coping with stress.

You will work in a team to identify and fix the problem yourself. Accordingly, you will be exposed to many valuable ideas, which will help improve your workload.

Plus, you also learn patience and how to deal with stress. In other words, any unexpected obstacles or delays are not a big deal to you.

You have chance to develop skills

You will have many advantages when you become a software engineer. Yet, you also face the following disadvantages. Scroll down to see more!

6. Extended Working Hours

You may have to work many days in a row, including holidays, to handle the tight deadlines on time. Of course, the companies will pay you a reasonable remuneration for this inflated time.

7. Highly Competitive

If you want to land a great job, you must improve and add new tech skills. Also, consider researching the company you wish to apply for because it will be constructive for you to determine the right growth direction.

8. Easy to Feel Stressed

A software engineer’s job can be stressful, especially when dealing with logic flows and complex problems. Sometimes stress helps you a lot. It will give you great vigilance to avoid making mistakes throughout the project.

9. Constant Learning

Software engineering is an ever-evolving field with new languages, software engineers, and updates on the latest trends.

In other words, software engineers need lifelong learning and updating of their skills and knowledge. In addition to keeping up with new techniques, you must learn existing languages and frameworks.

10. Boring Job

This work can sometimes be repetitive when working on large projects with tedious tasks. Software engineers can spend hours or even days working on the code or debugging the same problem.


This post has just provided the pros and cons of being a computer software engineer. This job is hard work but an excellent opportunity for you to build your career path. It offers a flexible and dynamic working environment with a great salary.

This career is a rewarding career option for those passionate about technology and wanting exposure to the latest media and applications.