What Makes a Good Computer Engineer?

Computer engineering (CE) jobs are in high demand. The industry has many career opportunities, which is why competition has become much fiercer.

Students pursuing this career will seek the answer to “what does it take to be a good computer engineer?”

Here are three key things you need to become a world-class computer engineer: Master’s degrees in relevant topics, a professional license, and plenty of practical experience.

By the end of this article, you’ll pick up everything you should know to make headway in your career.

To Be a Great Computer Engineer

What do you need to be good at to be a computer engineer?

Aside from a bachelor’s, hands-on experience, and a professional license are just what a computer engineer needs.

Master’s computer engineering programs typically take about two years to finish. These programs come with either online or brick-and-mortar courses.

They include practical projects and coursework to further improve skills and knowledge of application, engineering theory, and research.

Practical experience is crucial as it enables you to understand better how principles and practice go together. Also, it would help if you enhanced the ability to use your experience in specific situations.

a computer engineer with his colleagues

If you’re in graduate and undergraduate studies, consider applying for cooperative programs and internships.

You will get the chance to practice critical skills under experienced computing professionals’ guidance. These experts will also help with your resume.

The best way to answer the question “Do I have what it takes to be a computer engineer?” is to experiment with various positions and gain experience.

These experiences will help you further enhance your skills and allow you to put theory principles into practice.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with entry-level positions because you can have a chance to work with a team of experienced engineers. Their mentorship will train and improve your ability significantly.

Most leadership and more advanced positions require applicants to show a relevant specialized license.

Becoming a licensed professional is sure to qualify and give you more job opportunities, making you good enough for consultancy or public service positions.

What Skills Do You Need?

  • Coding and programming

Ultimate knowledge of writing code and programming is crucial for an engineer. You can enhance your coding skill in numerous ways, but everything that happens results from things you have done.

It’s a brilliant idea to learn and promote your proficiency by taking on online programming challenges or undertaking small projects at home.

  • Electrical engineering

Should your role concentrate on developing computing hardware, it’s necessary to prepare a solid electrical engineering foundation.

Ensure to have a good understanding of primary computing components and their connection, how data goes through buses, and how RAM, cache memory, and processor connect.

  • Networking

Why is networking knowledge crucial? Because common IT projects mostly involve some network connectivity variations, whether that’s bespoke programming services, designing a website, or creating IoT devices.

If you want to be an accomplished worker, you need to be adept at public infrastructure, standard protocols, internet connectivity, and more.


Can I Do CE If I’m Bad At Math?

Indeed, all workers in this field should have superb logic and math skills. You can’t be an excellent engineer without robust mathematics fundamentals.

The surefire is that you will have to apply for some college math courses and adopt those concepts to your work.

In a word, it is mandatory to excel at math if you wish to pursue this career.

What Do Computer Engineers Do?

These employees work in various roles, concentrating on maintaining, deploying, and developing computing infrastructure, networks, and systems.

This field blends with electrical engineering and computer science to further contribute to computing systems, networking, and digital technology advancements.

The workers use their extensive software, hardware, and programming skills to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of computerized applications and platforms.

Is Computer Engineering Hard?

It’s no wonder this major is challenging. The high difficulty level requires you to integrate various electrical concepts and computer science and take arduous math courses.

Nevertheless, computing is not the most demanding major, compared to other tech-based and programming ones.

Why Do Computer Engineers Make So Much?

The prime reason for these workers’ desirable incomes is that their skill sets are in high demand and currently rare on the market. Also, their considerable value to the world and their role’s difficulty are undeniable.

Technology will be changing in the future, making their importance much more obvious and further adding to their incomes.


The sure thing is that technology and tech-based industries secure a bright, sustainable future. Since more and more smart and electronic devices have been embedded in humans’ lives, the need for good computer engineers is increasing.

Specialized education, stand-out qualifications, and practical experience are important factors.

We hope your time and effort pay off soon. Good luck!