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3D Modeler Career Overview & Outlook

Product models or 3D characters play an essential role in promoting your business. At the same time, it is also a unique symbol that contributes to the goodwill of customers for your brand.

Studying this major can help you develop your business model simultaneously and help increase competitiveness with other brands.

You can also complete work in a similar position at businesses or organizations if you do not intend to develop a personal brand.

So, what does it take to become a 3D modeler? What are the necessary skills to accumulate? The detailed answer will be in the article below.

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Job Description

3D modeling is the process of creating a mathematical representation of various objects in life using computer software. It makes 3D models of each surface or object using polygons, edges, and axes in 3D space.

The job alerts of 3D modelers are to build 3D visualizations and environments based on ideas and techniques.

To create a perfect surface for their model, the multimedia artist needs to sketch out specific drawings and wrap the 2D texture with a digital canvas.

The skeleton of the models will be done by various equations, such as Maya or 3DS Max and many other related programs.

Most of the characters and environments created from the 3D modeler are widely available in video games, 3D movies, product promotion videos, or other entertainment programs.

3d modeling training

3D models are also top-rated in creating unique and sophisticated architectural works. Anything we can’t do due to risk concerns is possible with the help of 3D modeling. It is the perfect and practical choice for today’s modern life.

Multimedia artists who create 3D models work in film or video production studios or any other businesses or organizations directly related to them.

In general, with the knowledge and experience of a 3D modeler, it is possible to hold many different positions.

However, to do that, we need to be serious in our learning method. Let’s take the thought of learning to know how to suppress our spirit.

And don’t let the score overshadow you; you need to strive for higher things, including your future and career. So, is it difficult to become a 3D modeler? Please continue to refer to the information we provide below to see the answer.

Education and Training

To become a professional modeler, you need to pay attention to the primary education and training requirements. It is the foundation to help you make the right and practical steps. From there, bring brightness to your career.


The minimum educational requirement for 3D modelers is proficiency in math and computer skills.

Other skills may be required depending on the location of your choice. For those who create 3D models for entertainment businesses, it’s essential to have creative and design skills.

In addition, with some specific majors, you need to have background knowledge about that major. For example, if you want to collaborate with organizations in the scientific field, you must have a solid scientific background.

Only then will you help you adapt and develop well in the working environment you choose.

In addition, you also need to make sure to choose the right areas of your strength. They will depend on their interest and passion for that right field.

3d Modeling: Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean character)

If you love creating 3D models for entertainment companies, you need to accumulate and learn deeply about design.

In general, to get up to speed quickly with your favorite 3D modeling work, you need to have a basic knowledge of computers and art.

It is the lever that takes you further with deep and advanced specialized knowledge. Prepare yourself with a solid mind to successfully pursue your dream of becoming a professional 3D modeler.


To improve your knowledge and experience in 3D modeling, you should join several university training programs.

Specifically, you can study at the American Academy of Arts with a major in animation and 3D modeling or the Rochester Institute of Technology.

3d class

Many universities can train and improve your qualifications. However, saying that is not entirely true because if you are not balanced and progressive, even if you study at a prestigious school, everything is meaningless.

Most importantly, your determination and training spirit will be the key to success for your career path.

If you cannot afford the tuition fees for the above courses, you can completely self-study. You can refer to some free online courses through the internet.

But with this way of learning, you need high concentration, high determination, and perfect thinking ability because it is not easy to learn on your own with a problematic field like 3D modeling.

In addition, you also need to carefully study online teaching videos because maybe you will encounter poor quality information.

From there, it seriously affects your thinking and learning spirit. Observe, evaluate and analyze those video lectures carefully to avoid bringing yourself to a dead-end in life.

Necessary Skills

If you want to become a professional 3D modeler, you need to accumulate knowledge and skills with a diverse set.

Knowledge is something that you can learn through study and inquiry. Meanwhile, skills are not like that. It is a specific category derived by each one.


quote: "What are you capable of?"

Flexibility is the first skill we want to emphasize when you want to become a professional 3D modeler. It will help you better adapt to the work and environment, thereby creating favorable conditions for self-development.

They are essential factors that make success in each person’s career.

Each 3D model created is endless, with many different aspects, and you can ultimately choose your vital part to develop it. Through developing these aspects can help you have more opportunities for growth in the future.

