11 Pros and Cons of Being an Application Developer

In this technology era, app development must be among the hottest jobs. Businesses from many industries really need app developers to build their apps.

If you want to pursue this career path, let me tell you the advantages and disadvantages of being an application developer. Then, you can decide whether to start this journey!

Who Is an Application Developer?

An application developer designs, implements, and updates software for a specific device, operating system, or the web. Generally, they specialize in only one area, such as web or mobile applications.

Whatever niche they choose, the application developer must have good coding skills as they use programming languages to build the apps. They also need analytical and problem-solving skills to handle their tasks properly.

In some companies, the app developer shares responsibilities with programmers and software developers. Even so, they play a unique role in designing apps, especially when it comes to mobile devices.

Building apps is my primary task as an application developer. However, it involves many other things. For example, to create a functional app, I have to cover these tasks:

  • Firstly, I learn about client requirements. They act as guidelines for my app.
  • Then, I create prototypes for the app based on those requirements.
  • When done, I start to write code within a specified time frame.
  • Before launching, I have to test the app and debug it carefully.
  • When the app is running, I keep an eye on its performance. If needed, I add new features to upgrade their effectiveness.
  • I also develop documents so everyone on the team can understand what I have built.
An app developer

Working as an app developer is stimulating, and this job keeps challenging me. Let me tell you how it gives me conflicting emotions!

I have to highlight the numerous benefits of working in this role here. If you choose it, you will surely have a good salary, a flexible working environment, and many other perks.

1. Salary

As of 2024, app developers can earn about $124,769 per year. It’s a high rate, right?

I know you want to become an app developer because you love it. With your programming skills, you can have a comfortable life without worrying about how much money is left in your pocket.

2. Demand

According to the BLS, from 2020 to 2030, software developers and similar jobs can increase by 15%. This growth rate is faster than many other jobs.

It means you will have many job opportunities. Many industries now need talented app developers to build excellent apps. If you are a skilled developer, no worries about job security!

3. Flexible Working Environment

Don’t want to travel to work every day? It’s okay! When working as an app developer, you can work remotely. If needed, you can contact your colleagues and managers via email or Zoom.

I love this flexibility. Instead of the serious atmosphere in the office, I want to immerse myself in coding in my relaxing room. My productivity will surely increase!

Flexible working environment

4. Growth Potential

You only work as an app developer for a while. Once you gain experience, you can become a leader, manager, or even director. And if you are confident about your skills and network, starting your own company is possible.

This industry is developing strongly. So don’t limit your ability and growth potential! You will be a big name in the field with your commitment and passion.

5. Job Variety

You have many choices for your career. For example, you can choose which industry to work for. Healthcare, technology, banking, and even education need your talent.

You can also pick your favorite niche. iOS and Android are the most popular choices for app developers.

6. Creative Work

You don’t build your apps similarly because they must meet specific requirements. It’s where your creativity comes into play. Feel free to experiment with new techniques to bring out the best results.

7. Benefits and Bonuses

Aside from the high salary, you can also receive good benefits and bonuses. If your apps work well, your boss doesn’t mind praising you with certain perks, like a vacation after hard work.

Your hard work will pay off

Now, let’s talk about the negative side of this job. As an app developer, I have to work under pressure. The harsh competition is another big challenge.

8. High Competition

Technology is on the rise. This development leads to high competition. Companies need app developers, but there are candidates for only one position.

The only way to help you stand out is to sharpen your skills and gain hands-on experience. These two factors are what employers prioritize when hiring their app developers.

9. Pressure

Coding is interesting, but this task comes with heavy pressure. Your apps must be functional while satisfying client requirements. The tight deadlines will also stress you out.

Thus, learn how to deal with pressure. The best solution is to focus on your work and take some rest when needed. Do not force yourself to code when you can’t focus on what you do. Otherwise, you can’t deliver high-quality code.

10. Too Much Sitting

Your laptop will be your friend. Sometimes, you just sit on your desk for hours. Unfortunately, it will lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

Don’t let it happen, as it will affect your health! It would be best to go for a walk after coding or have a small chat with your colleagues. Sticking to your chair all the time is not a good idea.

11. Long Hours

Deadlines are part of your job. They need you to work for long hours while ensuring good performance. As an app developer, you can’t avoid it.

Yet, like the previous cases, you should learn how to balance your personal life and work. You just need a short break after long coding hours. It’s enough to recharge and get back to work with more energy!

You have to work long hours

Should You Become an Application Developer?

The challenges are numerous. However, you can really expect good things, such as salary and job security. They can be big motivations for you at work.

Besides, you also should consider the skill set needed for this job, too. You can be a good app developer if you have these skills:

  • Technical skills
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Final Thoughts

App development is a promising career. If you work as an app developer, you can get paid well and reach higher-level positions easily. The flexibility and job variety are other appealing benefits.

But don’t forget the downsides! You will work for long hours, sitting at your desk all day. The pressure will also challenge you.

Hopefully, you can make an informed decision after checking this guide! Thank you for reading!