What is Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering (CE) has become increasingly popular these days as a result of technology development. Many students opt for this field to pursue. The job projects are also an appealing aspect for learners.

This article gives you a comprehensive explanation of the definition and program of a computer engineering major. We also introduce some job opportunities available in this field for your reference.

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What is Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering combines the principles from both electrical engineering and computer science. This major focuses on developing hardware and software for various applications, including electronics and communications networks.

Hardware vs Software

Students following this major study how to build, prototype, examine circuits, microchips, processors, and some other components in a computer system.

The students also develop software to operate the applications and computer systems with the assistance of the hardware.

Computer Engineering vs. Computer Science

Computer science and engineering are both challenging and essential courses. Without computer science, you can’t wholly grasp computer engineering.

In short, computer science focuses on theoretical principles. Meanwhile, computer engineering deals with execution.

It is the goal of computer science to offer potential answers to real-world issues. Studying computer science entails a lot of arithmetic, data analysis, and developing code.

Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is more practical, asking you to perform other things by hand aside from typing. Although computer programming is crucial, you must also be competent in electronics and physics.

Computer engineers have to comprehend how circuits link, processors run, and everything else that happens to a digital device.

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What is a Computer Engineering Program?

With the background knowledge from computer science, you will advance into more specialized fields.

You’ll discover about biology, computer architecture, hardware and software, game design, computer programming, and data analysis, among other subjects you would not have thought to study about like artificial intelligence.

CE students

A capstone project would almost definitely be necessary at the end of the degree program. It requires a detailed survey, writing, and presentation.

You will have the opportunity to work on a specific computer project, leading to the next wonderful thing in the computing industry.

In a CE program, there are also other things to look forward to:

  • Robots and automation subjects.
  • Hands-on experience in digital operating systems and high-end embedded systems.
  • Problem-solving and teamwork skills.
  • Upgraded hardware or software in labs and classrooms.
  • Internships at tech businesses.
  • Research on the projects.
  • Competitions with other universities and colleges.

Why Choose To Become a Computer Engineer?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer engineering jobs may grow 2% from 2019 to 2029. Computer engineers tend to grow due to their tasks, which are about developing computer networks and circuits.

Apple logo, Keep calm cause I'am a computer engineer

Becoming a computer engineer has a lot of benefits. Below are some potential scenarios for computer engineers.


The national average wage for computer engineers is almost three times that of the overall national average income. According to our report, typical computer engineers earn about $127,038 per year or $61.07 per hour.

Some computer engineers work for peripheral equipment production. These jobs have the highest salary, at about $140,840 per year.


Another plus of a profession in CE is the high demand throughout the globe. Computer engineers get the opportunity to function nearly anywhere due to our increased needs.

Competitive analysis

Computer engineers often go further than traditional analysis.

The capacity to manipulate and manage vast amounts of data is a competitive advantage. Moreover, planning, forecasting, and budgeting are beneficial means for staying ahead of the competition.

Companies can also distinguish services and products by tracking their competitors’ advertising and profits success thanks to the assistance of computer engineering.

Creativity and innovation

Computer engineer’s missions are to build optimized changes to existing items. To create new solutions, they have to consider technical trends and advancements. This feature might be highly motivating to engineers who like keeping updated and enjoy fixing problems.

What Are Computer Engineering Jobs?

Looking for a job after graduation may be stressful. Fortunately, choosing computer majors offers you lots of choices. The list of potential employers can help you choose more career options.

Software engineer

a software engineer

Software engineers are among the most common jobs for CE students. It requires the construction of software assisting users to do tasks on the different devices they’re using.

In general, software engineers build programs and apps that are functional with any device, making the software systems easy to use.

Hardware engineer

a hardware engineer

Hardware engineers are in charge of creating, developing, and evaluating different hardware components, including memory devices, circuit boards, and routers.

Hardware engineers need a strong partnership between creativity and technical knowledge. As a result, most companies ask enthusiasts keen to learn about the latest computer hardware advancements.

Systems analyst

systems analysts

All system analysts perform an in-depth study of each operating system to make recommendations for action.

Computer system analysts are necessary for most prominent firms, such as Microsoft or Dell. They have to execute sophisticated algorithms. These components make the firm’s operating systems more efficient, so the workflow can proceed smoothly.

Network architect

Network architect

Network architects are responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting network and computer systems. These tasks include network architecture,  local area networks, wide area networks, intranets, and extranets.

It’s your responsibility to find out what companies want regarding data management and cooperation.

Web developer

web developer

Web development may be the most exciting job for computer engineering students. Web developers are in charge of building the web page by arranging page structures.

The programming language and operating system are the most critical part of web and software development. A web developer has to understand how the servers work before building the page.

Database administrator

database admins

A database administrator examines and monitors current software alterations as well as consumer software transactions. The motoring task is crucial since it demands utmost caution.

Because private data must stay secure, a database administrator must control the computer system and its accuracy.

Best Universities for Computer Engineering

There are numerous options for computer engineering intuitions around the world. With the sharp development of technology, many universities and colleges have decided to include this major in their coursework.

Here are some best choices all around the world:

  • Stanford University in the USA
  • Oxford University in England
  • ETH Zurich in Switzerland
  • Toronto in Canada
  • Cambridge University in England
  • Carnegie Mellon University in the USA

How To Get a Computer Engineering Job?

If you want to pursue a computer engineering career, you first need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related subject. There are tons of job choices with this level of degree.

On the other hand, you may think about getting a master’s degree after earning a bachelor’s degree.

There are also several online CE classes accessible. A master’s degree might enhance your potential and give you the opportunities to accelerate to senior or leadership positions.

You can also specialize in sectors like software engineering or network security, depending on your interests.

It’s essential to have excellent problem-solving, design, and communication skills in addition to standard schooling. These qualities might offer you a leg up on the competition when it comes to opening a profession as a computer engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a computer engineer’s starting income?

An entry-level computer engineer earns an average of $79,881 per year. A skilled computer engineer can earn an annual salary of $196,540.

Do computer engineers write code?

Although a computer engineer frequently works as a coder, web developers are the ones who create most of the programs, such as operating computer systems and networks. A computer engineer, on the other hand, is in charge of creating the algorithms for computer-based solutions.

What are the pros and cons of this profession?

Working as a computer engineer allows you to work in groups, use your skills at home, and achieve professional progression.

The disadvantage of this field is that the workplace is often the same. Engineers suffer from the high pressure of work and have to be devoted to work overtime.


We have shared with you some necessary information about computer engineering. Job opportunities in this field are expected to expand continuously in the future. The demand for computer engineers is always high in response to market development.

If you like learning how computers operate, upgrading them, and providing new models, you should pursue CE degrees.