Furthermore, don’t limit yourself, but try to prove your talent and flexibility with different role models in many other aspects with labor statistics.

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

Benefits of Interdisciplinary Learning

Mastering interdisciplinary knowledge of the field is an urgent requirement that you need to meet. It has an essential role in forming and developing other skills; having new knowledge can have ideas.

Developing expertise and practice alone is detrimental to you because doing so will leave you confused and uncertain about what you have learned in labor statistics.

The fact that you have a good foundation of interdisciplinary knowledge is a stepping stone to help you prepare to acquire more advanced and specialized expertise. At the same time, it is also a solid pillar for personal development and directs you to better things in the future.

You need to do it right now to prepare yourself with the complete interdisciplinary knowledge of the field. That’s the minimum requirement to become a professional 3D modeler.

Structural Studies

Structural Study

You need to hone your texture research skills because it is an essential element that creates the soul of each 3D modeled image or environment you build.

If you firmly grasp and develop the details of the texture of each specific object, you will surely reap a lot of success in the future. And of course, it is also an opportunity to help you advance faster.

Moreover, attractive, accurate textured models will attract the viewer’s attention and help them to feel good about your product itself.

And of course, there will be nothing more wonderful than having your products enthusiastically received by the public. It is the career success that any 3D modeler wants.

Understanding Anatomy

Human Anatomy: Head & Neck

As a 3D modeler, you need to build on your anatomy skills to some extent because it is an important premise that directly affects your career.

For example, in a project where you are the one who has to design and create 3D models for creatures or animals, you need to understand and grasp their anatomy well to develop your ideas.

And conversely, if your knowledge of anatomy is poor, then, of course, your models of organisms and animals will fail in labor statistics.


3D class

Practice is an essential skill for a 3D modeler. If you have the knowledge but can’t practice it, it’s a failure.

You need to remember the knowledge in books is entirely different from augmented reality, so the ability to practice is essential. It is the element that follows you throughout this demanding, hard-working career.

And if you can’t develop your practical skills, you’ll quickly be fired from your position. Of course, you will not be able to find stable, related jobs if you do not accumulate this skill in the future.



3D modelers are very creative, and new creations have great models and attract viewers’ attention.

Therefore, we need to be creative by regularly watching entertaining videos or games with 3D images. It can be considered an endless source of inspiration for every 3D modeling lead artist.

Ability to work in groups

work in groups

The ability to work in a team is also one of the critical factors determining your success in the future. Before each group meeting, you need to actively give your personal opinion and not be afraid to receive criticism from colleagues.

It is something that can change you for the better. And it would help if you weren’t angry at its suggestions. Stay calm to defend your point of view.

However, you need to keep in mind the two concepts of defense and conservatism, and they are two completely different categories.

When everyone thinks you are not right, do not try to argue because then you are conservative, open to receiving contributions from colleagues. That’s the best way to make you better.

Essential Software & Tools

You will need the support of some of the software below to make your work smoother, and your chances of success will be closer.



ZBrush is one of the most outstanding solutions to help you create the highest resolution products with shadow and light technology.

Usually, manufacturers use this software to make 4K movies or other types of virtual reality games. Thanks to the support of this software, Sculptures will undoubtedly be much more realistic than most versions of the same kind on the market.

Using ZBrush is extremely difficult due to its user interface, but since its main focus is on modeling and sculpting, there is less strong background knowledge to learn.



Autodesk Maya is powerful and flexible, and many consider it the industry standard for animation.

The Maya free version is available as an online tool. You need to create a Trimble account to access it, giving you more facilities like 3D and Trimble Connect. You also have the option to sign in with your Gmail ID simply.

Indeed, Maya is not the kind of program you can start tinkering with and get excellent results. If you take the time to learn the fundamentals of the program, you should be able to start playing with all it has to offer.



This software is for newbies as it supports many essential features. Using Blender can help you hone the basics, and after a short while, you can move on to more advanced versions without too much difficulty.

3DS Max

3DS Max

When it comes to modeling, 3ds Max is unbeatable for speed and simplicity.

3ds Max is a top-rated program for creating 3D animations. This is another perfect software for newbies with an easy to understand interface and high data download speed. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to create a basic product prototype quickly.

Job Outlook

3D modeling is a field with strong growth potential both now and in the future. Especially in this society, it becomes even more critical.

It is considered a spiritual food for most viewers today because programs with 3D models often bring high entertainment.

3D modeling is a highly specialized and evolving field. Therefore, the need to use it is present in all industries today.

Many survey results show that the employment rate of this field has increased rapidly over the years, ranging from 8-14%.

This parameter indicates the necessity of 3D modeling for social life, and at the same time, it also reflects how hot this major is compared to other industries.

3D Printing (Eiffel tower)

When you complete advanced programs in 3D modeling, you will have the opportunity to work in various positions. Below, we will introduce you to some related positions:

  • 3D Printing Technician: A Print Technician produces a wide range of printed products. They can efficiently and safely operate printing machinery and equipment to have printed products according to order requirements and ensure products are produced on time. And of course, with your knowledge and experience, you can do this.
  • Architects: Architects create designs for new construction, alteration, and redevelopment projects. They use their expertise in construction and advanced drawing skills to design functional, safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing buildings.
  • Graphic Designer: The main job of a graphic designer is to use his knowledge and skills to apply in each design.
  • Animator: An animator needs to take on many different roles at the same time. From the stage of ideas, scripts and characters. In general, with this job, you need to have all the necessary knowledge to complete the job well in this position.


The income level for 3D modelers is relatively high. On average, you can earn $81,394 a year for this job.

However, it is only an overview and may vary depending on the location you hold and the geographic location of the business you are working for.

Many 3D modelers are freelancers. And the salary for them is handsome, and it can be up to hundreds of dollars a year on average.

If you operate in this form of freedom, it will often fade quickly and become positionless. We recommend that you fix yourself in a specific business because of the stability it gives you.

Advantages and Disadvantages

We’ll cover some of the pros and cons that come from being a 3D modeler.

3D Modelers

Indeed after this article, you will feel more and more interested in this field.


3D modeling is a great field, and they bring us quite a lot of different benefits. Specifically:

Expanded employment opportunities

You can collaborate at various job locations after completing advanced courses in 3D modeling.

At the same time, the opportunity for personal development for job positions is also relatively high. If you have solid knowledge and strong professional background skills, then you will surely succeed without a bachelor’s degree.

Stable income

The salary for a 3D modeler ranges from $41,640 to $131,372 on average per year. This number can continue to increase if you strive and train yourself for more significant goals.

Practice multiple skills at the same time

When you join the field of a 3D modeler, it will help you practice many different skills. Those skills are not only useful for work, but they are also essential for your own life.

Expanding relationships

You work in many different positions will help you become more mature and mature. And especially, it allows you to develop relationships, convenient for work and life.


Besides the advantages, this field also has some other limitations such as:


Salary and workload seem to have significant similarities.

When you accept a significant income, you have to get a large amount of work. However, sometimes this characteristic can be wrong or true in some instances.

Nature of work

The nature of work requires you to come up with ideas in the most practical way. When you can’t come up with ideas when the job requires them, it is also one of the limitations of this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find jobs you are interested in through the frequently asked questions section below. These questions are based on surveys of industry subjects so that you can be of their correctness.

Which sector uses a lot of 3D models?

Today, 3D modeling is prevalent in many different industries such as film, animation and gaming, interior design, and architecture.

They are also used in the medical profession to create interactive representations of anatomy. Applying them to the above fields will help make promotional images or videos come alive, attractive, and attractive to viewers.

Which software is suitable for beginners?

You can refer to some of the software we listed below, which are essential and are mainly suitable for beginners.

  • Blender: Blender allows you to create high-quality still images and animations using three-dimensional geometry. And it’s practical and easy to use for beginners to learn 3D modeling.
  • TinkerCAD: With TinkerCAD, you will be explicitly guided on how to use it, and of course, even beginners can use it easily.
  • SelfCAD: SelfCAD is an Online CAD Software service that allows users to model, sculpt, and slice for 3D design and 3D printing. Since it’s browser-based, no download is required. Work can be in the cloud, but there is also an offline mode.
  • 3D Slash: If you are looking for a program to help you design a complete 3D Modeler, 3D Slash is a perfect choice. It can maximize your way to create a great 3D model in many different environments.


Through the above information, we hope to help you have a more accurate and realistic view of the work of a 3D modeler. It is an area that you should enter because of the attractiveness of the job position and the average income.